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Post the only good things that came from otherwise shitty endings.
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Considering 5cm per second, nothing hehehhehehehehehe
Ichigo getting kucked by Renji was awesome
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Ichigo never wanted the flatty with a shitty personality.

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Look, a loser chapter.
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Guys, new PV:
Looking good.
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How long left until anime dies? In other words, how long left until One Piece ends?
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in 10 years
Do you think the animation team gets tired of working on it
The One Piece anime is unwatchably bad.

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So is Guts supposed to be Jesus while Griffith is the anti-christ?
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What the hell makes you think that?
Griffith is supposed to be an amalgamation of pretty much every conqueror.

Guts is just some guy with a big sword.

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Is Madoka a ripoff of Haruhi?
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What the fuck?

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Has /a/ ever heard of this manga? It's pretty entertaining and some of this stuff could probably work too
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Jesus talk about obscure

This was the best part of every single episode.

Fight me.
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What happened to left guy's VA? Is he dead?
Ito was the main producer for all of the Kadokawa/KyoAni shows (Full Metal Panic!, Haruhi, Lucky Star, Nichijou, and Hyouka). He and Shiraishi first met around the time of the first Haruhi broadcast and Shiraishi was brought back and had a big role in Lucky Star. The JP fans liked him in the Lucky Channel segments, but he got placed as the singer for the second cour’s EDs in live-action footage in an expanded role. Additionally, Shiraishi was focused upon in an video extra “The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi” featured on 11 of the 12 DVDs. During the next Kadokawa/KyoAni production, Haruhi-chan, he was featured as “Oniguchi” in the CMs and bonus footage and even had an autograph session. The 2009 Haruhi DVDs had Shiraishi accompanying the group on the location scouting feature, Shiraishi’s own Taniguchi Goes! feature, and a voiceover feature as Taniguchi on each DVD. Additional bonus features were made for the Haruhi and Haruhi-chan BD-boxes again focusing on Shiraishi. The Disappearance movie BD had an extra showing the filming of Minori Chihara’s music video and Shiraishi showed up in that! During early 2010, he was given his own web show to race go-karts called Lucky Racer (spun off of Lucky Star) to promote other Kadokawa (and other associated companies) properties. By this time, there was a growing sentiment against the guy as it wasn’t just KyoAni shows he was focused on (Gai-Rei and Kiddy Girl-And also had Shiraishi bonus features, but he was cast in every Ito show). The final straw came when he was cast as Sakamoto-san in Nichijou, had a character song single, and was featured in location scouting/bonus footage AGAIN. Ito used him constantly and fans got sick of him over these three years. Thus Shiraishi wasn’t cast in Hyouka and the future special shows had other talent participating instead of him.
My nigger, Akira is best girl by a mile. She scratched an itch I didn't even knew I had.

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Big tits? Medium tits? No tits? All fine and well, but nothing is better than cute budding mounds.
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They just can't be beat
medium>small>big>flat>weird saggy small tits
You're absolutely right.

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Do you like this character?
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I have to be nice to her.

It's her birthday, after all
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I do.
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She grows on you, kinda like a mold.

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Why are anime sisters so much more sexual than other anime females?
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Is just the way things are, don't question just enjoy.
nuclear radiation has twisted their entire race into incestual paedophiles

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Season 3 fukcing when?
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Not soon enough, if I had enough money to fund any single anime sequel it'd be this. The show was pretty garbage overall but these two were so entertaining
what's wrong the that hair
I didn't watch the second season because I heard that it didn't have the lesbian lolidom which was the only redeeming feature.
I would help fund the season if it had it as a focus.

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>female character originally has a cute dfc
>has cowtits in a doujin
Is there anything worse than this?
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greentext niggers
black people

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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you can only choose one
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the choice is clear
I had a gay crush on Yusuke. If I were a girl I'd let him fuck me crazy.
>Ottermode build
>Serious when needed
>Serious conviction and determination

Love characters like that, too many MCs are whiny faggots

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