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Hey guys, quick question.
Yeterday I bought these New Balances but as I walked in them today I get the feeling that they are half a size too small (EU 44's while 44,5 may have been better).
Should I bother and try to return them or just walk them in and after a week they'll fit?
It's not that they are too short, just a bit too tight.
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NB's are notorious for being small. Most people say size up half or full size from your usual size. Return.
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Also there is a fuccboi general for this. Use it, and stop cluttering up the board with small questions unworthy of their own thread.
Fuck olive is so beautiful. Its so versatile

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Thoughts on the Chelsea Boot?
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quality thread op have a upboat
They can either look great (slim fit and low profile) which will accent well fitting pants. Or they are clunky looking, like most blundstones I see.

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So as it stands I have a Dutch bank card.

The thing is I live in Canada, do you guys know any European mens fashion sites that will ship to Canada that are relatively cost effective?

I had an internship and am trying to use the rest of the money on that bank account.

Thanks for your time :D
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I've found topmans , it looks decent, has anyone tried it?
Use paypal so you aren't resticted to using iDeal?

What is the most /fa/ movie you've ever seen?

>pic related
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My life.
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Is the jacket do-able? I feel like you might get some comments but that it isn't ruined.
Your life is LAME. My life is better then your life and more /fa/. Also, I have long curved /fa/ dick.

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What do you think of 00's fashion?
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Literally the worst time for fashion of the last 200 years
This style will come back within the next decade
I know this is true but can't process it

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How come I look so fucking stupid and ugly in pictures as a nignog when in the mirror I feel like I'm good looking? How do I go about becoming photogenic?
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The other day I was looking on a mirror and thinking to myself I look really good then I took a camera and took a picture of my good looking reflection in the mirror but in the photo I looked horrendous I went from a 9/10 to a 3/10
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You dont look like the pictures at all to other people dont worry about that. Its just the lens. I dont know about the mirror though.

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This is truly the dankest timeline.
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bump pls help me
Possibly an all black Kolor x Adidas collab, they had oversized tongues and chunky lacing like these. Idk mane
might be buffalo boots idk

What are the best sites for clothes shopping?
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american eagle

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last one at image limit
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not fucking that lmao
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Can someone tell me what happened to the rick owens general threads? I left for 6 months.
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people realized that Rick was selling black curtains for like 2 thousand dollars and that they could get better looking clothes for 20 dollars so they stopped paying attention to Rick stuff
/fa/ is all about whats cool right now, so old /fa/ staples went the way of the dodo.

most of /fa/ isn't knowledgeable enough to comment on haute couture so /rog/ moved to a discord and developed rectal cancer.

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Anyone have any info on this jacket? All I know is its very old Puma, I recently lost it and need another one.

also rate my fit
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Le high waisted xD I am so "into fashion"
sweet jacket, it's a shame you lost it
i would have covered that logo though

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Going on a road trip across Europe and need a pair of shoes to do long driving and city walking in. Are hamburgs the way to go?
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I'd probably go with something that has a bit more cushion and breathability
I went through Europe in a pair of Adidas Sambas, so I'd recommend them. Just make sure to get them now, and break them in a bit, so your feet don't get sore.

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clear knee mom jeans.jpg
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Just saw this. What do I think about them?
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they're sick desu
these are topshop

why do ppl keep acting like nordstrom designed them

also they're p cool

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