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All of you are fags
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*most of you are fags
Shit u got me
You're forgetting about the dykes and trannies, OP. But then I shouldn't expect any better from a faggot like OP.

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Why are lesbians so jealous of Chad? They seem to be almost offended by them.
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Look at those guns! They are clearly afraid they might lose when challenging a Chad to an arm wrestling contest for his ho. :^)
Shit, would fuck the left one in a heartbeat desu

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gay general

study more - you know you should
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Man I have

I only have accounting exam left
First for body goals.
Second for relationship goals..

I'm so lonely and bitter... Am I Liz lemon?

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>masturbate at least daily
>normal cis guy
>stop masturbating
>after a few days i start wanting to be a girl
>masturbate again
>it goes away like before
T-this is normal right guys?
Does it mean that I've got a testosterone deficiency or something?

Like if it is, I'd rather get a suplement or something, cause it's getting harder and harder to fap (no pun pls).
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AGP? I understand what you mean, but I've never really had a problem feeling like this. I'm pretty sure that I'm not genuine when I feel it, I'm pretty sure it's just a sexual thing. Maybe you are the same, but you are just dwelling on it heaps?
What do you mean when you say that it's getting harder and harder to fap?
Like I used to be able to fap to literally nothing. I looked at it mostly like a chore, so I would just masturbate doing whatever I was doing before a shower, not even thinking about it.
Now it takes an extremely specific type of pornography before I can even get erect.

I hope not. The two seem sorta independant of each other, but they don't ever happen at the same time.

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>physically abusive parents, low self-esteem, hate myself
>wanted to kill myself when I was 15, go to train station late at night
>a trans woman (we'll call her V) comes out of nowhere and talks me out of it
>she holds me and hugs me and comforts me while I'm crying
>V takes me home, parents see her and freak the fuck out thinking we went out together, dad pulls a gun V is trying to talk sense into them
>I'm screaming until they listen to me, explain the situation crying
>police show up, huge scene
>parents make me check into a mental institution
>V comes to visit me, apparently parents came around and thanked her for saving me
>she ends up visiting me every day the next 3 weeks (how long I stayed)
>first person who ever really connects me with, makes me feel good about myself, makes me feel normal
>feel like I'm in love with her
>V comes to check up on me two months later
>parents being shit again, get upset at her saying that what she did was nice but she needs to stay away from our family
>she says she understands and leaves
>email her (she gave it to me in hospital), she's apprehensive but responds every now and then
>love grows to obsessive levels
>run away from home when I'm 16, call the number she gave me in case of emergencies
>she picks me up and takes me to her apartment. says she doesn't mind me staying a night but she wants me to go back to my parents or grandparents the next day, I agree
>make a move on her like a fucking idiot, she is upset and takes me home
>dad goes crazy and tells me never to speak with her again
>apologize like crazy to V in email, she says it's probably best if we don't talk because she doesn't want anything to happen to me and she doesn't want to get in trouble with anyone either since I'm underage
>stop being stupid and say I agree. crack down on schoolwork and try to fix my life, try to be better for her
>don't talk but internet stalk her for the next three years
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>get into community college at 19 (she's 26)
>i'm doing better, no longer an emotional idiot, parents have been to couple's therapy and are being less retarded, everything is better
>email V, no response for next year and a half
>start dating a girl at school
>think I'm over V but she continues to creep into my thoughts
>mutual break up with girlfriend, felt that our relationship was shallow
>check old email again
>V had responded to me months ago and I never notice
>ask to meet up and she agrees (I'm 21, she's 28 now)
>seeing her again makes me so happy I start crying
>she hugs me just like she did when I first met her, happiest day of my life
>we start talking
>can tell she's more depressed and hurting than she lets on in emails
>she had a boyfriend for a while who left her for a cis girl
>tell her I'll always be there for her, try to sound platonic and not weird her out again
>we continue spending time with each other, life feels like a dream
>get drunk one night
>she confesses that the reason that she was at that train station was because she wanted to kill herself too
>says she's a freak and no one will ever love
>confess that I love her and have always loved her and I want to be with her
>we kiss
>says it feels wrong because I'm like a little sister to her, she's into guys too
>tell her to think about it, at least let us stay friends, she says ok
>this was a few nights ago
>now posting about it on /lgbt/ because I want to tell someone

>she confesses that the reason that she was at that train station was because she wanted to kill herself too

That was immediately obvious though. What else would a trans woman who sounds like doesn't pass be doing at a train station late into the night? Especially when she immediately stopped someone who seems to have had the same idea.

