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Hey /legusbootshoes/

I'm 20 and a fucking nutjob. I need to start coding. time is no problem,, i'm neet,

i need some recommended books to help get me going. or things on the webs that will be of good use.

There is no more outside...fuck that place.
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You're going to be a shit programmer. But I recommend picking either java or C, and reading discrete mathematics and it's applications by Kenneth Rosen, data structures and algorithm analysis by Clifford Shaffer (C or java), learn you a Haskell for great good for an intro to a functional language (will help with C), learn x86 assembly and understand bitwise operations and masking.

Still though, it will be very hard for you to get a job at a fortune 500 company without a degree.

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trigender engineer.png
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Genders are fake

go fuck yourself femi cunts

it has been made up as a goddamn hoax on Tumblr

You suckers are too dumb to realize that those genders were fictional Stories told by douchebags
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If you're going to bait, then at least try harder.

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>You will never sniff your bfs fuzzy butt because you have no bf
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Eating your boyfriends ass before crawling up to make out with him is the epitome of showinf physical attention to a man.

Any ass works too. Im partial to hairy full asses (some muscle or some fat, or better yet, both), but twink lovers, get that tight smooth ass you want too. We should all unite under the gay sun and eat him out. Do it for him.
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>Tfw no straight man bf that I can sniff his poo all day.
I like beingin public bathrooms with hot guys and being in their presence while they do their business. Hearing them fart, piss, and a little bit of smelling their fart too. Does anyone else have a fetish like this?

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I love jrbuss

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>pass great w/o mones
>hrt would greatly help
>not sure if cool with hrt for the rest of my life

is there a point where the effects are permanently set and I can get off hrt?
or at least reduce my dosage
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you can stop spiro once you get your balls removed, but you'll need a source of estrogen for most of your life. it can be less since it doesn't need to compete with T+spiro.
Whether or not you will look good later on in life is an uncertainty. Some win, some lose.

so many people tell me to get on hrt, and i know i should
and i know i'm trans
but i worry constantly about fertility and functionality.

i know i can bank sperm, but the banks we've looked into here are expensive

just hope i'm not trading a healthy lifestyle for vanity, you know?

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Blue is the Warmest color.jpg
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What does /lgbt/ think of this show?
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it's a movie. I liked it. I also like that it pissed off the original author and tumbler users.
I watched all beastly three hours in a movie theatre and then immediately went into a bathroom stall and blew my load in under ninety seconds.


Yeah why did it do that exactly?
"objectification of women"
"too pornographic"
"pussy labia are too short and therefore body-shame women with long labia."

i dont think most of them are lesbians though. probably "queer" or some made up orientation. most lesbians i know like the movie.

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Okay, bi cismale here

So I don't like girls who are feminine but I'm not saying I like fugly bull dykes either. But the an amount of femininity is just disgusting IMO

What is this called?

>tfw no qt bi tomboy gf
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you make no sense motherfucker
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Pretty Girl.jpg
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that's a feminine lesbian female you idiot
I know what you mean. Girly girls with loads of makeup and fake nails make me want to be sick.

I'd fuck Cara though.

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How badly does FtM sex reassignment surgery suck? I've heard MtF surgery isn't that bad and that their vaginas are basically the same as those of cis women, but I'm sure that a penis is more complicated than a meat hole to recreate. Does it suck even if you're a bottom?
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>How badly does FtM sex reassignment surgery suck?
A lot. I can't post any pics because lolblueboard, but I'm sure if you looked around the internet you could find some.

>I've heard MtF surgery isn't that bad and that their vaginas are basically the same as those of cis women
lolno. It's getting closer, and some surgeons make it pretty close to the real thing, but for most it's still noticeably different.
I would not say that FTM SRS sucks "a lot." I would say that it's a matter of perspective and individual circumstance. Can surgeons create a 100% cis-identical penis? No, but not every trans guy NEEDS a cis-identical penis to alleviate their dysphoria and complete their transition.

Only within the past decade or so have surgeons started figuring out what works best, and are still in the process of developing techniques and technology. Things have started ramping up even more within the past couple of years as more and more trans people get access to surgery. Results are just getting better and better as surgeons do more research and complete more surgeries. There were some ugly years back there but they are by and large behind us (unless you go to a hack surgeon of course).

