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I've got a question or two for all you asexual males (biologically male, MtFs too) out there. Do you just not get erections or ever masturbate? Or is it that you just do not have real interest in sex? I'm not trolling, I seriously want someone non-tumblry to explain male asexuality to me because, let's face it, males are normally very sexual.
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Yeah I'll get erections but that's it.

The whole process is just gross for me.
bump for interest
they'll all have different answers because asexuality isn't a real thing

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Why are boys so perfect? They are the pinnacle of evolution.
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Is that really the best resolution image of beautiful boys you could find? Maybe you don't love them as much as you'd like us to believe.
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Why are grills so perfect? They are the pinnacle of evolution.
Literally take ages to cook my food.
Pinnacle my arse.

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>You're almost 21 now, anon. You're probably looking at girls and thinking about partners and wives and maybe even babies. I get it. It's a lot.
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Basically my reaction when my dad told me I'm going to finish school and get a wife and have kids
>b-but I want to be the wife and give birth to the kids
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me tbqh senpai desu

My gf says she is romantically attracted to me, an average looking white cis male

But she also confessed she isn't sexually attracted to men, just women

Atleast now I can brag that during our three years together I've made her cum solely because I know how to use my junk

Should I be worried tho?
>pic semi-related
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Help me pls
>Should I be worried tho?
Most women are biscum. I would have a serious talk with her about it. If she's telling you that it is for a reason.

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I'm thinking about having a sex change entirely from Male to Female. I live in UK so will do it through NHS. Has anyone been through it and could tell me what's it like? At the moment I'm 15 but I probably won't start the process till closer to 20. Any thoughts? Pic is screen shot of part of the NHS's MtF page
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Please your keep your penis, having a penis DOES NOT MAKE YOU MALE.

Just be a girl with penis.
>I'm 15 but I probably won't start the process till closer to 20
Oh boy, are you sure you don't want to at least lower your T? Whatever those puberty blockers do. If that happened in my timeline I'd hate myself to no end.

Pls go and die. Dickgirls are but a fetish. And disgusting all the same.

15? Consider self-medding. Starting at 15 instead of 20 is saving 5 years you would waste as a male otherwise, and that's at least, since you have a better chance of passing at 15 than 20. Make the last 15 years the only ones you will spend as a male.

Look at the time table on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ossification At 15, your hips can still grow. Who knows about 20? Also I am not sure about you, but I don't think my beard was near completion until 16 or 17. Consider it.


Ask a NatSoc guy trying to get out of his "group" anything.

>Be National Socialist for at least 3/4 of entire life.
> Always knew I liked cute fem guys
>Bottled that shit up for a loooong time
>Recent life change, lost fiancee, job, house, literally crippled mentally and financially
>Living alone now, a lot of time to think...

I know I like girls, but I feel like I could only be happy protecting and loving a cute guy. I know I dont deserve it, and I've done some pretty terrible things and kept the company of men who'd, lets just say, wouldn't be to happy with my being gay.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have so many thought and emoutions going through me right now, feels unbearable. Maybe this is some kind of punishment? I still am NS, I can say that much, but everything is just so "off" now. Like none of this was supposed to happen...

And advice or comments, guys?
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Those are the people who call us degenerate...
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laughing dolls.gif
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>NatSoc ends up a massive homo
I know some NatSoc trannies.
No big deal.

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Are gay men naturally good dancers?
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Well I wish I could dance.
I either just can't or my closetness is iterfering with my supposed natural skills.
fags are

im not

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Reminder that /lgbt/ is the most hated board and that the only reason this board was created was because /b/ was sick of tranny/fag generals.
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Tbhon I think /mlp/ is probably more hated. At least I hope so.
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> hates /lgbt/
> full of trap and rate my dick threads
You guys are the real faggots
/mlp/ here
Thanks for the pic, it makes good material for cringe threads
Also yes we're probrably the most hated board, not that I mind tho ^:)

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I need help /lgbt/

My boyfriend and I finally had enough time to meet up and have his place to yourselves. We cuddled, had plenty of foreplay and kissing, and we were both in the mood. So he decided to try and give me oral...and it didn't work. He had great technique, I could tell, but I just couldn't get off. So then he tried giving me a handjob, and again, nothing worked. I was opposed to anal, seeing as I doubted I'd be hard enough to go in. We tried everything to stimulate me or get me hard but all I enjoyed doing was kissing and cuddling. I really wasn't that horny.

I felt horrible. We'd been waiting so long to do this, and he couldn't even make me cum. Thing is, for me, sex isn't even a turn-on or a fantasy. I'm a virgin, and while I've been okay with that, I wanted to try having sex with him. No matter what we did, I couldn't get off. I love him, I really do, but I'm beginning to wonder about the boundary between romance and sex. Is it possible that I'm no sexually attracted to him? Even if I wasn't, surely getting a bj would still get me off, right? I just don't understand. I feel horrible, and I care so much about him. I want out relationship to work, and even though we're both okay with what happened, I still wonder if maybe I'm just...not a sexual person.
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*this is why we have snuggling senpai
Stop masturbating for a week. If you fap too much, you lose sensitivity and drive. #fact
Are you more of the top?

