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It's true, you know.
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man that doujin series was such a disappointment
they literally never do anything with butts ever again after the first one

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>Beach episode in anime
>MC's harem come out one at a time to pose in front of them in their bikinis
>MC gets a nosebleed

>Beach episode IRL
>MC is at the beach alone because he is an autist
>Sees a girl from school in a bikini
>Gets a boner that is clearly visible to everybody because he is wearing swimming shorts or depending on the level of autism, a Speedo
>Gets banned from the beach by the lifeguard
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You get banned from the beach for boners nowadays?
You get banned from some beaches for being a peeping Tom, and that's if you don't get arrested for indecent exposure.
autists don't go to the beach
checkmate faggot

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>lessons you learned from this show
>could you actually make some use of them in your life?

Let's go find Misaki lads!
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>You can try and work past all your laziness, all your lack of talent, and all your depression to finally make something of value, but in the end it's just as likely that what you made won't change a damn thing about your life
As someone who's had a dream to make a video game for the past 8 years now, this shit was fucking sobering.

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L is black, thoughts
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you have 10 seconds to name the smartest black guy in history
I wonder how much the trailer is intentionally misleading. The cuts seem odd, I can believe the audio and visuals aren't from the same point in the film a lot of the time.

But L's quirks are there, that's good, sweets scattered around and weird sitting.

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Why do people this is good? Its the most lowbrow joke that has been repeated for the franchise ten times

Hollow Atraxia's retarded fanfiction was ten times as good as this on a bad day.
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its fun
>Falling for bait thsi hard
children desperate for attention always start threads denouncing a series so they get a raply. Their parnts usually ngelected or abused them.
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When will be their next big hit?
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>anus 2009
i don't even remember that or anyone really mention it
They're not interested in hits at this point, they want to be "artistic". If they just wanted money, they wouldn't have burned bridges with Kadokawa.

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Would you say just one character can ruin a show?
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Yes. Croixfags are fucking unbearable and shit up every goddamn LWA thread
Yes. I would also say two characters can ruin a show, because Chariot sucks also

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So this one was dropped after just 1 chapter. Anyone else willing to TL this?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why do some people think he's unrealistic wish fulfillment? This guy is basically my older brother in anime form.
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This guy was a total Chad how the fuck is it wish fulfillment?
Chad goes Isekai, then returns with superpowers and a hot demon bitch.
I don't know I haven't watched it.

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>posting spoilers in the OP

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Does this still have relevance to the ending or is it a red herring by this point?
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What's this about again?
It was about Annie stinking.
First chapter of the manga
Eren's dream.

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Hentai quotes.
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_____ !!
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Little Sales Academia
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>Diana was the only one to feel that stopping the missile was their responsibility, to never doubt Akko and with the willingness to help Akko from the very beginning

Diana is a perfect super-hero!

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What fashion outfit would Kenny wears?
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Best Girl
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First for Based Captain Rico.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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