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What's wrong with striving to be a champion of justice?
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there's no such thing as justice, so you will not be a champion anyway
If you're Kiritsugu, nothing.
If you're his loser son, everything.
Justice will always be a matter of opinion, so as >>155625619
said: the only thing you end up championing is your ego and beliefs.

>psychic powers are no different than any other skill or talent
>but when psychics use their their powers to get ahead in life they're evil and the only way to fight a psychic is with a more powerful psychic
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>but when psychics use their their powers to get ahead in life they're evil
But Mob's job is based on his powers and Mogami's job was based on his powers.
The serie is telling you to not become a little bragging piece of shit and look down on others just because you're good at something, since there's other fields other people may be good at while you aren't.

Holy shit I can't believe there's people who can't get the message from such straithforward serie.
Well he is instantly the best in every sport, can easily ace all exams and get every job he wants. There's literally nothing he can't get. He could even get the girl he loves by mind control (or just get enough money and make an illusion that he looks good, it's enough to et those basic bitches).
Some degree of confidence wouldn't be all that strange.

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Finally getting around to watch NGE.
Why is he so unlikable, /a/?
No i'm NOT saying he didn't have a reason for being such a timid dweeb.
No i'm NOT saying he's a bad character.
But god, why so fucking UNLIKABLE? He's making watching this show such a drag.
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I love Shinji
Because he reminds you of yourself and you hate yourself.
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#1 dad.jpg
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people who love themselves will feel nothing but empathy towards the characters

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Why do boys make the best girls?
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For the same reason that you keep spamming this question.
And what reason is that?
Incurable faggotry.

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>Umaru S2
>No Nozaki S2

wtf I hate Dogakobo now
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I want an anime of Oresama Teacher
>good show gets S2
>shit show don't
More news at 11.
Same. I wonder why it hasn't gotten it yet

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Why are these girls so lewd
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They aren't, it's just /a/ shitposting.
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illya and friends (2).jpg
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They're literally just cute and innocent girls, nothing lewd about them at all.
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When you have a body like this you have the moral obligation to be as lewd as possible.

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Who is better, Rin or Illya?
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Illya > Rin > Sakura > shit > Saber
Rin, she was the girl who was there for all 3 routes and had Shirou's back all the time. There romance was the best imo since their personalities synced really well.

illya is ok though
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Matoi Ryuko
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is a shit

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>umaru S2 is happenign
Praise the hamster
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fuck this
I would
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Hollywood live action umaru movie when?

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Are you aware of perfection?
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Best 2000's waifu.
But that's a husband, anon.
If only she weren't stuck in a shitty fujobait series

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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It's shit.
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What side of a fish has the most scales?
The outside
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I don't like it.
But I love you all

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You are all faggots and i hate you,
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My waifu deserves more respect than this.
How does the manga measure up? I've heard the anime was better but I want to hear what you guys think
well its probably cuz ya waifu is a shit a shit and you like an obscure anime so its your fault

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Post μ's and Aquours
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I want to compute Zura
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Leave idolshit to us.jpg
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>u's and Waters
What about Popipa?

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>This guy

Unfortunately for him, it's pretty obvious that his childhood friend and his senpai like his much cooler friend, not him. And that they just want his help to hook up with him.

There's a reason why harem MCs have shitty male friends after all.
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Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo
>Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo

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I just want a second season of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and Monster Musume
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Nobody cares.
I do
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