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what do I tell my barber if I want a cut like this
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A noose
"Just fuck my shit up senpai"
>"make me look like I'd buy cum as moisturizer"

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What are your thoughts on chains? Not necessarily comically good chains, but just chains in general.
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realy makes you put the pussy in a sarcophagus
I wear my father's gold chain that's not too thick or long, purely because it looks good when wearing a button down.
Nigger accoutrements

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Should I bleach my hair blonde luke Spike from Buffy and start wearing a trench coat?
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do it and post pictures please
oh my god fucking kill yourself PLEASE
No thanks anon

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File: the-rum-diary.jpg (112KB, 800x532px)Image search: [Google]
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sleaze please
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/fa/ is a fashion board. This post does not belong here.
I love that this single image has become somewhat of a de facto symbol of sleaze-core because it's just such an incredible photo.
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Javier as Chapo.jpg
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Smocaine 3 was a goldmine for sleaze-core fits

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My city is flooding. What is the most /fa/ thing you can wear during massive rains/floods?

Recommend raincoats, boots, ponchos, etc
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Waterproof jumpsuits/hazmat suits ofc
Swim ring loli is supremely /fa/
A Supreme raft

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mara hoffmann_0.jpg
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Best way to stain my finger tips? Want to try it for Halloween but I might make it a continual thing.

>I'm a guy
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Is this a thing? Have you tried frostbite?
wood stain.
I think she has said she uses hair dye

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He's in Russia, try there!
Rich the Kid
Look for wildly overpriced gaudy brands OP. I'm sure you'll find it there.

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Kanye rothco ripoff.png
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he's not even trying to be sublte about it anymore, these are straight ripoffs
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the originals, for reference
Took you 5 seasons to realize this?
he still creates shit while you shitpost on /fa/ though

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How do I pull this off?
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Perfect timing. She released a new music video where models are wearing it while dancing.
You love transexuals?
wey dey wear dey pants wey dey good wey dey black wey dey sock

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Hey you guys know what I really want in my shoe materials? Something that gets dirty very easily and is also difficult to clean, despite the fact that shoes are the one piece of clothing most in contact with dirt and grime. It would also be nice if it could instantly be ruined through contact with the liquid that comprises 75% of the planet. And I know this last one is a bit far fetched, but I would love it if this material didn't photograph great so it always looks different in person than it does in product shots.

Anybody know of such a mystery material? It would make my life a lot easier if every fucking shoe manufacturer used this on all of their products.
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Faux leather
Anything from alibaba
Thanks dawg now I just have to work on getting all these shitty materials to market.
Yeah you nailed it in your pic. It's called suede. It doesn't like the elements, takes constant upkeep, and doesn't like camera flashes either.

The song should go
>Don't step on my blur suede shoes, cuz they'll be fuckin ruined.

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What am I ordering?
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better taste
Lel @ biting Kanye merch style
File: 1494909611820.png (48KB, 137x134px)Image search: [Google]
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>$45 bucks for a shirt You could get on redbubble or some shit for $25

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Alpha vs gay.jpg
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Prove me wrong
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You're wrong
but that's a subjective opinion you retard
Hugh Jackman is much better looking than the other guy, so all this really proves is face > literally everything else

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Heading to the Amazon rainforest, tried making this thread before but didn't get a lot of replies

Jungle effay/inspiration thread
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Is 80s Axl /fa/? What happened to this aesthetic?
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rise of jeans so fucken low, look like girl jeans
Nah that look is so derivative
Shit band with an asshole lead singer

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