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How AGP am I?
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I dunno. How AGP are you, and what do *you* mean when you say AGP?

How are you supposed to measure AGP from that? Most I could guess is you have a femdom and emasculation fetish.
What does AARP have to do with LGBT?

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lgbt bathroom debate.jpg
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I'm cis and I don't really feel like I care that nuch abut my gender. And I feel like most cis people are the same.
Do you think we just take it for granted as we're in the right bodies, or genuinely feel less affinity than trans people?
Like, if cis people woke up the other gender, do you think most of them would experience dysphoria, or be like meh?
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Yeah, if you just woke up in a different body and suddenly had to deal with everyone treating you like the other gender, it would probably be seriously upsetting. Like, once you go through the process of transitioning, it really lays bare just how important gender is in our society and how intensely different the two genders are treated.

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I have feelings for a friend of mine and I want to find out if he is gay or not.
How should I go about bringing the topic up with him? I want to make it seem fairly natural, so I can gauge his reaction before proceeding. He's fairly open-minded, as far as I'm aware, but if I approach the topic wrong or come out too quickly, he might freak out and stop talking to me.
Our school is celebrating "LGBT History Month" over February, so my current plan is to try to work this into a conversation.

Any tips or tricks for success?
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Well don't confront him directly.
Start somewhere else and slowly carry the conversation to him.

All I have is my own experience of crushing on a friend, and to summarise that would be 'me doing exactly everything I shouldn't have done for about 5 years'.

So I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what not to do.
Are you out of closet?
How close are you?
Do you have any hints that he might be gay or bi?
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>have feelings for best friend
>tell him frequently
>say rather bold things whenever i get drunk
>half of all our text conversations are just me flirting
>rest my head on his shoulder every opportunity
>sometimes even lay my head on his lap
>he puts his arm around me when i do this, sometimes plays with my hair
>likes to pat my head
>still doesn't like to admit he loves me and completely rejects any kind of relationship
i'll have him one day, but i know it'll only be on his terms

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So I've come to the assumption that I'm bisexual I guess.

I don't want to be bisexual. I HATE it. I wish to God that I could be one or the other. I look on here and I see a lot of distaste for bisexuals, and I'm not the kind of person to cheat, or to hurt anyone. In fact, I've been hurt in every relationship I've ever been in.

I'm afraid that I'll never find a guy because everyone hates bisexuals, and it's really hard (in my experience) to find masculine verse dominant gay guys. I've never bottomed, but I dream of it 24/7.

Are there places to meet guys who want a relationship? Or are they all just sex hungry man whores?
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>all the hate on here for bisexuals
Lusten, /lgbt/ is not like real life. In real life most people don't hate bisexuals. There's just something about 4chan that makes all the hatred rise to the top, don't get fooled by it. Also, there's more B than L&G combined, both here and irl, but we are just the invisible majority. Don't worry, you'll find someone if you just get out there and talk to people whom you find attractive.
I guess the problem is that I don't really go out anymore, since I don't really have a lot of friends.
Yes that is your problem.

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OG False Reality.gif
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How can I let loose and discover myself?
I see a lot of people pull off bizarre looks, lifestyles, or attitudes with confidence and comedy at their side.
I have trans feelings, but I have a hard time accepting them.
I can't help help but think it's a phase, but a lot of people have really shined as themselves in this new "phase".
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More detailed info on my situation.
>comfortable with genitalia
>had feelings since elementary
>out to everyone
>have gf
>go out dressing with her often
>posts on /soc/ frequently
>gets rated high often
>i enjoy the compliments but it's more or less to confirm that other people see me as f when in public
>similar to how I choose female accounts in chats
>not to trap or attract, just be comfortable.

another piece about me from another thread

>Identity crisis
>Have transgender feelings since 8
>become publicly out at 16 to my mom
>get things started at around 19 (present)
>mom keeps thinking it's a phase
>says she doesn't really see it in me
>it starts to get into my head
>well, maybe i don't see it either?
>i'd always liked girly things, played girl characters, drew women, etc.
>but on the outside or as most people know me I was rather masculine, a confident boy
>i didn't dislike being the confident boy
>wonder if this is just a phase..
>could it just be AGP?
you will feel as yourself.
Spoilers: AGP isn't actually a real thing.

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I'm from Bogota, Colombia. A big tourist destination for people worldwide with high inflation rate (so it's cheap for foreigners).

I've met some guys who've told me I'd be a good escort. I'm young, good looking, and a fluent English speaker.

I was wondering /lgbt/'s opinion on doing escort work. I'd be paid pretty well as long as I get the attention and marketing necessary. I'd be independent.
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If you want the money and you don't mind selling your dignity, whatever. Why do you want us to tell you that you're worthless anyway and should just get the money if that's what you really want? Just do it, retard.

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