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I want one.
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I want one.
>when anon takes onii-chan too far
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I want one.

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Was Chinatsu in there right here? She was only defending her playground
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It's possible.
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she didn't build the damn thing
its a fucking public facility

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What the FUCK is this guy's problem ?
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He wants to marry a slut.
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you gon git raped.png
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He's a man-slut.
He's got Shirou-complex

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Hey, join my familia
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No Loki familia is better ribbon-meme bitch
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what do i get in return? what are the benefits?

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Why is sex treated like a joke in most anime?
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Yosuga no Sora actually handled it well.
because it's a reflection of current culture
But it's not. Sex is treated as an inhospitable night terror that no one dare engage in lest they discover the horrible truths behind life.

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Are demons usually this autistic?
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Could someone with autism be this cute?

Didn't think so
>Are demons usually this adorable?


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We're discuss penises

Do you want to join?
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Is he still the king?

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Mizukami Satoshi recently had a new oneshot released.

I'm dumping the gook scans. Something about a middleaged man finding a genie and getting three wishes.

I miss Spirit Circle.
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So I just spent the last two day marathoning the Claymore manga.
People here seem to really hate it, why is that?
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If i remember correctly,the problem people were having was the anime's ending not the manga's
That would make way more sense. Since the anime shit the bed.
Because it turned into a lot of drawn out bullshit towards the end, which was a lot to swallow when you had to wait between relseases.

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Who is it?
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Why are you asking a question you just answered?
low key fishing for agreement
>Yui in 15-20 years
This is just one of the good reasons to pick her, 8man.

Who made these?
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That's a tie.

Kubo d-did?
Fucked up nipples

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How do you feel about vampires /a/?
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This is the first time i see someone toaking about happiness
Releases are slow, we have occasional threads on it if I make a post. People are worried the timeskip = manga getting axed
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I think they're cool. Too bad good vampire stories are hard to find.
Your picture looks nice, is it any good?

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Did nothing wrong
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Dialogue aside, I don't dislike the concept of Junko having an exaggerated valley girl accent and vernacular. It only makes the concept of her plunging the world into despair and playing parts because she lacks an actual personality better.
It actually makes her feel hilariously overpowered
She's just fooling around, doing stupid shit and she still destroys the world
It was hilarious
fuck off

>male characters have pretty normal proportions
>female characters are horrifying mutant abominations
what did they mean by this
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>Female characters are memorable
>every male is a literal who
Both look bad.
This 1000x. All the men, even the important ones are not memorable.

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I love this little manga and noone else on /a/ seems to know it exists. Well today I'm going to change that by dumping a chapter or two.
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