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rindou best grill.jpg
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Why is it always girls with red/golden hair/eyes, fangs, and a spunky attitude that are best girls.

Also Shokugeki thread.
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What's wrong with her feet?
This slut is so fucking hot
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best girl examples.png
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I mean look at this.
Just fucking look at it

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How prevalent is the golden spiral in manga art and anime?
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It's everywhere.
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It's the secret to Kemono Friends success.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Which shows/studios/animators do you think would be on the right hand side of this chart if it was updated to reflect modern times?
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None? There are always trends and influence though.

An obvious trend in recent times is webgen animators for example.

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Whelp that's all the WITCH ACTIVITY for this season

What are you guys looking forward to in the second season?
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More merch
i'm assuming albus and wolf bro aren't coming back for season two right?
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>art has not improved in 25 years of drawing manga

What's the name, /a/?
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It´s called cherry picking.
Masami Kurumada from Saint Seiya barely changed after 30 years.

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Just what the fuck was her problem?
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Her story was emotional, she suffered a lot and life wouldn't stop fucking with her so she'd start fucking with people.

It's not rare that you'd hate her just because the other character that appears with her is a NEET whose life's trash. Op, you felt sorry towards the NEET because you're a NEET too, right? Don't worry, life can unpredictable; you don't know what'll happen tomorrow.
I could relate to the NEET more but I was really sad to see her thrown into the void. She didn't deserve it.
>She didn't deserve it.
The best girl got thrown into the Void because she was forced to save the CHA guy over Light. But her soul combined with his, so happy ending?

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1MB, 1600x900px
So did they smash in the barn when they first got to the new world?
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No. He doesnt find her sexually appealing.
Yes. They are too embarrassed to talk about it

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There's been like 8 new chapters translated, why isnt there a thread yet?
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Is there more of the muscle cutie?
I'm curious why /a/ is not talking about it, as if it was only /u/ thing.

She even is part of action in last chapters, but so far wasn't fighting anybody just defending herself (not counting guy who she killed while looking for bathroom on police station).
She also

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New chapter out, new cliffhanger here

Does anyone else feel kinda bored from this arc?
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Good. I didn't want them being good people anyway. Even if these demons turn out to be ''good'' it is much much better than them being humans.
How did Ray figure out who the girl was?
She was using the flowers as light that where in the cave where the kids got attacked before.

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>This kills the Pika
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Kurapika "Mary Sue" Kurta won't die before he gets his revenge.
>This kills the Curarpikt
No. There are tons of people who use nen without knowing what it is

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The digimon one just sounds ugly to me.

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File: 1475340783759.jpg (30KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
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what is that thing? is it in pain? is someone gonna stop its suffering?
Did you just call me a bozo, you bitch!?

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Whats his bankai?
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Interpretive dance.

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Name a more pregnable girl in anime than Chitanda Eru
Yes, you fucking can't.
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I don't think that's how you used that word.
You mean a girl who needs a trip to Mexico harder than her? I can't think of one.
Yeah, that's the way.

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