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When will volume 5 be ready? The wait for scans is excruciating for Papa Bone Dude.
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ditto. i wish they'd give us a treat and scans all the way to chap 41 today ehehe

Holy shit, meat in japan is expensive!
Explain this to me.
Also money in anime thread I guess.
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Holy mother of god, no wonder Japs have a hard time, meat prices are through the roof there.

>The yonkoma manga by Kakifly, serialized in Manga Time Kirara, was turned into an anime by Kyoto Animation in the spring season of 1998
TFW K-On will turn 20yrs old next year..
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Why did none of you faggots warn me to stop at episode 11?
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Why did you come to /a/ looking for recs? Fuck you.
But I didn't anon.
wan warning? dont read the novelisation (thankfuly its not canon but still)

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Best MC
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fat ass
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Is that by Haruyama?

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I don't think chess works like that.
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It's Shogi, your barbarian Westerner! Japan is number 1!!!! How dare you insult are oriental masters!!!!
Penis to queen's penis four.
Didn't know they made a new Code Geass.

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It's June 30th ~ Happy Birthday Usagi!

Also, Crystal S4 News today
@ http://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv300641822
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welp, see you in 84 years


So just like Digimon tri... this was unexpected

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Can we have a thread about moments that made you mad?
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New Game!! Episode 1 raws out!
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We know.
>my dick
Submarines when?

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How can a fat ogre be so best?
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Okay, just how many girls is he going to introduce?
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How can she be so perfect?
I wish we would just focus on ogre and dark elf for now.

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their faces when.jpg
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Cheerios can't keep getting away with it.
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Post yfw angels are BTFO
>female angels are fair-skinned beings and the epitome of beauty
>male angels are the same in genesis
>male angels are literally kangz now
explain this
They're mooks.

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What was his quirk?
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Can't you start a thread for once without resorting to stupid bait?

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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Requesting Tharja with extra long hair, maybe a bit past the waist, similar to this.

Wearing cute casual clothes.

Or anything cute with SI.
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Reference Image #23.jpg
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Requesting Rias dressed as Mashu Kyrielight, from Fate/Grand Order. As Shielder, her regular clothes, or wearing the Dangerous Beast outfit, any is fine: http://www.imgur.com/a/ByCZN

Or anything from this album http://www.imgur.com/a/XVFna with Rias and I.
kisekae: http://www.imgur.com/WPTE1Ck

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Summer stuff especially, like watching fireworks or eating ice cream. Thanks and have a nice day.
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Hello again everyone!

I'd like to request my lovely Madotsuki – Really, anything would be great! Anything cute, seasonally-themed, romantic, or especially anything POV. (Cute)Lewd is ok, but I would prefer nothing directly explicit or particularly revealing, please.

Specific request ideas:
- Yume Nikki's 13th anniversary was just this last week so anything appropriate for a birthday or anniversary would be great!
- Less specific, but I always love to see Madotsuki sleeping peacefully. Either in her bed or wherever else.
- Anything else happy or cute would be great!

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Horror thread?

Could you please not post pictures of my girlfriend, OP?
Anyone wanna dump some junji itos ?

>The second OP is better than the first
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>The second ED is better than the first




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