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LV cigarette case

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Absolutely not.
0 United States Dollars and 0 cents.

Don't be 'that guy'. It's absolute trash.

ay ay ay dio' mio that is some ugly piece of shit

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How do I pull these off as a guy?
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start succing dicc, and always give ur boipucci for free
be short

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was copernicus ahead of his time?

what is this haircut called?
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The "did you just assume my gender"
the copernicus
more like the "did you just assume that the earth is the centre of solar system"

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Yo Can anyone tell me what kind of Nike's these are? Found them at an op shop for $12 just Tryna figure out what they are
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Lewinski 558s
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Open shoe
Look at tag
Enter this info on google or Nike site

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Brag about yo' new shit
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SISP beanie/mask combo
fuck off amed
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new yohji hakamas and some other yyph wide leg pants with a sash detail

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is lululemon /fa/?
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Is the most queer, not /fa/. Is just snob, there is cooler for less $ and there is cooler for more $$ too. Just a annoying meme brand for bay area dumm dumms
They're really good, little expensive lots of their products have this cool antimicrobial stitching so you don't stink when you sweat excessively. Additionally comfy af.

Also if you have any wear and tear on any of their products they will replace it for you.
sick contributions bro.

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how much of fashion is ironic?
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Most, at least right now.
All of it

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Just ordered these. How fucked am I?
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lmao it will literally make you look like you have some french vixen on your feet with some bullshit ass fetish corset you would only see in cabarets or dumbass bullshit spaghetti western movies worn by damsels in distress aka the tavern wenches no joke if i see you wearing these im going to kick open the saloon door avoiding not to get hit tie you up abduct you then leave you on the rails watching u getting cut in half just refund it if you can
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i think monkey boots can look nice with the right fit but i'm not so keen on the chunky profile on these. looks like something that will only work with vintage/heritage/workwear styles
Best Red Wings I've ever seen OP; good job. Also, in addition to meore ordinary everyday fits, I think they'd almost certainly look good with futuristic cyberpunkish-type outfits

What is the mens equivalent of the current in style 1970s looks?
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leisure suit?
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rick jagster.jpg
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I'm intruiged by this style but by no means an expert. After some rudimentary googling I'm thinking that you basically just do slimmer versions of 70s clothes.

Mick Jagger, Marvin Gaye, Walt Frazier, and Steve McQueen were pretty stylish in the 70s, and not too outlandish to be irrelevant today. I think if you are pretty confident you could get away with platform boots.

I also like magnum PI for style influence.

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polar bear.png
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Are flip-up shirts /fa/?
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Not if you're fat af.
kind of brilliant
what a way to show off your abs in public

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Looking for a nice backpack that i could put patches on, any recommendations?
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Get a cheap ass jansport.
frost river or Duluth pack.
Both brands are made in Duluth, Mn and will last forever

What are some good /mallcore/ jeans to check out? I've been wearing H&M's slim low jeans forever, however after a year they always shrink up to shit and look very faded. I was debating out trying out some of AE's slim fits.

Pic related.
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gap makes good denim better than either of those other two
I forgot about Gap, I'll check out their fits thank you!

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Post things you anticipate to buy soon

Navy Striped Polo
Nike Tennis Classics
Black Slim Shorts
Low Cut Black Leather Boots
Boxer briefs
No-Show Black/White Socks
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a gf

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How should I dress to achieve the cafe racer aesthetic?
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Step 1: dont be fat or a manlet
Step 2: get reasonably /fit/
Step 3: Watch movies/look at photos of the dominant time period of this fashion.
Braindead anon
But what brands and stuff
Buy a proper sportbike and lrn2ride

Become a squid and acquire hoes

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How does he keep getting away with it
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le black eccentric genius manlet
what is a tailor

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