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Can I get a rating?
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Not sure if this is you or not but you're effay only on that roof top and nowhere else. Need to stop wearing so much blue
are those blundstones?

if so it almost matches my style, so i tell you to quit it. i like my style and want to be unique.
greenscreen / 10

What does /fa/ think of the new pg1 shoe?, I recently copped it for cheap because I got access to the Nike Employee store.
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They don't look awful.
It depends on what you plan to wear with it. Show us how you would wear them.

They look nice, but there are better colorways. Shame for the traction, means I can't ever use them outside
?????????arent these kobes

What jacket is this?
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a fictional one
The director focused on realism, modeling the weapons after real guns. There must have been real uniforms.
read the sticky newfag

What the fuck happened to fashion?
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went to shit obv

but it's all cycles so when bernie is president we will all be looking like pic related again
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haha nice

also rec me a good site to buy patches (europe)
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javla hora...

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Last thread: >>12305515
Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted (Our hearts go out to you, froggo)


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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>refute this
did you see the posters pinned comment?

[FOR CLARIFICATION] I’ll admit there are points in here that I didn’t communicate very well, so just to quickly clarify:
- -
1) The point is NOT “calories don’t matter, so eat whatever you want”
2) Despite the overly “in your face” nature of the video intro, the main point was that there are other things you should track instead of calories (namely your macros - protein/fat/glucose/fructose), as it would be much more useful information
3) What is important rather than calories for determining weight gain/loss is the hormones (and levels thereof) your body produces in response to the food you eat. Your body reacts very differently to different macronutrient/micronutrient compositions.

■Also, I am most definitely not saying that the first law of thermodynamics is wrong. It is a scientific law. I am saying it is not relevant (or at the very least not sufficient ) to explaining how the body processes food and stores fat. If you want to understand a copper vessel, use thermodynamics. If you want to understand the body, use biochemistry and endocrinology.
- -
I think it was Gary Taubes who put it like this: The thing about CICO is that you’re essentially saying something like “The lecture hall is full because there are more students coming in than there are students coming out” - this is obvious and not worthwhile information. What you would like to know is why are the students in there? Is there a particularly interesting lecture? And if there are more students leaving than staying, what is causing that? Did the lecturer make an off-putting comment?
wen u see dis, slam a big ol glass of water in memory of froggo

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the devil himself.jpg
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I want to look like the devil himself has taken control of my fits - how should I dress?
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full rick
Hot topic

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Let's get a /samspo/ thread rolling.
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i really hope that guy is wearing that shirt unironicly
"that guy" is sam hyde and yes it's ironic
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sammy mde.jpg
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this fit is amazing. it is a masterpiece

The top hat is an oxymoron; it represents the upper class gentleman but is also representative of the navy and the sea, and the poor dockhands and sailors who slaved for their masters. Sam is a master of subtle imagery.

The pink hair is obviously referencing punk fashion, which was a lower class anti establishment movement, which again contrasts with the top hat that represents the aristoracy.

The crufifix hanging near the ripped shirt represents the loss of christianity and the materialism in this era. The Crucifix, with an image of a starved and thin Jesus, is immediately contrasted with the exposed corpulent belly of Sam. Again, the 69 symbol on the shirt also represents Hedonism and Sexual decadence against Christianity.

The Flannel under the shirt also represents the working class, rural american, which is Contradicted with the blazer worn on top. This blazer is also a deep social Statement, the yellow representing the Chinese, and the black representing Africa, which signals the mass moving of Chinese companies and corporations into Africa.

What makes the outfit perfect;however, is the blue bow tie situated on the left collarbone. Bow ties, commonly used most in formal settings, are a contradiction to the informal attire.

Sam Hyde is a master of fashion, and should be ranked with all the other greats of fashion like Rick Owens and Raf Simons.

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mesopotamian dating.png
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Yo /fa/malams, where do I cop some nice, fairly slim grey melange sweatpants? Surprisngly hard to find unbranded ones with decent fit and quality that don't cost an arms and a leg.
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no ones answering you cause youre a idiot newfag making a stupid thread for stupid question..

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who is he and where he from?
i seen him posted before

also general inspo thread
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Russia, his name is Sasha (I assume)
His instagram is @sashadidntwakeup
some inspo :-)
thanks dawg

his tats are fuego

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what did Future mean by this...
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looking exotic is a good song, this verse def caught my attention. he obviously meant those designers costed him $200,000 you blind fuck
Damn m9 future the GOAT b2b releases

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hey guys is irony still cool in clothing? thinking of buying this funny shirt
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It was never cool
The only people who ever thought that dressing ironically was cool were people who dressed ironically.

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>waste all your money on clothes
>still feel like your wardrobe's garbage
>still feel like you don't really impress anyone
>live in fear people will find out how much time and money you spend on clothes
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>waste all your money on clothes
>you still ugly af
>start caring about how i dress
>start noticing people staring at me more and getting attention from girls now
>still too much of an awkward fuck to get a girl
>do fine with girls
>start dating current gf
>six months in abruptly start caring about fashion, start spending hours a day reading about it and going on /fa/, buying new shit constantly
>try to keep it a secret and never discuss it with her, even though obviously she knows
>she dresses like shit
>start drifting apart over the issue
>dressing good not only doesn't help with women, it's slowly poisoning current relationship

why do i do it

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thinking about getting a stud along the lines of pic related. been told i'd rock it but feel like nose piercings are getting a bit played out? post discussion + inspo
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and the og, of course. i like the smaller one though
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this is pretty weeb but i always liked zoro's triple earrings. i got my left ear done the same, but the top one got infected so it's just two now.
that's pretty cool actually, pic? i think two could look better than three

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Show me your feet.
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>those legs
>those ankles
>that leg hair
>those socks
>that dirty floor
>that knot
>wearing shorts
>not wearing pants
>colored straps
>straps in the back position
Kill yourself. You don't deserve those shoes, you retarded swine.
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literal autism. End it all NOW

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