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Which is the best hairdo and why?

I love Rinkos!
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Drills a best. The tip fits nicely into your tip.
Hairdo had a beef with the Jew, it was physical
I want to impregnate Rinko.

>Kabaneri S2
>Geass S3
>Kino S2
>Poptepipic Anime
>Umaru S2
Is Japan finally getting taste?
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Kabaneri was only worth it for Mumei.

Also overlord s2

So yes they are. Only thing that's missing is mahouka s2
>talking shit about Kino
>unironically using the term neo-/a/
You have to go back.

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K-Ons are for sexualizing
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Delete that this instant
I agree.
Thankfully no one will sexualize your ugly ass.

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Reminder that Chaika got a season 2 right off the bat.
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And it was much worse than S1
That's because Chaika is compelling.

As exoected of the original memegirl.

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How is it different with a boy than it is with a girl?
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What are you asking exactly?
I want Shinji to get naked
As a boy you get to fuck a cute girl AND get paid.

As a girl, you lose all your value and become used goods for just some money.

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Constanze is cute.
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The best Hexe
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she definitely needs more screen time
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If You're Gonna Dress Up, Do It Like This Manga thread

I'm so glad there's manga like this out there. This and the /fit/ manga are just the thing I wanted where they teach you the important things you need for a young adult.

Not that I want to say that you should learn everything from manga, just to spread awareness.

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Nice to see a /fa/ mango, but c'mon OP.
Translating a 500 words paragraph for the author's note every single chapter was a bitch, but I'm glad you liked it
>too tight too short pants
>pre ripped jeans
it's /fa/ alright

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So this. . . is the power. . . of the nug. . . woah. . .
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Praise be her.
Sticky when?

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You get to force a normalfag to watch anime. What do you show them that will last under 2 hours?
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First five episodes of Excel Saga
Or even better, Dokuro-chan
Jojo ova

How many anime do you watch per season?

I've been watching about 4 anime each season recently.
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About 8
On average two shows per season. I'm a pretty casual anime watcher.
I usually finish 12-15 airing shows a season.

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Time for this month's witchy activity.

A fun chapter today that feels like it's getting back to the insane, but good shenanigans of the early series, while subtly advancing the keikakus in the background.

Sorry for the shitty raw size, all I could find so far. I'm sure the usual provider will show up eventually with decent scans.
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-[[Volume 11's getting ready to print!!]
-[Witch Craft Works, Mizunagi Ryuu]
-Takamiya-kun, in the end I don't think we have any choice but to defeat my Mother.
-[This is the conclusion Kagari-san's arrived at?!]
- -------------Eh?
-...What's this out of the blue?
-...I can't follow that logic thread at all...
-...I was investigating our past in order to find a clue about my old wound.
-...And now I know it was something I received from Mother. Although we still don't know about YOUR Mother's wound, Takamiya-kun.

[Chapter 60: Takamiya-kun and the Rules of the Workshop]


I was wondering how long it'd take Ayaka to reach this conclusion. Result: 1 chapter.
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-[...After witnessing our past like that, it was clear that the Chairwoman was largely involved.]
-[Therefore, going to question the woman herself, directly, would obviously be the quickest way of getting answers, but......]
-Well yeah, if we just go and ask her to tell us normally then she probably wouldn't, would she.....
-Ah-! I get it.
-Since it's the Chairwoman we're dealing with, "If you want me to tell you about it, you'll have to defeat me first," is how it'll play out?
-[Taking swift action!!]
-If you understand that much, Takamiya-kun, then let's go.
-EH-?! "GO"?!
-((Right NOW?!))


Seems like sound witch logic to me.
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-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]
-[The most extreme Mother-Daughter quarrel!!]
-Face me! Mother!


>That cleavage

>Where'd she get a sword from?

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Kazunori Mizuno Passes Away

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Animator overwork strikes again. I wonder if he died working on Boruto.
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First episode of season 3 is out. What did you think of it /a/ ?
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subs where
>yellow hardsubs

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Please describe this child.
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Obscenely sexual
Needs to be destroyed.

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