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So, I just finished this anime finally, and I have to let my emotions out. Great tone and setting, decent action, great music again, and what's best, the show attempted to reach some higher ideas and concepts, like the morality of Casshern's evil mindset having been magically switched with Luna's, and an actual discussion on why life only matters in the face of death.

BUT! the execution of it all in the second half of the story was so botched, and the character developments so opaque, that in the end I can only feel some sadness at the lost potential.

So, what did you guys think about it? I always thought it was a meme anime, but was pleasantly surprised overall by the music and few good moments. Did Braiken Boss really experience a reversal of heart, and does anyone the fuck know what was up with Luna the whole time?
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it has this sort of slow pacing and endless repetition that 2000's anime really had a lot of. I've watched a few episodes, but I don't know if I'll ever finish it, especially if you're telling me here the execution of it all in the second half is shitty. I would hope that this sort of show would only get better.
Now go watch the original
It has some great episodes and moments that I think would make it worth it for you, and most people handle the 2nd half better than I did based on what I've heard. I just wanted muh good philosophy, and the story didn't deliver.

Just listen to this again, and tell me A) that it does not make you want to watch it, and B) that it could live up to the hype so easily?

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>Give me recommendations!
Fuck off
Wrong, OP is either a buzzfeed nigger or (((watchmojo))-coon
Don't use emoticons on /a/.

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>Needs to use some needlessly long winded complicated flashy plan to beat some angel who wasn't even trying to win.
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just watch your shounenshit you faggot and stfu
rip-off Yu-Gi-Oh

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Did Pen Pen survive?
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No one "died" to begin with. Except Kaji.

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Is bl anime saved or was it a one time miracle?
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One time miracle my nigga
Miracle. Compare this masterpiece to the trash airing this season which is nearly nakamurashit tier.

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Who is best girl, /a/?
>pic related
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You already posted her, anon.

>Cute, lot of moxie
>Not a bitch like Shinka
>Not half-insane like Rikka
>Not boring like Kumin
>Not annoying like Dekomori
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But does she have a fat ass?
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How can anyone be best if they lost?

Anyone else watching this? It seems alright so far.
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Where is it on the Gingitsune. Kuma Miko etc scale? I'm tempted anon.
Look, anon, there's one or two fujo shows per season for the fujos. They hang out there. Obscure fujo shows literally no one talks about.

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>Shit tier animu
Come on, manga ended last year, and they're is still a lot of fucking missing shit.
Who tf are all these girls when S3 starts?
What did Tenri say to Diana to be bale to get her wings?
Who was Kasuragi's teacher?
>read manga.
Plz no reading.
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>a thread died for this
Its not a request. More of an open question.
>Does it deserve season 4.
>Who the fuck thought it was good idea to skip literally half the conquests.
>Why tf they chose to end the animu on sad katsuragi.
Yes, it is. All is answerable by reading the manga. Obviously you're not illiterate, so I don't understand why you can't do that.
Don't ask to be spoonfed. And, more importantly, lurk more.

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I mean come on guys, this can only end in one way
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No replies in the DB for this post!

I bet Sumire will has a chakra mode.
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Greatest love story ever told
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so true!

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Why didn't she just tear off her clothes?
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Because she's a shit character who's at best sidekick material.
people are watching
Hotest OTP

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So like... if Orihime had a full on murderous hatred for who ever she was fighting, she'd be god-tier powerful?
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She would kill low level captains/arrancar sure, but anyone who can pull the "lolreiatsu" card would kill her, that includes:

Soul king being immune to her healing
Ichibei making her forget the name of her fairies

Yhwach is her ultimate hard counter, he can always pull a future where her power never worked and then nuke her to death, Orihime is just a fragile human being, she cant will herself back to life like Ichibei.

I wonder if Yhwach could steal fullbring? If he stole Orihime power and Tsukishima book of the end, he would be truly immortal, the future, present and past under his complete control.
>he can always pull a future where her power never worked
Explain the ending of how he's soundly defeated by a fakeout shikai?

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Season 3 when?
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I will tell you the truth, never. The studio that made this admitted that it was too large of an undertaking and too hard
I want more Tomo, more Kimi, Turrene, Mary and all other bombshells, but it can't happen. I grieve with you.
>tooo hard


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Does /a/ like Quiz Bowl?
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