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Long I know but help

>be male
>as a little kid (3-6 years old) complain about not being a girl
>found toys for boys boring and would love to play dress up (makeup included) with female friends
>forget about that after a while
>convince my parents to let me have long hair
>as a teen would occasionally wear girl clothes and makeup
>could pass as a girl with no problems
>had no issues wearing boys' clothes or being referred to as a boy though
>in fact always identified as male
>as puberty's and growing older's effects became noticeable on my body I stopped dressing like a girl in public because I didn't look good and it was hard to find girl clothes my size anyways
>still occasionally do it when I'm at home
>dont get pleasure or anything out of it, they're just clothes to me (dresses are comfy as fuck)
>learn what AGP is
>but I never got any sort of arousal by dressing or thinking of me as a girl so I don't think that's it
>when horny I sometimes reach for my dick but sometimes I reach for my perineum where a vag would be
>don't even notice I do this most of the times
>I'm gay and I much prefer topping because being a bottom never felt good for me
>never felt any sort of dysphoria at all
>have a fixation for androgynous looks but it's not sexual. I'm not attracted to feminity or the idea being feminized at all
>sometimes I'm naturally masculine, sometimes I'm naturally feminine
>I don't feed the need to transition nor I would want to go through it
>I dislike snowflake labels but as much as I hate to admit it I feel like some of them apply to me
>then again lots of them are so vague that they may apply to most people anyways
>I'm male, I know I'm male and I don't think that feeling feminine from time to time makes me female or not male
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>never felt any sort of dysphoria at all
>I'm male, I know I'm male and I don't think that feeling feminine from time to time makes me female or not male

Congratulations, you are a cis, gay male, who enjoys some crossdressing on the side.
what makes you think you are trans?

>I'm male, I know I'm male and I don't think that feeling feminine from time to time makes me female or not male
yeah, every mtf knows that they are born male. how do you feel about your male body? any things you dislike/like?
>never felt any sort of dysphoria at all
>I don't feed the need to transition nor I would want to go through it
Why the fuck are you posting? I could understand if you weren't feeling dysphoria and weren't sure about transition, but you're telling us you *don't want to transition*. How the fuck can you be transgender if you don't want to change your gender? That's the whole fucking point of being transgender!

I literally can't stop watching sissy hypnosis videos and fantasizing about being a ts porn star. Am I just a deviant porn addict or do I actually have a real desire to be a woman?
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I don't want to be transgender though, especially if I won't be able to stop myself from being a huge slut
Why do you watch sissy hypnosis videos?
Why do you fantasize about being a ts porn star?
Are you happy being a guy?
Do you want to be a woman?

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How does homosexuals feel about football/soccer?
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d'aww, it looks like theyre kissing
Don't carreeee
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Even if you don't like the sport, how could you not watch it for the players

What /lgbt/ think of the Azerbaijan?
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I don't get the joke
But Azerbaijan has a cool flag
there was a tripfag named alg (a gay algerian whos living in france) who were homoposting in /int/
then azeri anon's crane bantz happened that triggered him a lot
And why the 8

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So were they abused as kids or what?
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I was raped :^/
Hopefully. It's sexier that way
I doubt it. I was never abused.

Good tidings to you, citizens of /lgbt/. I trekked across the vast countryside to your little hamlet to offer you hope.

Not four moons prior, I had received a message from a friend via pigeon, that this odd little settlement was in need of medical treatment.

So, commoners, farmers and slaves alike, please, tell me what ails you, and I will propose to you one of my many proven alchemical and surgical solutions.
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Well, I guess my offer goes untaken. I'll let the thread die and then make the trek back across the countryside then.

I hope you can find peace in these dark times
and i'll herp and i'll derp and i'll blow your house down
Cure my raging faggotry, Jerry.

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Okay, /lgbt/, how important are looks to you?
Be honest, don't be rude, and tell us what you think of your own looks.
Also state gender and sexuality.
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Unless you're a 3/10 or below, you're still in the game.

Munters can't be choosers. Cis fag.

My looks are very important to me, incredibly so. I strongly believe ugly people should not date. It's gross. I'm hardly above average though. Maybe a 5-6/10?

