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Over a decade later and it's still the best insert song ever made.
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Its for sure a great track.

Re: Creators is literally taking insert songs in every orifice right now, its got some great ones for a show that was ruined by at legendarily hate-worthy MC >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C2w1K4y9U0

form Code Geass I like this one more

"Naa naa naa naa nanana"

I might go into a coma just imagining the euphoria thats gonna be leaking out of my body at hearing a good r3 op, end, and ost good lord i had to mention it

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Friendly reminder.
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I guess she's still better than shitty Asuka.
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your wrong.gif
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worst asuka

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Cute boy thread.
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pic unrelated i guess.

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Hi there, virtual idol Kizuna Ai here.

Am I retarded becauae I'm having a hard time trying to understand the magic with Psions
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If you have some background in computer programming, even a little, the power and magic system would be easier to understand.
If your gun is magic then the bullet would rewrite reality somehow. Onii-sama circumvents this by flash cast and instead of just rewriting reality it just destroys it.

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Tsundere and abusive yet loving imoutos are the best
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Stupid Ayase
How so? She just wants her share of onii-san D, too

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Leave Coronzon to me.
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>three Raildex threads
Fuck you Aleister.
Your autism is accelerating.

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keikaku doori.jpg
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All is according 2 kkaku

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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Don't worry, guys. Hisu won't die, Eren's in the Marley Empire looking for Zeke right now so he can kidnap his older bro.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>159046051
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Requesting Gabriel cutting her own hair short for the summer and wearing some summer clothes as well.
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Pic 1.jpg
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Requesting any part of this videoclip made Stardust Crusaders related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLLL1KxpYMA
Draw me a Sunabouzu following these easy steps!

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Long term, sustained panic continues; now in color!
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>those jun collarbones
>those carol lips
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you should have put the white back into the eyes

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Junko-chan is pure
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the purest
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But not normal enough.

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Is there a character you admire so much that you try to emulate them? Do you ever find yourself adopting habits from characters because they ended up influencing you to some degree?
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No. I just want to fuck them.
I really really really like Mugi from K-on so I try to act really cute all the time!!
I don't really emulate mannerisms, but my waifu obviously influences me a great deal.
I've ended up liking a lot of the same things as her, things she eats and what not.

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why is this allowed
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wud fug Tbh
Post butthole pls
Because it makes me erect

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If you didn't know, Fathom theaters are playing Miyazaki movies all summer. Just saw My Neighbor Totoro a few days ago for the first time since I was a kid.
Next one is Kiki's Delivery Service in late July. Sundays are English Dub, Mondays are Subtitled.
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You have to go back.
I've already got tickets to the next show, and the one a month after that. Castle in the Sky is August's movie.
He's going back, anon.

Tryhard von Lohengramm
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Win at life, die of siphilis.

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