Also, are you a cis girl or also trans?
Cute story, hope everything works out, OP.

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Okay so I am completely in love with anal, but it's gotta be done right, you know?

But here's my dilemma. I want to slut around so hard. That means getting pounded all over and being loose all the time.

Will I eventually lose the feeling in my anus because of this?
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>I want to slut around so hard
Here's an idea shoot yourself in the head and then have people fuck. It will never get loose and nothing of value would be lost.
u mad

HIV infection

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As a RN, the highlight of my nights, are when I get "suggestive"jokes from male patients whom are fully independent, you know, they can walk, shower, get dressed, ect all on their own. Normally they will ask something like, "Oh, will you be giving me a sponge bath today?" but said in a casual way. It goes without saying these are patient that are fully coherent and mentally aware.

If they suggest it, and I know they are sorta hung and are attractive, I'll send the nursing tech to go do other things and offer to "lighten the techs load."

Usually once the patient realizes that I'm actually going to do it, they will shy away, saying they want to wait or just decline it all together. No big deal, I'll let them be. Every so often though, I'll get that one patient that agrees to it.

Obviously I start from top down, working my way from the head to the feet. By the time I get to the stomach area, they usually clam up and start getting uncomfortable or ask to do their own genitals.

However, there are those occasions, about 5 to 6% of them time, that they'll spread their knees/thighs farther apart as I move down.

Last night, I had the best one yet! It has never gotten even kind of close to going this far.

Mr. X was about 6'2, about 250, muscular but chubby. short, almost bald silver hair, a light, neatly trimmed goatee. He was in his mid to late 50's. Married.

Usually I leave the patients completely covered, only exposing what's getting washed at that time, but this man took everything off right away. He stood there for a second before hoping into bed, placing his hands behind his head. I started to wash his face and worked down to this arms and then his chest. As I washed his chest, I looked over and saw that his penis was starting to become semi-hard. I couldn't tell how big it was, didn't look too long but it was pretty girthy, maybe the size of a toilet paper tube. And uncut, which I love.
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So, I move my washrag down to his stomach (a small beer belly), as I get closer to the bottom of his stomach, he lefts out a soft moan. I glance at his penis again, still not much more than semi-hard.

He says to me, "Do you wash any lower than the stomach?"

I reply with, "Mr. X, you're completely independent, you really didn't even need a bath in bed."

He replies with, "Ha, I actually took a shower this morning, just thought I'd give you something to do."

Me, "Well I'm happy to help."

He reaches down and grabs his cock, pulling the foreskin back.

Him, "Have you ever seen one like this? With foreskin I mean. Gotta keep them good and clean."

Like a moth to flame, my hand wraps around this man's cock and I start stroking it back and forth, very slowly. He starts moaning again. Within a few strokes, he is fully hard. He was about 7 to 8 inches long and about (maybe a little smaller) the girth of a can of coke.

Him, "Mind going a little faster?

I couldn't even reply. I have this man's fully erect dick in my hands, I can't even close my hand around it. I just starting moving faster and faster. I couldn't look away from it, I was mesmerized, hypnotized by this beautiful cock attached to this gorgeous man. I'm not sure what came over me but I just had to touch it. I removed my gloves and just kept going.

Him, "Why don't you go ahead and suck me off. You know you want to.

Me, "Uuuummmm."

