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Have you forgotten about best girl of the season already, /a/?
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I miss Ao.
I miss this aho.
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One of the all time great JK bodies.

Mugi's birthday is in less than two days! How will you celebrate?
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Why is Mugi sticking her butt out?
I will masturbate to Mugi.

Which pictures? I like the spanking ones and the ball busting maid?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Was it Kimagure Orange Road that started these love triangle in highschool full of "coincidences" anime? Or is there a predecessor even to that?

I started to watch it today and I'm really liking it, it's feels really fresh, what are you guys opinions on it?

Also Madoka or Hikaru?
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Kimagure is fucking trash. Watch Touch instead.
I'm going to watch it afterwards, I'm delving into old anime I didn't watch, Touch is just way longer than Kimagure, so I I'm leaving it for later.
Yeah well, I'm telling you now, Kimagure is not worth wasting 48 episodes on, while Touch is genuinely worth the ride.

This is one of the best anime movies of all time, prove me wrong.
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The fact that there is no more new content related to the franchise is one.
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You got me there....
On other news water is wet and this franchise is fucking dead

why does he sounds like a child in Dragon Ball Z?

Why they didnt change his seiyuu?
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wym? he sounds like a man to me. other than the japanese version a woman voices him

Because inside he is still a naive little boy who likes nothing more than to fight the strongest opponents.
The english dub made him into some cookie-cutter-superhero because western morals can only into black and white.
Even Toriyama was disappointed with it.
Ok fine I accept that inside, he's still a child. But Goku's a full grown man with descended testicles and judging by his muscles a higher than average amount of testosterone. Show his immaturity through his actions, not by having a retarded voice.

How do these two points make sense with choppers devil fruit. Having the Hito Hito no mi he should only be able to amplify his human characteristics.

Guard point is an amplification of fur, which I guess could be argued as it lengthening like the hair on our heads, but would the point not only increase his heads hair length if this was the case. It seems more like it amplifies his deer trait as fur which I don't think should be possible since he doesnt have a dear devil fruit.

There is no arguing that horn point amplifies his deer characteristic. I dont see any reason why a human devil fruit would increase ones horn capabilites.

Has a zoan devil fruit been shown to increase anyone elses original body form stats or is there a way to rationalize why chopper can do this?
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Because Oda is a hack who has to rely on bullshit instead of actually putting some effort into writing chopper. Where the fuck is brain point at anyway?
Brainpoint is gone because chopper spent most of the time skip eating cotton candy but then in the last hour he used brain point to improve all of his techniques. However nearing the end of the hour he started to realize he was just an anime/manga character and immediately stopped using the form just in case he broke his own reality.
because the rumble balls mess with his original bodyparts rather than human characteristics

all the human fruit does is make him smart and give him primate agility in Monster Point

Tomboys are for NTR
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Still better progress of story then original
Hopefully it will be a catalyst for Tomo.

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>perfect 70s Japan setting
>perfect characters
>10/10 cute/funny episodic stories
Is Chibi Maruko the greatest series ever created?
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>perfect patrician taste
>perfect frequency of streams
>cute, casual typing style
Is tumblr user dezaki the greatest shoujo (male) ever created?
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>shoujo (male)
I don't want to be wrong

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I have returned to save the mecha genre
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We had BBK last year and ID-0 just ended, we're fine. Not complaining though, more Mazinger is always a good idea.
>saving robot anime
Fuck no.
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>He doesn't welcome the new CGI overlords with open hands

Look at him! Look at him and laugh!

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Why do people fight over who "wins" the MC so much?
It's obvious the author planned it out in advance, so no amount of arguing will change anything.
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>It's obvious the author planned it out in advance
Maybe if you're reading generic shonen shit like that OP pic implies, but for some, the MCbowl actually makes sense.
For the same reason they fight Xbox vs. Playstation, Intel vs. AMD, Marvel vs. DC etc.

A lot of people latch onto anime because it's an easy, endless source of things to fight over. Most of the Evangelion "fandom" for example is people like that.
>Xbox vs. Playstation
>Intel vs. AMD
>Marvel vs. DC
And it should have been Ichigo x rukia.

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Apocrypha at 12 am
HF PV at 12:30
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I guess it'll be the same version of the PV shown at MachiAsobi a while back.

this is an android
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>taking a bath

I dont believe you
Come on Anon, it still feels nice.
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No it's a super popular and pretty idol.

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ok /a/ssholes
when it comes to shonen manga, it is at its best when:
a) MC and gang is on the run from Big Bad
b)training to fight big bad
c)exploring mysteries of the world
d)a and c
e)comedy takes control in any way and form
f) turns into a shoujo manga
g)bullshit power up
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Generally, a.
I usually like the "lowest point" sections of any manga. Mc is cornered, has to make tough choices and discard ideals/pride to survive, nothing feels stable/safe. Shit is usually interesting. Until they find their way out and the status quo returns.
I would count that as on the run.
b, then g.

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