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this is your wife for tonight
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kill yourself
Upvoted and subscribed.
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She's older right?

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>she enters your room
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So this is bullying?

this got dark quickly

Do you think Chino is erotic?
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fuck no

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>12 hours until the Final Answer
Are you ready?
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Thanks for making the thread 12 hours early OP there's so much to talk about that hasn't already been covered a week ago do keep up the great thread timing
Interviews from Febri are getting translated. There actually is quite a bit to talk about right now.
I haven't watched any new episodes since the tweest, is it worth finishing? I was only in for the plot and now that it went full retard I don't really feel like watching it.

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hey lets go. post this face and it gets edited in almost like magic
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In on a legacy thread
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here are the easy ones from last night, gonna start masking the others now.
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whoops one more

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“... not really. He’s not even that handsome. I don’t have bad taste like Kutori.” The girl
shook her head and went back into the alley.
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What would you do to this smile?
Make her a mom
Their lives did not know the end known as death. After an eternity of wandering, they finally gave up on finding their home. Instead, they built a miniature garden modeled after their homeland to sleep in for the next eternity.

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left or right?
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those girls are so disgusting.
both hags
2 gayest posts I've ever witnessed on /a/.

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Guys, I think we missed something big with Danganronpa
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>what mean this by he did
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Don't mind
I think Danganronpa missed something big when they decided MINDHACKS was an acceptable explanation for everything that occurred in the series.

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What do you guys think about S2 so far?
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....didn't S2 end like a month ago?
It was kinda short.
It was good. Better than S1, had better pacing and all of that. But, it's covering a better part of the manga too, imo.

I think it has the potential to get better in the next few arcs, which I think are pretty solid as well. Definitely looking forward to more.

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>mfw I can't stop laughing about Kotomine from a paralel universe selling mapo tofu

I went too far.
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Why did Hibari pretend to not know who Reborn was despite saying the opposite in the first ep? They're alone in the room so there's no need to keep up appearances either.
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Which is going to be the dominant fujo show of 2017 summer?
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Dive or Touken Ranbu.
Touken Ranbu

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Besides the similar characters, the cool thing about Naruto was at the start. It felt like every character had their own motives and was on their own team, willing to cheat, kill or steal to get what they want.
In Boruto everyone's friendly, most characters don't have motives, it's just kind of a sappy show. I get that the author doesn't want boruto to have the same story as naruto. It's just boring with so little inner conflict in the village.

What do you think? If you give a shit.
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fuck off. Also,

> most characters don't have motives

this is literally wrong.
boruto is shit and is pretty much monster of the week show, the "hokage " are struggling with a lillte child
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>Basically SJ

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Isn't Itachi basically just The Boss?
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kys weebshit

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