Other people's looks I care about too EXCEPT that for some reason everyone looks attractive to me. Especially if they're kind to me. So if you're not mean or morbidly obese I'm probably way attracted to you.

So I don't date and will die alone because I feel too ugly to date anyone even though I'm pretty average. I wish I were joking.
well my fetish is fat guys but ive dated a twinkish otter guy before so i guess not very important both on the basis of classical attractiveness being not my preference and not strictly adhering to that preference anyways. nice faces are a plus though

im a straight tranny, so basically i look like a horrific alien monstrosity

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I came to terms with being a faggot recently but not long enough to be in a relationship and have a question then back to best board

>is it always the same person pitching or do you mix it up
Each time?

I don't want to get stuck with the same thing over and over
just cuz I didn't know

Any other advice is appreciated I know nothing of the actual interactions and I have little human experience all I know is that I'm attracted too guys
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you don't have to have anal sex just because you're gay. many of our fellow faggots never have anal sex.

but if you do decide to have anal sex, then i recommend that you top, and never bottom.

the reason? the ratio of bottoms to tops is about 2:1. you will be in higher demand if you never bottom. if you consider yourself a top, but have bottomed even once, then guys will joke that you're not a top at all.
Here is a crazy idea.

You could also just do what you enjoy instead of attempting to optimize your tastes in any direction that gets you laid the most.
This is a bad place to ask this sort of question, the people here think they are the position they enjoy and have no desire to mix it up.
They also think that either position is so closely related to bdsm, that they are calling a top a dom and a bottom a sub, and there's nothing that can exist outside of this.

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pic related
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the wang's hunter
the wang's caller

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Probably still won't. I've been HRT for years and out at work without really talking about my gender. Out at school and basically everywhere but hone. Late 20s and live my dad still.

But I haven't come out to him or he rest of my family. They must all know, probably. Unless they're in hardcore denial. But anyway I feel like I can't just open my mouth and tell them. What's wrong with me? This is getting to be painful.
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tell us about your family

if I can come out to fundies anything can happen
Have you had any indications that they know? Have they noticed your changes from hormones at all?
I'd talk with a therapist to figure out strategies for getting over your fears.

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Tom Gun.jpg
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Why haven't you done it, /lgbt/? The world is getting worse and the future for us is looking pretty bleak. What keeps you alive?
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It's could've been worse, I could've lived in the 60s.

Future has never looked better for us
>the future for [LGBT] is looking pretty bleak
Where are you posting from? Russia? Uganda? Some other third-world shithole?

>the future for [civilized humanity] is looking pretty bleak
Well, when you put it like that... I can't really argue.

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Sorry gay boys, but I'm not interested. I just tried the anal sex thing, to see what the fuss is about. Good entering the other guy, but being entered? Not good at all. Burns way too much. Ended up clocking the guy in the face, that was how mad I was. Not too hard, he's alright.

I'm just wondering, everyone has been ranting and raving about it, but what's the point of sticking dicks up other guys' butts if you can do the same with a woman in both the ass and a better lubricated hole and you can get a burning feeling much easier by ordering some curry? What's the deal? Doesn't make sense if you ask me.

I'll keep my gay to 2Ds who look like girls honestly, real stuff is just too much of a hassel.
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Dont ask us

Ask straight ppl into anal

Thats the real mystery


good for you


were not attracted to them?

>it doesnt make sense to me

i lean on the side of nature not nurture
I just want to know the appeal of anal

So im a privileged white male whos racist becuz i say "not all white people", "white ppl get bullied too", "your not being helpful by being hostile"?
Ok... explain why? also explain to me why becuz someone is white but still poor they are considered privileged? cuz if a white person grows up with a deadbeat parent in the ghetto and no money to his name and has to walk 2 hours to his school everyday he's still considered privileged?

like i get the point of some of these that the plight of a few white ppl does not give one the right to say #alllivesmatter but how does telling someone that they are a privileged racist, when the only act of racism they have ever committed is being white, make them want to help you? Idk personally i feel like it breeds more enemies to your cause than it does help ur situation and just makes white ppl want to help u less
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my bad will post this there instead
File: 1017080.jpg (20KB, 297x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Its OK you are not privelaged since you are a faggot.
Also the privelaged works over the not so unreasonable unassumption that people in power want other people like them to work for and succeed them. You don't see white presidents in Ethiopia

