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File: bradley glasses.jpg (71KB, 634x465px)Image search: [Google]
bradley glasses.jpg
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can someone tell me the name of the glasses that Bradley Cooper is wearing in pic related?
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looks like oliver peoples or garrett leight
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Thanks man

File: i26232.jpg (137KB, 843x475px)Image search: [Google]
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what do those say about me?
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hard to tell if you're gonna bust out some dallas green or bluegrass
classic americana style, pardner
Looks great unless you go full retard

File: IMG_0385.jpg (122KB, 959x639px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: /fa/ & God tier milsurp products.

I'll start:
>Fleck parkas
>BW mountainjäger backpacks
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File: froggy is tired of this.jpg (218KB, 1337x1289px)Image search: [Google]
froggy is tired of this.jpg
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>it's a gats thread
Glad I live in the USA and I've never seen anyone else wear them because they sure are a meme on this site
whats the best place to buy that BW backpack
I'm glad GATS didn't become the next "affordable white lowtops" meme after Stan Smiths

File: PreppyChinos.jpg (132KB, 800x500px)Image search: [Google]
132KB, 800x500px
What is the best place to get /fa/ approved clothes on the cheap? Poorfag here wanting to find some nice clothes but has not much money to spend (under £100)
Any help?
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go to r/malefashionadvice
it's a much better website, both for what you're looking for and in general
TK Maxx can be very hit and miss, but sometimes you'll find some absolutely awesome shit.
Went in there recently for a shirt, came out with a nice shirt and the best fitting pair of jeans I've ever bought and cost like £30 in total.
For £100 if you scour the rails you'll be able to come out with a couple of pairs of jeans, a shirt, a couple of t-shirts, and probably still have a bit of change.
pick one

Can we get a navy blazer thread going? Pic related, just got this one in from J. Press.

Uniqlo fags get out.
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File: Henry-Herbert_015.jpg (88KB, 400x600px)Image search: [Google]
88KB, 400x600px
suit or bust
>J. Press

Nice I picked up a Navy Blazer from them last fall when it was on sale.
>Looks at Thom Browne jacket

> Thinks it looks awesome

>Go to j. Crew with Mom

>Made in China polyester shit

> Tell everyone it's jpress

>Weep and wonder why don't look like model

>A blue jacket is a blue jacket! Though

Story of /fa/

Will I get a gf if I use this to pick up girls?
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Get Out of FA
I dont think even brad pitt could get bitches with that outfit.

File: 1487820769331[2].jpg (671KB, 1536x2302px)Image search: [Google]
671KB, 1536x2302px
You cop Raf Simmons and Gucci, while Chad shops at the Gap.

Girls look at your fashioncel designer clothes and think "ewww what a try hard" while they look at Chad and think "i love him, he just does what he wants, not even concerned about trendy clothes".

Chad STILL looks INFINITELY better than you because of his GENETICALLY DETERMINED FACE, FRAME and HEIGHT.

Women are getting more and more choice and validation and its either CHAD or NOTHING

Why haven't you fashioncels learnt yet?

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this is some cuck shit
I've got alpha jeans, fuck you
File: 1489248960571.jpg (277KB, 870x790px)Image search: [Google]
277KB, 870x790px

File: 101-1.jpg (100KB, 1020x680px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 1020x680px
hey /fa/ggs, need to buy some nice boots similar to 3-eyelet docs in yurop. But don't want the docs. where to buy them?
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File: 1489180257251.jpg (26KB, 264x275px)Image search: [Google]
26KB, 264x275px
1. those aren't boots
2. I have a slightly used pair of those exact redwing postmans in size US 8 if you're interested
3. meme
solovair, red wing

File: fghj.jpg (102KB, 550x550px)Image search: [Google]
102KB, 550x550px
I love grey. Please share grey inspo: individual pieces or whole outfits. Shoes, tees, anything. I'm really considering making the bulk of my wardrobe grey.
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GATs / Bundeswehr Sportschuhe
lowkey grey is god tier fashion color... better than black.

File: hugh-jackman-coh-3[1].jpg (104KB, 600x821px)Image search: [Google]
104KB, 600x821px
w2c shirt? citizens of humanity jeans.
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For a second I thought it might be an underarmour tactical tee but I don't think they have a tag like that.

it's literally an olive fucking shirt
still tho

What happened to sub-fashions/cultures in America? Like, why aren't there any new ones? I don't think I've seen a new subfashion since the scene and emo days. Is there some reason kids don't want to express themselves anymore? Is it because everything is commercialized? I can't be the only one who feels nostalgic about this shit.
(Stupid make up tumblr subfashions don't count fyi)
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You clearly haven't been paying attention to Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.
List one new subculture that isn't made up shit like "pastel goth"
the same thing is happening in japan where all the alternative fashions are replaced with "normal" fashion, almost exclusively Uniqlo. isn't this what most people want? normalization of dress and conformity? i have a separate wardrobe of what i consider "normal" clothes and alternative fashion clothes(lolita), but I wear almost exclusively my normal wardrobe because Im a college student and want to fit in and just do my studies.

W2C similar shirt?
aka w2c beach boys-core?
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Is that Luke Skywalker?
Auschwitz had some with stars.

File: 1485366878857.jpg (49KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
49KB, 500x500px
Ive lost a fair amount of weight and im struggling to find tshirts that fit well. Im quite tall (6ft3) with a slightly longer than average torso (this limits the brands down for me)

I used to get a lot of old navy, gap and banana republic tall sizes but they are so baggy around the waist and hip area on me now (the upper body fits well) I need something a bit more of a slim fit

Any ideas? I feel like ive tried on pretty much everything out there suggested by google. Should I get a tailored tshirt?
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try american apparel
If you're tall enough you should consider getting one or two basic longline tees.
People talk shit about them but since you're tall enough they'll look pretty good on you and the fit is usually pretty complimentary for skinnier guys.

You can go for basic brands like Zara, H&M and Bershka. The quality isn't the best but they're relatively cheap and alright for basics.

File: Charlie_as_'Bob_Dylan'.jpg (93KB, 940x627px)Image search: [Google]
93KB, 940x627px
Anyone know what kind of hat this is?
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another angle
It's called a fiddlers cap iirc

File: sambasportschuhweiss800-1936.jpg (63KB, 617x800px)Image search: [Google]
63KB, 617x800px
I've been meaning to grab a pair of these for years now but I was always worried about what size to get cause it's in EU sizing. Also, I've noticed nobody really talks about them anymore. Is it true that they're really uncomfortable and not worth getting?
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just find a sizing chart online, I used the first one I googled and it worked fine

they're not the comfiest esp if you're flat footed-ish, I've been meaning to try changing the insoles out

they look great for the price though, I love mine to bits
Thanks, I'll probably try to order a pair soon.
The thing is that I see so many contradictory sizing charts. I'm 13 US and I see anywhere from like 44 to 47 EU it's confusing as fuck. I wish I'd just measured my feet when I was last there

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