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Fit rate thread! Rate other anons fits, suggest on how they can improve them and post yours.
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Here's the template
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7/10. Basic but good. Nice shoes. Good bracelets.

I'm not really into bags but I really like yours. I also love the shirt.

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Just a reminder you're all worthless and have no meaning to your lives
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>implying I wear logo shirts
Just a reminder you're a huge faggot
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What are some watches that look like this? But...
A) Aren't extremely rare
B) Not over $500
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whys your arm made out of wood
It's a long story...
casio worldtime or whatever?

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How do you feel about chains?
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every man should wear a gold or silver one as it gives you something to protect
If you are attempting to give it to a girl, don't wait more than 1 month to hand it to her. Ideally this should occur on a full moon. Make sure to wrap it in brown paper (if she has short hair, the wrapping isn't necessary).

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Sup /fa/, it has recently come to my attention that I dress "like a douchebag". Pic related is what I normally wear casually and I wear standard slacks/polo/belt/dressshoes to work.
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The only good thing about that fit are the shoes.
Muscle tees make anyone look like a douche unless you are literally in the process of working out.
Stop wearing sleeveless anything unless you're in the middle of working out or know what you're doing (you don't)
Those shorts are fine but shorts in general easily can cross the line into tacky/douchey, mix some pants into your fits
Don't wear autism shoes

Who else here going for the Drive aesthetic?
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In going for that Indiana Jones aesthetic
Same dude.
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Get on my level boys.

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A question to those who've worked retail, specifically for clothing and brands you like, is it worth it?

I enjoy incorporating fashion into my lifestyle, I like sharing my knowledge to others, I'm reasonably sociable, and there's the appeal of employee discounts, but I'm wondering if it's all worth it? Dealing with bad hours, bad pay (usually), and stupid, humorless costumers and coworkers. I'm asking because I have an opportunity to work for a smallish brand I like (a suit company), but it's a good distance away from me. I also don't want to quit or be fired and have a bad mark on my resume AND lean to hate the place in the meantime.

Any and all experiences are welcomed information.
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I am a retailcuck, and if you have the mental health for it I'd say go for it if you have nothing else. I would love a comfy quiet job at a cellphone retail place though.
does anyone have any experience in luxury retail? i have some sales experience selling high-end sporting goods but i'm somewhat interested in applying to some fashion luxury retail shops, honestly largely because of the discount on the clothes. i don't know if my experience would be sufficient as 'luxury retail' but i'd probably bullshit it into looking like it on a resume. saint laurent, balenciaga, dior, or something along those lines is what i'm looking at

thanks for any info
fuck off ragheb

>Anon, what are you wearing?
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Nothing *unzips*
Dont you have fucking eyes?
Tricky r-ricky haha

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hey /fa/ where can i cop this jacket?
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dean blunt is goat
but lets be real this nigga most likely thrifts so hit up a goodwill
>this nigga most likely thrifts so hit up a goodwill
damn that's what i was afraid of

Are flare jeans in style? Can you pull thrm off in some way?
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take a nap OP, eat a snickers or something
i have a pair, i look like a faggot while wearing them but they are maximum comfy so it's worth it.

i also own only 3 pants so i'm kind of forced to wear them

Is being in a fight club effay?
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can you believe that movie came out 25 years ago?
You scared me for a few seconds.
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I dig the "just got the shit beat out of me" look

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hi /fa/
how to be a hipster?
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listen to /fa/
File: hesevegecuck.jpg (98KB, 978x652px)Image search: [Google]
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Be an ugly, balding, skinny fat, manlet, nu-male cuck.
haha you're so edgy

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File: DSC_0749.jpg (410KB, 1545x2365px)Image search: [Google]
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not good

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w2c jeans that fit like this
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I have a pair of vintage guess jeans that fit like that. It's uncomfortable having them hug your calves so tight.
I need these. thick thighs ruin other jeans.
i been wearing skinnies exclusively since like high school so im completely used to that haha

File: 20170829_163141.jpg (1MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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How do i fix this?
I love my gats and im really bummed out. Please help me out.
>inb4:haha youre fucked
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haha you're fucked

You can't even replace the soles on these lel
if you still have the missing chunk you can just glue it back in with a very small amount of super glue.

if not then idk what to tell you my man. maybe inlay some sort of plasticine and then sand it down to fit the profile.
>I love my GATs
It's called falling for the GAT meme. Happens to everybody

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