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Disaster Capitalism and class war at its finest folks.
>inb4 "Muhh MARKET... increased demand.. higher prices... the market... THE MARKET DECIDES"

If you have a wife and 3 kids, who the fuck has a spare $16,300 kicking about for a flight? I certainly don't. Nobody but the 1% could afford that, nobody but the rich.
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>Nobody but the 1% could afford that
yet all the seats will be full. why?
Miami Population, 2016 - 453,579
Miami-Dade County population, 2015 - 2.693 million
>What is supply and demand

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Paid Russian bots undermine the west with white nationalist content:

Paid Russian propaganda factory in Moscow:

Don't trust Kremlin spam trolls masquerading as legitimate users with legitimate opinions.

Putin's insider mafia clan funding far left & far right groups to destabilize reality:

Another troll factory:

Putin trolls spreading online hoaxes:

Canadian news on Kremlin media manipulation:
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>muh russians
>that flag
>that post
fucking lel
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Do you have a dog in this fight or something, Ukraine?

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I guess I'll bake
Ignore if someone else makes one before me.
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I miss bingoqt
Trump has turned 1984 into a best seller once again! WHOA!
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Tonights panel

and link to watch qanda


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Could (((they))) be creating these hurricanes? it's well known we've created weather machines. Could they be up to something? perhaps hurricane harvey missed its target...
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>it's well known we've created weather machines

Its going straight to Broward County. Seems like Podesta wants more pizza.
sorry i meant outside of the most oppressive nanny state ever created we know about things that we don't need to know sometimes.
for instance i know that your government let 1400 children get raped by yet another paki (aka asian) grooming gang. I know your gov't gave a fucking castle to a family of niggers and they collect thousands of your tax dollars while living in it. I know another "asian" grooming gang drugged, gangraped, murdered, ground up and fed a girl to you nige.

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What about anschluss though?

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MEXICO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE ! There should be no such thing a DACA. If Mexico took care of it's people maybe they would stay! Why isn't that part of the MSM conversation? If the media was doing the job they would be discussing why MEXICO is such a fucking grotesque place to live that families send their unescorted toddlers to the border gates to take advantage of DACA. Why is MEXICO so uninhabitable? That should be the real question. Why is Mexico such a horrendously uninhabitable hell-hole?
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What is needed is to end apartheid in Latin America. If AMericans knew that all of Latin AMerica is run by a handful of "elite" Rabi Blancos they would insist that these apartheid states be broken up. They are worse than South Africa.
>Why is Mexico such a horrendously uninhabitable hell-hole?
Because they're poor, which has numerous causes of which race is one
>Why isn't that part of the MSM conversation?
Because capitalists like cheap labor, and the MSM is simply the mouthpiece of the capitalists.


I completely agree with you. Here is a comprehensive solution that everyone needs to really think about..

You want to know why we don't have an illegal canadian problem? or why we didn't have an illegal problem in the 50s 60s? Its because these countries were doing well for their selves. Its in the best interest of Americans to make sure its neighbors are good so that we're good. I am not saying give out gibs to mexicans but at least lets help them fight corruption and the cartel.

What would be really great would be to see the youths be sent back and we help them establish an Americanized colony which has potential to revolutionize the country itself.

or we let the 800k stay by giving them amnesty but unlike that cuck regan actually do something that prevents more from crossing but that still doesn't address the root of the issue. The American continent has enough resources for all of its population to live decent lives.

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Who is he and why should I care?
Denmark has a prince?
Rest in piss

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Create fake accounts on facebook and twitter (perhaps other places) and pretend to be black women. Post a lot about being intersection feminists, part of BLM and Antifa. Post anti white shit, you get it. Get into the role.

Then, go after white members of Antifa, BLM and in feminists organisations for being white. Go after the males for being male. Start shit. Make them all at each others throats.

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>fake faceberg

Literally how?

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Only 11 days to go guys! who's excited for 16 years anniversary. Also who do you think did it?
>the jews?

either way americans lives were lost on that day so it should be a day of commemoration
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>he doesn't celebrate 9/11 everyday
>he only celebrates dead Amerimutts on a designated date
Flag checks out

Hi Osama
im actually a spic monkey but any way you dont have to be muslim to hate the good goyim

Why is SK literally retarded
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Well, they think they are in no danger of being attacked by the North. Its like how Canada feels about the US.
Every nation has it's traitors.
We are watching people beg for the white race to be destroyed in Europe.
I guess the Koreans have those type of people too.

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