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cute boys doing cute things >> cute girls doing cute things
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Do you ever come across something strange and then ask your peer to find out what's going on, but then when he refuses to do so you stare him straight in the eyes and state that you're curious in order to persuade him?
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I do that all the time. It's kind of cute how flustered he gets.
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Do you ever like a boy who likes you back, and ask them out, but he refuses because he's afraid that you'll damage his intellectual capabilities?
Only correct answer

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Evangelion is not a toy commercial like most other mechashit.
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I may hate myself for what I am interested in, but I am incredibly glad that I have never stooped to the low of buying anime merchandise.
How much of this shit was made after the show? To be a toy commercial the toy has to come first.
>I may hate myself for what I am interested in

Wow, you're mentally weak

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How can he hope to compete with Jiren?
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asspulls, like always
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

Fusion with Vegeta

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Gravity Rush is getting a manga.

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Nice. Smelly girls a best.
This could actually work really well. The locations and characters suit manga better than most adapted games.
She is actually the worst girl in her own series.

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I'm two episodes in and I have no clue how I feel about this.

The characters are interesting and have good writing and there is obviously more going on between them than shown right now but the constant use of pretentious "artsy" shots is getting annoying.

What should I be expecting?
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Meh, the Rei clone was ok but I remeber disliking the blonde french bitch
I dropped this after one episode
I wish the girls with guns shit would make a come back just for one or two series.

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She's too good for that, she should be pizza'd.
you're waifu
I'm waifu?

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Why is the gap between season end and new season start so damn depressing?

Anime is suppose to be an escape from depression, now a cause.
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The week without anime is supposed to be like withdrawal. You realize how much you need it, and get excited for another disappointing season.

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Reminder that Caulifla >>>>>>>>> Jobhan
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How long until someone sneaks in and records the 4D Broly God shit in USJ? It releases in a few hours doesn't it? Whenever USJ opens in Japan anyways.
Reminder that she can't sense Ki

Reminder that She will get spopoviched by a Pride Trooper
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Reminder that our boy, the Prince, will brush aside Brianne without a second thought and finally get his revenge on Hit, using his mighty new form.

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New chapter out
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First for best girl
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That's what I like to hear
What's a cool power or quirk you guys have thought of? Don't make it something unbeatable, give some weaknesses.

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A manga about one of the most common sights in Japan; high school gyarus, foreigners, christmas cake cosplay senseis and ludicrously-world-dominatingly-rich ojous with muscle fetishes being instructed in a Gold's gym by an exhibitionist. Something you see every day, but in an interesting manga format!

How much can YOU lift?
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Oh, and sorry, here are your links!

Original Raws Site

Translation group Rakuen


Fyi, Volume 2 was released a bit over two weeks ago. I'll include the extra pages from that again after...
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...Chapter 25!

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Reminder: it's Christmas-time in Swoleville. They have actually told us the name of the town, but I forgot it.

The whole conversation she has when Alucard finally comes back. Did he turn her before she could die of old age? Integra is weird, in that, while she does fight against them, she seems much more ambivalent about vampires than Abraham or her father.
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>Was it implied she became a vampire later in life?
There is a bigger chance of Alucard dying too than her turning into a vampire.
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Of the few Helsings iv seen none of them even seem to have an actual ending, it's like all the berserk adaptations, no real ending.

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> ITT: Good and original scenes in anime, independantly of the overall quality of the anime.

Full Metal Panic - Second Raid
Haircut scene

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>Good and original scenes in anime
now THATS rare

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My wife

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Why are girls in military uniforms so perfect?
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