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This is a ruthless medieval Japanese warlord.
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I'd fuck her.
Really? Looks like an S2 never to me.
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Evangelion is shit. It wasn't too deep, they just didn't know how to end it. Get over it you fat fucking neck beards.

And while I'm here;
>Rei was a stupid cunt, and isn't 'sophisticated'. She just couldn't talk to people, so she didn't
>Asuka was a bitch. Her past wasn't anything special compared to the rest of the characters. She was just a dumb cunt
>Shinji is the worst protagonist of all time. Realism =\= Good
>EVAs are basically crystal gems. That's right, Steven Fucking Universe beat this shit anime (Yes the spoof ending too)
>EVAs aren't cool. So I feel bad if you wasted your life savings on figures
>I have more sympathy for Shinji's dad then Shinji himself.
>The rebuilds were way better. No budget cuts, and better animation. It's still shit, but at least it's less shitty then it's source material
>'Fly Me to the Moon' isn't as good as you fags think it is

Get out of your fucking house, get a fucking job, and stop jerking off to underage titties like your shitty protagonist. Pic extremely related.
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Evangelion isn't even my favorite anime man, I dropped it halfway through because I got busy with school. I should probably finish it.
>EVAs aren't cool
>'Fly Me to the Moon' isn't as good as you fags think it is

im fine with everything else you listed but this is just too far man
No, you fucking spermwhale. The whole point of this thread is to make you NOT want to watch it

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What's good, niggy?
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>Hiroyuki gave Sachiko editing privileges over the front page
The glorious madman.

good morning anon
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>tfw trying to sleep but some bitch with cowtits keeps waking me up
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>It's 11:03pm on a sunday

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How much size of the eyes in anime do you like?
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bottom and top look like trash
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what about big eyes with tiny irises/pupils

Akko just asked you what her good points are. What do you tell her?
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her giant cock
"How the fuck should I know, you crazy cunt? I've never even met you before."
I said Akko, not Diana.

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It's finale time, nostalgiafags. One more time to see your favourite harem + harem MC talk about absolutely nothing.

Last part of the last chronological chapter of Seitokai no Ichizon released: http://haraguroscans.blogspot.ca/2017/02/seitokai-no-ichizon-congregating_26.html

Previous parts are on same site, I'm sure you can figure it out.

I'll also be dumping the text in this thread for those of you who are lazy fucks and for easier quoting/reactions.
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"Welcome, everyone. First of all, let me apologize for delaying our meeting. We're sincerely sorry for the trouble we've caused. But even so, I hope to make this meeting something to remember for the alumni——uwaaah!?"

Saionji was enthusiastic as ever, but some small misfortune still befell her.

The misfortune this time:

Saionji was almost carried away by a hawk that had flown in through the open window and was now dragging her by the collar. She was only saved by grabbing onto the windowsill before she could be dragged out of the window. The hawk had to let go and fly away, looking slightly disappointed.

Facing this shocking scene, the former student council members stared on with disbelief. Saionji stood up from beside the windowsill and cleared her throat.

"And so, I hope we can all have a quiet and peaceful meeting."

"There's already no peace and quiet to be found!!"

Even though the former student council all reacted in unison, Saionji responded calmly while averting her gaze slightly.

"Whatever could you mean?"

"Wait wait wait!"

Saionji acted as if nothing had happened. Seeing this, the Prez (referring to Sakurano Kurimu today) reached out to the new student council for an explanation.

"No matter how you think about it, what happened just now was weird, right? In fact, it's a huge incident! Somebody call an adult!"

"Well, you do have a point, but..."

Along with my vague reply, the new student council members all looked at us with an apathetic expression of "...Yeah." The Prez, who didn't understand the circumstances, became even more exasperated.

"Why is everyone in the new student council so heartless!? W-we should get Saionji-san to the nurse's office right away——"

"Ah, Kurimu-san, call me 'Tsukushi', please."

"Why now of all times!? Actually, Saion——Tsukushi, why do you have such a nonchalant expression!? It's like nothing's happened!"

"Hm? Did something happen?"
"Eh!? Does that not count as something happening!? What scale does the new student council operate on!?"

"Ah, if you're talking about the thing with Mr. Hawk, that happens all the time, so don't worry about it."

"It happens all the time!? I'm even more worried now!"

"It's okay, Prez."

Seeing Saionji spin the Prez in circles, Minatsu tried to comfort the Prez.

"Tsukushi's just... that type of person."

"That type of person? Does it say 'frequently attacked by hawks' in her character page?"

