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Was it yuri?
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It was certainly more yuri than het.
Kumiko is fucking ugly.
Yes, it was pretty clear about it

Oneechan > Imouto
Fight me.
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this game sucked ass desu
Came here to post this.

Velvet is shit, nu-Talesfags are fucking scum and should die.

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What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up as a girl?
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Get the biggest cucumber and carrot I can get and give myself a double penetration for hours on end.
>implying you can't achieve 50% of that right now

Why do so many OPs have such low brightness at times? It makes it look so much worse.
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Japanese TV regulates that shows can only be so bright, hence the darkening effect.
It's literally to prevent seizures.
So do they remove it for the BDs?

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Sophia bubble.jpg
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Why is a lewd looking degenerate purging degeneracy?
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She embodies the essence of the altright, anon.

Or what, you wanted Mike fucking Peinovich in your animoo?
she stared too long in the abyss of degeneracy and got turned
Sophia is pure, you scum.

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The great debate
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both are entertaining but have flaws by the dozens
Explain further.
I feel like I'm probably too old to get into HxH now

That, and even though neither series will ever be finished, being fully aware of that going in is a difficult thing...I can follow One Piece because it was too late before I knew what I had gotten into, I can avoid that with HxH

As much as I love One Piece, I'd never recommend it as it is now because it just raises a billion questions and we'll all be dead before they're answered

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>"Don't cry, not in front of the girl you threw away"
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Are there people who genuinely liked setsuna?>>155638031

>finished the VN now

Is it even worth carrying on? I mean, the whole point of reading the VN was to get to the parts that the anime stopped at, which I really hated, but I hear it's only Setsuna's route and it's very badly translated at that....it's still new content though.


I adore all three of the main cast, they all deserve to be truly happy.
Yes, she's an interesting and charming character.

What does one have to do to find a girl like her irl?
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Get yourself a trip to Gensokyo, not even kidding.
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Kill yourself OP, it's the only way
There are no wifey girls wanting for a geek charming to notice them. That's 2d fantasy.

>Bland hair and character design
>Stutters and whimpers every time she's on camera
>Barely says a syllable
>Introduced out of nowhere half way through the series
>Somehow becomes telepathic buddies with one of the leads after ONE dialogue exchange
>Still can't speak more than a syllable to her telepathic twin and even then she's a whimpering mess
Why'd they do it /a/? Why'd they think this was a good character?

Also post your own worst girls
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Literally Shirobako's only flaw
Aye, that's correct. Wonderful show, but jesus christ is this bitch bad.
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just the absolute worst

Ok, I usually don't really care about crunchyrolls memesubs but seriously. What the FUCK. WHY ARE THEY RUINING ANIME
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>when the westerners ruin the entire japanese cartoon industry
Because Sasha and her village have a weird accent and translating it literally wouldn't accurately convey that.
>Appealing to retarded normalfag masses that can't pick up on accents and dialects in japanese
Still offensive

Why the fuck do they have so much sexual tension in this move. Wtf is wrong with Japan. Incest is wrong
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Why do you think it's wrong?
>Incest is wrong
Says who?
The law thankfully. And genetics

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How do I unlock the Shinka route?
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Burn the Mabinogion and collect the clip
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kill yourself
get her alone then pick the option to overpower her and have sex

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Being an obnoxious normalfaggot
Wifing the broccoli whore. He should be glad a superior girl saved him from his shitty end game.
his gf is cute but she is a shitty whore

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What did they mean by this?
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I assume that it's some sort of joke about the notebook being a generic highschool school notebook.

Like if it was set in America the joke would be that it says Mead or Five Star on it or something.
It was a white book before some one painted it black.
Looks like someone took a permanent marker to the whole book but if you do that, the graphics beneath will still shine through.

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