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Me and OP's mother according to these dubs
You are hereby allowed to delete yourself.
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They both got fucked by asspulls more than they were helped.
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>there are people who legitimately believe lelouch was a great military strategist

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Naruto forgives criminals and murders but wants to punish a girl who was brainwashed by her father
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She was forgiven though.
He's a wise man and a just leader
But she got away with everything.

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What are some rare character types you fancy?

I almost never see proper petite women. There's those that look indistinguishable from teenagers, or have been drawn as a loli but they're really 30, but very few small-statured small-chested women that look like they're really adult aged.
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Shut the fuck up and post more nonna.

Sato is half chinese, what did they mean by this
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not a beast or slave.png
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BlazBlue anime, this time animated by a better studio when?
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animated by the guys that did berzerk. it will be 3D since they already have 3D models.
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forgot pic
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More QUALITY when?

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>No riko, you are the made in the abyss.
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I found no penises in the catalogue actually I found none of the "no $ANIME_PROTAGONIST, you are the $ANIME_TITLE" threads in the catalogue, this just uses Made in the Abyss but doesn't need to be confined to a fucking "general" you newfag
>invoking reddit
>lobbying for generals
>he doesn't know that it is literally /a/ that does the only translation of the manga
You have to go back.
>but doesn't need to be confined to a fucking "general" you newfag
You coul have just posted it the general though.

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What's wrong with this guy?
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nothing at all, he is a perfectly adapted individual
This single image is more interesting then the entire plot of this show.

Why isn't this a rom com with anime girls?
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He knows exactly why creations exist.

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Explain this.
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What's there to explain? It's pretty straightforward.
Let me dumb this down for you

1:i'm got engaged to my bae
2: Oh that's cool
1: hey 2 why aren't you happier for me
2: because it was only a matter of time, you two were essentially married already. you just never made it official
2: btw you look like something is bothering you, spill it.
1: me and my bae are planning on having children
2: uwotm8

i mean this shit isn't exactly shakespeare it doesn't take all that much brain power to understand. Anon, it's a good thing school is starting up soon, you sound like you need it.

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Open closet. See this. What do?
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Close closet. France best girl.
Ejaculate between her breasts.
Close it and burn the whole place to the ground.

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giant heads.gif
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why do they have such giant heads?
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Why do you post shitty tumblr gifs?
all the better to receive head pats
Because ANIME

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Aw poor thing, I'll give you a comment.
Why didn't he just kiss Suzaku?

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Paint me like one of your french girls, dad.
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I thought he was her uncle
Yes, her 'uncle'.
Why was she such a slut?

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What went wrong? Why do anime girls hate their dads so much now?
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They stopped being sluts.
Because they are never home.
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Imagine watching hinæ lœgį for real.

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I'm actually having a lot of fun with this series, but two people said it wasnt very good. (i only know two people)
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Who cares what someone says if you genuinely enjoy something? As long as you can articulate why or why not you enjoy something then you're fine. Even when something might be bad, if you acknowledge that and still like it- so be it. Who cares what losers on /a/ say we're all autistic; no one can validate your taste.
It's shit.
I remember reading it but it's really boring.

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