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When you see this image, what does it remind you of?
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flaps i want to flip
my favorite anime

Is she the greatest cuck?
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hnngn nop
No, whoever her partner is the greatest

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Last thread had a disgusting lack of Sumire, lets fix that
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I just have two hopes for this series.
1. Sumire stays relevant.
2. And they retcon some of the sarada gaiden and the boruto movie.
p.s. If 5 years ago you told me the only show I would be looking forward each week would be naruto, I'd laugh in your face. I like this timeline.
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I feel you anon. This season is terrible, but somehow, I am really looking forward this specific show every week. Right now it's nothing special at all, but it really has a lot of potential. I really hope SP handles everything nicely, including Sumire of course.
Truly, they improved over Naruto so much and the only thing they had to do was to not turn the MC into a faggot.

is this guy fucking mentally ill?
damn its so interesting tho
too bad he only does touhou stuff
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All Japanese people see stuff like this every time they close their eyes
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He is a fan of Shigenori Soejima, most specifically his Shadow monster designs.
Personally, i've always been more of a Kaneko guy.
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I like his touhou stuff.

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Is she playing 43D chess?
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Yes. Maybe even more Ds than that.
It appears to me that she is playing a PPSh as if it were a violin.
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She is playing 2D chess with 2D pieces in the 3D world and she will probably lose.

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Re Zero.jpg
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After all the hype this shit got I finally decided to start it, and I can say that that was an amazing first episode.
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Why are you stopping, go watch the rest you dumb fuck.
this is one of my favorite anime's,
i loved it and binged it,
dont listen to all the fags that bash on it due to shitty arguments about shipping
hey /A/ i just speedrun the first episode HiHiHiHi

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Who is best girl?
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It's still Ochaco, faggot.
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Ochako in my opinion
they're all fucking great though, I can't think of a single girl who's sub-par or below
don't be obnoxious
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Why is she so cute?
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Because she's a loli with a fat ass.
Very slow
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Berserker is cuter.

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It's that time of the season, which anime do you think has the best OP? For me it's Koi to Uso. Even though the show is trash, based Frederic comes in with a god-tier song.

A close second is the OP for Kakegurui
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tangerine dancing.gif
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Kakegurui OP is trash.
And that coming from someone who loved the manga.
I think it tries a bit too hard to be sexy but it's still a bop and I like the imagery

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What went wrong?
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Shitty music and horrible cropping, just like the rest of Kai.

DBZ is infinitely better than Kai, despite the pacing issues.
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1. Yamamoto got too bold with his music plagiarism... whether sloppily-placed Kikuchi or hit-and-miss Sumitomo, the music for Kai hasn't been up to snuff ever since Yamamoto's stuff got yanked.

2. Toei seriously cheaped out with the Majin Boo arc, with crappy and lazy automated remastering (that ugly green tint, blech), careless cropping without an un-cropped home release option, and not enough filler being edited out.

Those are Kai's two real main problems... Still, it's all worth it for finally resulting in an English dub that isn't shit. Now there's at last an option for picky people who won't watch Z in Japanese for some reason but that will still result in, y'know, everyone actually discussing the same show in the end.

What, what the fuck?
>Some of you guys are ok, don't come to school tomorrow
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Bullies beware, Rinne is justice. Justice always wins.
You haven't even gotten to the cherry that goes on that scene-cake.
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I need anime of lolis doing some hardcore ryona

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/a/ is lewd
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Just saw the trailer today. Aren't you all excited?
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>Muh Youth
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muh molesting shotas
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>Muh rubber nen
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>Muh Laboon

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Chapter 67 is upon us. How are you preparing to be blessed by tank-kun?
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I got it.
Are you guys ready?
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Trees make the world go round...
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spoilers when?

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