This time it was Mafuyu-chan who responded with a troubled look to the Prez, who still couldn't accept what was happening.

"Mafuyu doesn't know how to explain this... but it's already the second time Mafuyu's seen this kind of thing today, so she's starting to understand a little..."

"The second time!? She's already been attacked by a hawk twice today!?"

"Ah, no, the first time wasn't a hawk, it was being trapped inside a huge plastic ball."


The Prez was stunned, and the sisters looked at me with an annoyed expression.

"Ken... somehow I feel like I understand why you guys aren't surprised by this anymore..."


"That's right. With this frequency, nobody would be able to take it if they reacted to every single thing..."

"So you finally understand..."

The new student council members all breathed a sigh at the sisters' sympathy. Although it still looked like the Prez couldn't accept it, Chizuru-san seemed to more or less get it and started comforting her with an air of maturity.
"Now, now, Aka-chan. It doesn't seem like Saionji-san is injured, so you don't have to worry about it so much. Okay?"

"Yeah... If you say so, Chizuru."

The Prez reluctantly accepted and sat down again under Chizuru-san's gentle gaze. Looking at this nostalgic scene, I felt oh so warm.

Ah, let me take the opportunity to explain everyone's seating arrangement.

Basically, the table was split into the former student council side and the new student council side. Our original plan was to have the alumni sit at the side and watch, but Saionji went ahead and said "Everyone please feel free to join the meeting!", so it turned out like this.

By the way, the specific seating order is as follows:

I sat in the usual vice president position, and in a row to the right of me were the new student council members... Kagami, Hinomori, and Minase in that order.

On the opposite side, the Prez sat directly in front of me, and beside her were Chizuru-san, Minatsu, and Mafuyu-chan in that order. Saionji, of course, was in the presidential seat at the head of the table.

Thanks to this seating arrangement, it was predictably crowded, and you could easily bump into someone's elbow——

"By the way."

Chizuru-san, with a smile completely unlike the one she showed to the Prez, looked (glared) at me.

"Why has that girl been clinging to Key-kun all this time?"

Being mentioned, I turned towards my right with cold sweat pouring down my back.


Kagami clung to me as if it were natural, and even blinked her eyes at me as she looked up.

...She's doing it on purpose. Even though she usually clings to me, going this far today was definitely intentional. It was a preemptive strike aimed at the former student council.

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Samon chap
New character (probably an antag)
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Why do you hate Houki?
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I don't
/a/ just has unrefined taste
I don't, I just rather similar girls like Houki.
Shitty Motoko clone #49581293

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Can't wait to clang again.
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>Key visual

I'm happy to see they're maintaining the same QUALITY visual direction that gave season 1 so much personality.
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>ayy Jae Hoon you got the references for this Kasuka bitch we drawin
>shit Kim Lee I dunno just look up a scene from the show with her in it and draw her from that
>what did we base the drawings of her we did in the show on again Jae Hoon
>I think I drew them based on your drawings of her, Kim Lee
>but I drew mine based on yours, Jae Hoon
>exactly! That's how you know it's on model

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are reverse traps gay?
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Haruhi is a poor example since she's really feminine and only really cross dresses when doing stuff for the hostclub.

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Kanna is sleeping
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Kanna's show sucks.
fake loli and only normalfags love her

lolis are dead
you are just upset that superior thick thighed/fat assed lolis are taking over

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So not too long ago OVA 4's subs finally came out. What's surprising is that there hasn't been any threads discussing it, either that or I missed everything.

And apparently there's a new Pretty Sammy in the works.
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Thanks for the heads up. I was surprised to see just now, that ep2 raws are out in force this time, after the first episode took forever to turn up in any form. Looking forward to the subbed ep.

Don't really care for more Pretty Sammy. It was cute back when it forst came out, but now I don't really give many fucks about yet more spinoffs with Tenchi characters, unless it turns out absolutely amazing by some freak accident.
OVA as in more Ryo-Ohki continuity? Or some other new continuity?
Did they fix Ryoko's design?
I'm not sure I can suffer more of that mess they made of her in Ai.
In the middle of watching it now. Not sure what to expect.

>OVA as in more Ryo-Ohki continuity?


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>Wake up
>See this

What do you do?
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Ask who the fuck is that back there
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You gon get sawed.
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>You will never have a Tawawa
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what features would a tawawa simulator have?
>>You will never have a Tawawa
I'd tell you you're wrong but you'd just call me a liar
>you will never be a Tawawa

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