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ITT: The thirstiest non-hentai /a/ girls
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If they're so thirsty why don't they just drink something?

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What's your opinion of LuckyStar /a/?
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Greatest anime ever created
Better than Gurren Lagann
I love it. It's the kinda show that makes me feel nostalgic. I also always want to rewatch Haruhi afterwards

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just finished Diamond is Unbreakable and really want to see whats next, should I reread all the parts to 5 or can I just skip them and go straight to Avento Aureo
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You can just start from 5 if you've watched all the anime. I'd recommend rereading but you don't HAVE to, and you could always do that later on
Actually the only part you can skip is 5.
You could go straight to part 5, revisit the previous manga parts if you want to later.

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Is this the best JC?
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No. She has autism.
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Not even close
Yes. She has autism.

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>that time momaru cucked usagi and effectively mindbroked her
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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As always, I want Ozen to fuck me.
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Reminder, the bunny smells good!
You would shatter.

So we're given the first female saiyan and she's already looking mary sue as shit at first glance (i hope to god they somehow salvage her and make her a better character like Vegeta once this plot is finished, theres actual potential for her).

What bothers me though is that i dont know what age she is in DBS. Can anyone help me out with that? ._.
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She deserve to be anally raped by universe 7 saiyans
Saiyans are in their prime until 80, she could very well be 70 years old.
Goku's mom was better

You can only allow one of these two to eat in your restaurant. Choose wisely.

I hope you can make the right decision /a/.
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I'll have the lizard for dinner, I can only imagine how amazing that steak would look.
all food from the other world is crap though

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nothin personnel goddess.jpg
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Post worst girls getting what they deserve
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What did Aqua ever do to you

Ange is a miracle of the universe!
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Ange is a lie.
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Imagine Princess taking a shit. Her small hands scrunched up as she closes her eyes in anticipation, sitting nervously on a toilet at school and waiting for her bowel movements to start. Her small pink butthole slowly opening and closing in a way that would almost be lewd if she weren't about to take a dump. An impossibly large, slimy shit log slowly snaking out of the confines of her large intestine as she strains with all her might, gasping from the sensations. Her face covered with sweat and a light blush from the embarrassment and the smell, hoping that no other girl enters the adjacent stall and discovers the earthy scent of her waste and the un-princesslike sounds being made by her poop chute. A tinge of regret as she wishes she'd eaten more healthily over the past few days so she wouldn't have to suffer so in the present. A wet plop as her shit hits the toilet bowl, staining what was previously a pristine piece of porcelain. A small moan escaping her cherry pink lips, dewy wet with saliva and a small indent from having bitten down on it during her shit, as she daintily wipes her butt and cleans herself up, hoping that she'll at least enjoy the fortune of a clean poop. Her teary-eyed expression as she keeps wiping again and again, wondering why she keeps discovering a deep brown stain on each piece of toilet paper she uses. Her sigh of relief as she finally stands up and pulls up her cute white panties, a little unsteady on her feet, and glances down while blushing at her enormous shit log, feeling relieved that she managed to get it all out. Her surprise and intense shame as she leaves the toilet stall, only to see Ange waiting outside for her with an angelic smile.

Imagine Princess taking a shit.

The nips are laughing at us.

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Starting it off on a meme wont get you any favors
She's a good girl
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shitposting face.jpg
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Can you pay me in advance?

Rory Mercury thread anyone?
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we cant ever have nice gate threads
Simply awesome.
I want her lips on my dick.

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Is there a worse character than her?
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>Is there a better character than her?

and the answer is obvious

ne~, Kyon!

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I think I have a demiurge.
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what is it with Demi-Humans and the name Satou?
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succ staring.jpg
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I've seen this picture a ton of times here, thinking the guy was the investigator from demi-chan. Only now did I understood that's the guy from Ajin

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Write the ending.
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Guts becomes an angel and kills all mean bad guys >:(
everyone lives
>"Well guys, I guess I have finally become Kentaro Miura's Berserk"

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