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just some cool fa/ hairstyle that is not normal but still not that autistic kid that colored his hair rainbow
i love 21 savage's hairstyle, and i kinda really wanna have dreads like travis scott too

black people have the coolest hair desu
yes something along those lines, but I'm having trouble being white and all

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This is the cutest piece of clothing a woman can wear,prove me wrong.
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indie goddess tier
This website is getting so cringey
getting? i come here to see what you faggots wear so i can steer clear

ITT: terrible articles of clothing
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>ITT: terrible articles of clothing
you start
Still better then all those enormous running shoes you wear daily and call sneakers
>old skools
>Dr. Martin's
>red wing
All shit

Anyone here got a bomber like this for sale?
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damn this is the second time this shot to the bottom. no one has one? I found one on poshmark but im a little iffy on the sizing
I want one too

How can I dress red-pilled? Are there any red-pilled fashion brands?
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take a look at this post you just made from an objective standpoint so you can realize how autistic you sound. thanks
doc martins
green bomber
blue jeans
shaved head
> anything other than doc marten
> any colored bombers
> slim fit jeans
> buzzcut

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>user sends offer for an item
>45 seconds later I accept the offer
>it's been a week and no sale

how is this not a bannable offense? at least grailed should use a strike system for unfulfilled offers
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grailed is shite

make a better site
This has happened for literally every single offer I've accepted, including lowballs. 58 people want an item yet it's been up for 3+ months
>find leather jacket at sweet price
>alright it'll hurt my bank account but fair enough
>off grailed to avoid fees
>alright buyer's protection still in effect
>haggle for a couple of days, ask for more pics
>"alright ill do off grailed"
>"dont worry buyers protection bro"
>"yeah alright"
>"lol don't worry i won't scam you for xxx$. btw use friends and family to avoid fees"
>"no, ill use goods and services, otherwise i wont have buyers protection"
>no answer

man I was horny for that jacket

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Anyone know of some good outfits that are purely black and white? I need inspiration.
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Here's an album. There's an occasional navy or grey, but a lot of black/white.
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how do i become effay my fashion sense is shit and i look like a drug addict
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Are you eskimo?

Anyway, come over and I shall teach you how to dress.
Read sticky.
Lurk More.

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what pants would fit it
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Nike tech fleece pants black would look dope
File: imgrc0088474423.jpg (22KB, 330x330px)Image search: [Google]
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tech fleece, pretty much any nike pants that compliments the color since adidas/reebok whatever else would just look weird and contradictory.

since this thread is already made might as well continue from the op instead of making a new one what pants would fit image?
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i would wear something like these

Should I cop the shirt from this meme? I like minimalist stuff like this
Ignore the politics lol
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might as well wear a telletubbies tee shirt m8
Classic sonic is childhood senpai
Fucking why does it say senpai whenever I say (senpai)

Do you guys think this is an appropriate to wear this scarf in public?
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Drop the 'an', mispelled

Wrong thread, buddy

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hillary clinton's wardrobe fgt.... that model has a srsly punchable face
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highjacking thread to find a cheap (<800$) version of these coats that could keep me warm next winter (I live near Montreal)

Which ones should I cop?
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this, would look decent with a colourful tee
This one. Looks dreamy

File: hot asian dude.jpg (139KB, 500x749px)Image search: [Google]
hot asian dude.jpg
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>TFW blue eyed blonde-haired caucasian

Not even baiting, I fucking wish I was asian. Cuter eyes, better looking stubble, stronger jawlines, theyre the most /fa/ looking race of all time.

(except for koreans obviously)
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Koreans infinitely more beautiful than the Japanese.

Consider self-poku.
The amount of good looking asian men compared to ugly asians is skewed in favor of the latter.

If you're a super good looking asian guy that 9/10 means you're a twink looking asian, very rarely are there truly masculine, good looking asian men.

Typically weak beard growth and gross hair as well.
Name one that isn't an actor.

File: MA1_SlimFit_black_front.jpg (327KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Where to cop decent flight jacket without dropping a fortune?
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your pic related

alpha industries is the best
File: 302381_ts[1].jpg (94KB, 1155x1155px)Image search: [Google]
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>Slim Fit

Don't do this.

I got myself one of these beauties, it's basically a Harrington but dirt cheap due to being milsurp and comes with a removable liner

Plus, I dig shoulderboards
What brand is it?

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