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Are you effay all the time or just when you go out and/or go to work?

If the former, what do you wear when you're just chillin' at home?
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Depends on your definition of effay, I only leave the house if I think I look good, but I rarely leave the house with something more interesting on, especially if the footwear isn't super comfortable. I mean dressing as a basic bitch looks good to the majority of the population and I just gotta stay comfy, if I try to stand out in a positive sense, I wouldn't wear something too outlandish either, maybe chelsea boots or derbies with some black jeans and a shirt and blazer, idk.
Ties are mandatory at work, but I try to be a bit more casual than technically allowed and experiment with different outfits

When I go out obviously I spend a long time picking clothes

I don't dress like y'all though
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>dressing as a basic bitch

What's your idea of dressing in this manner?

Just not frumpy?


I know this is probably the most autistic thing y'all are going to read today, but I need help.

I need to construct a Cosplay for Rudol Von Stroheim, by April first.

Not only are there like, zero options for a full costume online, but the jew in me wants to make as much of it as physically possible actual German memorabilia, or at least a realistic reproduction; That way I can have a use for it when my group of jojo friends aren't cosplaying.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

(Sorry if this isn't the right board, /cgl/ kinda told me to come here)
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He looks like Bubi from Wolfenstein

not really

IIRC his uniform is modeled after a field uniform

Post your default skin
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What frames can you suggest for someone with a bald heda and small face?
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I can suggest asking your momma. Dafuq you think this place is?

Read the sticky before posting and don't make it sound like you're doing us a favour by asking
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For those of you who wear Wranglers, what do your fits look like? Right now, I only wear 501s. I know slim wranglers aren't that different, but I want to see some good fits before I buy some, and I can't find any men's wrangler fits on tumblr that aren't gay cowboy porn.
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just buy a pair, they are like 20 bucks, and then tailor them.
I prefer wrangler over levis nowadays.

>chinese denim garbage
>terrible quality control
>weird fits
>low rise
>super expensive if euro
do you get the slim cowboy cut?

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Post all hair related things here

Stop making individual threads
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What do i do if I have wavy hair
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Thoughts on half-buns? Any other styles I should try out?

Here you go friend. Hope this helps.


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FullSizeRender 2.jpg
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w2c soft plain shirts like this?

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How do I into fashion when I'm afraid to leave my apartment?
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I hope you like fashionable apartments
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No bully pls.

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>when the last pair of shoes is in stock but its not in your size
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just make the shoes smaller
if its like a size or have size bigger wear thicker socks/buy insoles so they fit
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this happened to me yesterday

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Yo, can I get a fit check?
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thom yorke looking dapper as always <3

File: james.png (203KB, 197x428px)Image search: [Google]
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i.d. on this jacket or jackets similar?
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dat mane pullin off serious 70s swag
he's a big guy

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How can you reach the "Eastern european junkie" aesthetic?
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by injecting car oil with toilet water into your arm.
i think a big part of it is just dress in the same shit constantly like you only own 6 pieces of clothing total including individual socks
travel back in time, when you were still in your mothers belly and get her really drunk.

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This trigger the Raf dickriders
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Fuck you, schnitzel, the RAF are classy as fuck.
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Nice try, friendo.

they're both great and legendary designers.

Does anyone know what style/type are these glasses?

They sort of look like safety glasses just smaller, thicker metallic hinges, no plastic, lenses and a top bar are curved.

Never liked full-framed glasses, but the last pair I bought was about 5 years ago, so definitely out of fashion.
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pls respond

He has good facial structure so any glasses work on him. For you? Idk.
Jesus Christ /fa/ he's a video game character. Stop him before he asks for Adam Jensen's shades.

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chad wojak.png
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>go grocery shopping on a weekday morning
>see all these elderly men with their old lady wives walking around
>almost all of them are wearing some vintage shit I would cop in a second
>can't ask them were they got their stuff because they'd think I was some kind of faggot
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they probably haven't bought new clothes in like thirty years
What did they wear? You might find some stuff on eBay or local sites if you keep looking.

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