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Answer me this, /lgbt/: will I ever obtain my burly bf? I'm tired of being alone. I want someone to converse with and interact with and whom I can hug and cuddle and sex exclusively, as well as confide in on a deep level.
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just download growlr
that's how i got mine
File: barabf.png (853KB, 601x601px)Image search: [Google]
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Firstly, I know - yes, know - that I will never find a true bf on hook-up apps or dating sites, mainly because most people are looking for sex, or basing their decisions on appearance alone. Honestly, I believe to this day that the best bf I could find would be on an imageboard, or, barring that, some other internet site (a forum) based around a common interest (I exclude real life because one, I have no friends, and two, the statistics of finding a gay person IRL are simply tiny).

Second, I once downloaded Growlr, just to flirt and satiate my fappenings. In my area, every single guy on Growlr is a disgusting morbidly obese person, a sleazy scumbag from across the Mexican border, and ugly fat Latinos (I live in a border city, unfortunately) that act like women.

I may be a spic, but I have standards. I want my white burly bf.

I had an ex-bf (internet bf) from /r9k/: I'd like something like him again (except, of course, that he won't break up with me).
oh thats tii bad i found tons of guys who werent into hookups there including my now bf

u should move if you live near spicland but most whites want white bfs desu

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Please, help a cis guy out.

I tried, but I just can't take transgender people seriously. Obviously I won't be an asshole and call one by the wrong name/pronoun, but when I'm not around them I can't help but find this mentality silly and confusing. Let me explain:

First, I don't understand why is it so hard to just call biological males men, and biological females women. They're just definitions, they shouldn't mean anything other than state what chromossomes do you carry (and the body traits that come with it).

But ok, say that "man" and "woman" are just a social construct. At first I didn't understand this very well, but then I realized this makes sense, since we could say that a "man" is someone who abides with a set of rules and standards imposed by the society over the ages. If a male doesn't act upon these rules (only wears feminine clothing, has a soft voice, likes girly stuff, etc) he could be considered a woman.

I though I had finally gotten it! If it was this simple, everything would have been solved. Then I learned about tomboy trans women. Biological males who identify as female, but don't have typically feminine characteristics, and because of this struggle to be taken seriously, since they are often recognized as men.

So, if a "woman" is not something defined by their genitalia/chromossomes, nor their tastes, nor their behavior, then what is it? If I can dress "like a man", act "like a man" and say that I'm a woman, what the hell is a man and a woman? The "I identify as an Attack Helicopter" joke may look stupid for you, but it's exactly how I see this. It's like saying that is right to call a chocolate chip cookie "cracker" just because the package said it was a cracker.

I'm probably tormented by this just because I don't have any transgender friends/relatives, so I'd love if someone here came with a good explanation to clear my doubts.
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BTW, notice that I dislike gender roles and I'm all for people being free with their choice of living, I just don't get people changing the meaning of words at their own will and expecting people to follow their new "rules" even when they make no sense. It just makes unnecessary confusion.

And yes, I know the difference between sex and gender.
watch an episode of Ru Paul's drag race, or doll yourself up and see how addictively fun it is. Trans is a mental illness. We need more FEMBOYS in this world and less trannies.

You got man bones, bitch. You a MAN. But it's so fun, it's too fun. You know why people get the lisp? Why gay men turn into sluts? Drag. Drag is the answer. Watch that.

People become transgender because they're truly trans ( less than 1% of the time.... ), and 99% they do it because, admit it you love acting and looking like a woman.. ie drag.
But it's different. If it's just for fun, everyone knows and will tell that it's a dude under all that makeup.

But If I call a MtF trans a dude, and use "he" when refering to him (even when it clearly shows masculine traits), some people will go all "SHE'S A WOMAN YOU HOMOPHOBIC PRICK. NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE PUSSIES. CHECK YOU PRIVILEGE"

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