I want phalloplasty for myself and in my research I've seen a LOT of pictures of phallo dicks. I've seen obviously-botched dicks, I've seen slightly-odd-looking dicks, I've seen very convincing cis-looking dicks. It's a developing technology and results vary a lot depending on surgeon and technique and lots of other factors. But I know that personally speaking I would be very happy to have a dick like (most of) the ones I've seen in my research.

tldr: it's a personal thing that varies from person to person.
>How badly does FtM sex reassignment surgery suck?
Absolutely fucking awful.
Two surgery options, both suck.
First one is the cheaper one, where they make a micropenis out of the clitoris (extended due to testosterone, but still pretty small). It can get hard on its own but it's tiny and can't penetrate shit.
Option two is they take a graft of skin from your arm or thigh and make a big dick with it. They stick a rod in it and put a pump in the balls so you can get hard, but it looks pretty horrifying.

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>haven't drank any alcohol in 4 months
>buddy invited me to go out tonight to a gay bar
>don't know if I should go due to various reasons

My ex moved to an apartment right in front of the gay bar and goes there every weekend so he will probably be there aswell as old friends that I really don't talk to anymore

Should I go? It's his birthday and he wants me to drink with him but I can't handle my drinks well
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It's his birthday dude, just go and have a good time.
If you can't handle you're alcohol, just get something that isn't alcohol.
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I'm drunk yaaaaasssss bitch [SCREAMING ]
I'm at some gay place, should I suck some dicks? Lmao

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>This is literally what 99% of MtF transsexuals look like.
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I cannot actually "prove" anything without devoting substantial effort and time to researching this topic, but obviously neither can you. However, most MTF trans people I've seen pictures of do not have beards, so it would seem to be a reasonable conclusion (at least until new evidence becomes available) that the typical MTF does not have a beard.
We all know it's bait. But thank you for your reply. Made me kek.
No buddy, the burden of proof lies with you.

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Can you not just leave him alone faggots?
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Go for it John!
/pol/ is tsundere for him. I ship them now. I need fan art.

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I diddled my ass for the first time tonight with a vibrating toothbrush shoved inside a plantain with a rubber on it.

It felt amazing but I don't want to fuck a dude. I don't want my roommates to get curious and it'll be shady af keeping all these plantains but never eating them. I don't even know how to cook them

What should I look for in buying proper butt toys? Also just general butt advice would be appreciated
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>a fucking plantain
File: 1445360220400.jpg (17KB, 534x402px)Image search: [Google]
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Ask how to cook your butt plantains on /ck/, please

Then link the thread here

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Givd me one reason being gay is a choice
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When people say being gay is a choice, they aren't saying you can choose who you're attracted to.
They're saying you can choose who you fuck.

You willingly choose to fuck dudes, which makes you gay. If you chose not to fuck dudes, and instead fuck only dudettes, even if you didn't like it, then for all intents and purposes you'd be straight.
Back off faggot
No, they are usually saying you choose to be gay. You must live in a bubble.

>a girl near me expresses interest in another girl
>ask if they're lesbian or bi
>"neither" they say
>I ask them to clarify
>they explain that they're "polysexual"
Why does this make me so fucking angry.
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Look on the bright side. At least she isn't sexually attracted to pans.
Here OP, a typical "poly/multi/omnisexual" growth chart.

>I like girls too, I guess I'm bi
>Being bi is sooo transphobic and they're all poser sluts anyway, I'm pan now
>I'm better than those SJW lunatics AND bis, better call myself poly and then chimp out or come up with something new when people confuse it for polyamory
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Polysexual is so last week. all the new hip Tumblristas are identifying as "Inclusexual" now. It means that I am an all inclusive spirit and include all genders in my sexual attraction portfolio.

Pic related. Its our new flag. It represents our total inclusiveness of all ranges of the spectrum of colors (that a metaphor for genders).

Hello /lgbt/.

I am a quite feminine, bisexual male and have been thiking of ways to tell nature to fuck off and stop my body from ruining my appearance post-25.

Found this site. Anyone here knows if their products legit?


Pic kinda related, I look like that.
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good job me, retard grammar in the original post.

Just go ask /femgen/ and Trans Help General about anti-androgens and hormones.
They'll sort you out.
No need to make a whole new thread for this.

Thanks for the advice.

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