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Is Kumiko & Reina gay for each other?
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Only on Saturdays.
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Yes. Anyone who disagrees is homophobic.

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Which Madoka release is the best? I rewatched UTW recently and it was good but the filesize is a joke
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meguca or fancutfag

What is this facial expression trying to convey?
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My wife Chino is so beautiful.
>facial expression
>trying to convey
You assume intent. Therefore you assume that she is acting.
Do you consider her a manipulative sociopath?

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>no Attack on Titan to look forward to on Saturdays anymore

feels weird man.
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aww cheer up if you want to look forward to shit just look in the toilet
is it over already? I just watched that episode and i didn't even notice it's the last one
>looking forward to normalfag trash

Bootleg Konata is so cute.
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>no thread
too bad they made the boring cocoa ripoff the main character
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Dearest /a/,

What is and or was your favorite *pre-2000 Anime(can be series, movie, ova, etc)?
*It's alright if it started pre-2000 and ended in early 2000's if you're having trouble picking one.

Mine is Hyper Police. I don't even think it's that good, but it's my favorite.
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Damm this is some good shit.
Usually high school club story doesn't get me interested but this and shiori experience got me hooked.
Why isn't more people reading hibiki?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Never post here again.

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Why was Elf the best?
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Because everyone else sucked.
Is there a SAO cameo in every episode of this?
I still don't know what is that robot thing on the top right supposed to be

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What's your opinion on Haiykuu? Anybody here read it? It's WSJ second biggest ongoing series after One Piece and I don't ever see any new chapter discussion threads.
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anime was fun manga art sucks
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I love the series, but it doesn't get threads on /a/ unless the anime is showing. The pacing of the manga isn't super great for weekly discussions.

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Why is Tsugumi so perfect? Would she have been a good wife and mother to Raku's children?
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Yes. But it would have broken blondie mentally.
Boys can't be mothers.
Probably she's his concubine.

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Where can I find the Super manga, now that Nyaa is dead?

Also, what chapter/episode of the anime starts off where resseruction of F ends or where they start to diverge if the anime/manga changed those events?

Somebody told me http://mangaseeonline.us/manga/Dragon-Ball-Super but the translation is shit, pretty sure vegeta isn't supposed to call beerus a cock sucker


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Kobayashi drinking with the Emperor of Demise when
the website don't let me read, it goes all blank after the first page

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/a/ is filled with people with good taste, so surely there are plenty of people reading this here, right? What are your thought on it?
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look anon love this manga.
the first chapter was the best one because some thought it was a one-shot,but unless there is a new chapter there won't be a thread about it.even then its only 10-13 anons
I stopped reading it when the fat loli died. Then picked it up again then read until the TIMESKIP dropped it again. Still looking forward for the new chapter
Seems very formulaic at the moment mostly to give exposition to how our immortal friend works. The whole aging in one of his forms if he doesn't swap between them is very peculiar.

I wonder if they will game this somehow if he's happening to be mortally injured will he also take the impetus of his own form and be able to use it?

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What are your expectations for the next fate anime? Do you want it to be good or just a train wreck?
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>14 Servants+14 Masters
It will be really hard for this not to be a trainwreck
Based on the PV, my expectations are real low but it has cute girls (male) so that's alright.
All I expect is Astolfo shitposting for the majority of the threads and massive increase in his art. Maybe some fun discussion when the episodes first air. I'm not expecting much.

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