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People actually prefer Ryuko over Satsuki.
Animation was subpar for most of the series
not enough Nui

Talk about anime based on history in this thread.
Sharpe anime adaptation when?

Also fuck off janny this is anime related so don't even think about deleting this thread you history illiterate mong.
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I greatly enjoyed Inuyasha. Miroku is my favorite character of the show.
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>Miroku is my favorite character
What the heck is that??
I loved his black hole power

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Why is listening to rap while looking at images of mugi feel so natural?
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Because Mugi is meant to be blacked.
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Moogs is a girl who prefers dark chocolate
That's not funny.

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>Perfect anime doesn't exi-
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the fucking barrel episodes were god tier thats for sure
I like this show a lot (even the comparatively weaker later parts), so please don't use it for shitposting threads.

Actually, on this topic, what do people think of the same author's Kyoko Suiri now that official translations have caught up to the dead scanlations and things are starting to move? I'm getting more into it now - I like the mechanisms of Kuro's power, and I'm relieved that his relationship with MC seems to be less one-sided than it first appeared. What are the chances that the villain they seem to be referencing is somehow connected to his cousin who died?
>I know you are bullshitting me but I don't know how to prove it

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At what point is the oppai too big?
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Once they get bigger than the head it gets into definite trash territory.
If it has a nice shape it doesn't matter how big it is. In your picture's case they are horrible because they are banana tits and those are always disgusting.
Did Raita design this character?

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I just marathoned pic related, what did I think about it, /a/?

No, seriously, I don't know how to feel about it. I feel like it soils Gunbuster and its great ending.
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You hate it.
Oh, thought that was ttgl.
you were let down by how much Gainax misunderstood Gunbuster

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Bleach: We Do knot Always Love You is now fully translated: http://missstormcaller.tumblr.com/post/159080641087/we-do-knot-always-love-you-part-19-full
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What's it about?
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Rukia's marriage to Renji.
Take that shit with you and close the door.

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When the fuck is the new one coming out? Don't tell me I'm going to have to watch the old one because I'm so impatient.
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They've ruined it, but because literally nothing has come out besides some previews of the new manga, fans haven't freaked out yet. When the show finally comes out prepare for a shitstorm bigger than 3d berserk. All the characters are getting redesigned. Here's how Fahrenheight looks in the manga now.
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And this is Attenborough.
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If you haven't seen the original, here's how he actually looks. Is this the face of a man who blows bubblegum?

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ITT: Character whose action reminds you of yourself
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Was Gundam Build Fighters the greatest fanservice to have ever been animated?
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I mean sure, it was a commercial.
But it was the greatest commercial ever.

Was Gundam Build Fighters Try the worst fanservice to have ever been animated? I can't post this because it had Tryon 3 fuck
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No you're right.
Save for TRYON 3, GBF TRY went full on Execs-with-dollar-sign-eyes-mode.
Not to mention the fact they kept promoting WORST GIRL FUMINA.

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Come to bed.
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W-will you rock me to sleep?
Who is this milk moth?

ITT: We post the above anon's girl for the night with the hair color of their choosing.

I'll start with something simple: Pink
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Here you go, OP!

take care of her.

i'll go with black
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Enjoy the sex hair

Blond please

Can we have a thread to talk about the best Saber?
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That's not Nero, or a Saber!

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>Abandoning your convictions and beliefs for some semblance of human interaction and teenage romance

Was watari sending a message about the future of the series with 8man's arc /a/?
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Is this the Berserk of LNs?
Only within the past couple years.
Watari did can the series so he could fuck his seyuu friend so yeah.

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