My mouth literally was watering at this point. All of a sudden my professionalism came over me. He sat up on the edge of the bed hoping for me to get down on my knees and blow him, which I so desperately wanted to. I just couldn't. I grabbed the dry towel and placed it over his cock.

Me, "Listen, I am soo sorry, I just can't. These doors don't lock, your family comes in and out, the tech will be back soon. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have even let it go this far."

With that, he stood up, grabbed the towel, through it on the ground and walked away saying.
Him, "I get it, I'll finish my self off I guess.

He was so pissed, I thought he was going to turn me in. However, he was discharged this morning. When he left, he dropped off a card to the nurses station address to, "My Nurse."

In side the card it just read, "Thanks for all your help, let me know if I can ever do anything for you." AND HE LEFT HIS BUSINESS CARD IN THERE!!!

I just woke up and had to tell someone! I have the night off, and I'm about to text him, can't wait!
who took that picture?

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Why do lots of gay people feel the need to come out?

When I was 16 I told my best friend that I was gay and he just sorta said "oh that's cool, wanna play street fighter?".
In my head I was expecting to lose him and everything to be weird, to the point of having a literal anxety attack. Ever since then, I just introduced my boyfriend and people didn't seem to care.

Is it time to abolish the idea of coming out?
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Dating purposes mostly
unless you live in a shitty place, there isn't really much of a need to keep it secret anymore. i came out so i could be open about myself. there really isn't much to it, anon. either do or don't, whatever.
I don't know why I did it to this day
>live in a place where being gay is an abomination
>even liberals in the area aren't comfortable with it
>never occurred to me that I might be gay despite wanting to get fucked by dudes and watched a ton of gay porn
>finally figured out I might be gay
>super concerned and confused about my life
>tell my mother
>she's pissed but tries to control herself
we never talk about it again and we both pretend I'm straight

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There is no such thing as homosexuality.
Everyone, every single person is bisexual.
Prove me wrong
>protip: you can't.
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>Be me
>Have sex with woman twice
>zero pleasure
>Frott with male because no anal pls
>feels good man

No attraction to women and attraction to men = Gay.

It's really that simple OP.
>Have sex with woman twice
You and I are bisexual but for some people, an interpersonal relationship involves more than just the 2 involved. Some people are very complicated, have a desire to impress family/friends brainwashed low iq's, anyway whatever who cares. Not everyone's bi.

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Did any tv shows, cartoons, or anime give you LGBT related feelings when you were growing up?

I'm ftm and I always liked watching Ranma 1/2 when I was younger because he was essentially a boy trapped in a girl's body at times and didn't enjoy it.
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>watch anything with cute girls in it
>oh fuck I want to be her so bad
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reading a bunch of uri in 7th grade made me realize i was bi in 8th
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>tfw no girlifying ray

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this isn't for gays

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Feeling down about my self. Anyone want to talk?
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will ok?
Sure lol

Is anyone EXTREMELY self-conscious about their height and being around other girls because of it? I'm not even that tall, like pretty sure it's 5 ft 9 in, yet I am usually the tallest "female" in any given group.
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I feel the same way and I am 5'7
Ya I am 5'8" and I feel like a giant around girls. I guess I'd feel better if my frame also wasnt thicker and larger than theres, but it is
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You're all fine, no one under 6' can really be considered male.

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nagisa eats.gif
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Do you ever feel weird on dates when you're sitting at dinner and your guy is eating a steak and you know that you might be feeling the remnants of that steak on your cock later that night or tomorrow morning?
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Never thought about it like that. Its kind of hot.
I literally don't do dinnerdates because of this
And people say trannies are the shit posters. omg you fags are the worst.

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Are straight men a meme?
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No but straight monogamy is.

For centuries women were used only as cum deposit and baby making while the men enjoyed the superior male company

But now because of muh feminism all men are deprived of a fulfilling sexual life
It's funny how many men think pussy is a birthright. Props to the ladies who're gunning for the CEO positions and keeping their pussy game high.
the only thing depriving you of a healthy sex life is your poor interpersonal skills.

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