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Hey there, I am a heavy guy but recently have been working out and dieting and went from 3 XL European to to 1 XL.
I'm 6ft and about 275 pounds.
I've seen some charts bt they all kind of vary or don't include the European sizes, how much do I have to lose to start fitting into L size clothing? Maybe this is more of a question for /fit/ but still
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Quite a long way man, I'm 6 foot and 190lb and I usually buy "L" size.

Well, I went from 3 XXL to the one in a matter of a month and obviously I'l see diminishing results but despite being quite overweight I don't look very chunky or fat.
Would large hang on you or be tight fit?

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>you dress like a 50 y.o cab driver
What did they mean by this?
I don't post here, provide me insight
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How do I dress Wiseau-core?

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Can we have some Stan Smith inspo that isnt played out as fuck? I have a pair I bought 3 years ago when they were still /fa/ but now I feel like a pleb wearing them.
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Then throw them out. There's a reason they're played out. Stay pleb you unself aware fuccboi.
they are plain white shoes how the fuck are they played out.

are you retarded

the difference between different kinds of white shoes is like 10%, the majority of people don't even notice. they are white for fucks sakes

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Does one need a slender build to be able to successfully wear Chelseas? Can a man with broad shoulders, a larger core, or muscular legs wear them without having improper proportions?
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Tbh I wear mine like this with black slim jeans casually and they look great. A little overplayed, but I like the look.
Dont kid yourself, kanye looks awful in this pic, pants too long and very loose clothing thats not made that way on purpose hes just ashamed of his faty body.
People praise him too much for dressing average with a below average body.
That being said, if you think you can pull it off, go ahead.
I didn't necessarily want to imply the picture looked good, I was more trying to illustrate my point

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hello /fa/
I need your help.
I own 2 pants, 1 dark tan pants and 1 dark blue jeans
I used to wear pic related that i bought for 50€, its really worn out now though since I wore it basically all year around for everything, even been to like 4 different countries with it. I would patch them and keep wearing them if I knew how to patch, but also I've moved to a more rainy place recently and these aren't really ideal in wet.

So my query is this: what shoes will work with dark tan pants and dark blue jeans at the same time? While also being relatively water resistant and on a budget?
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i kinda like leather boots like these but i cant wear these with dark tan cloth pants can i?
they are pretty much the same color as these shoes
ask in fuckboy general newfag
will do

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Thrifted this old denim jacket then realized how strange it is, any ideas for it? (I'm a girl btw)

Also general denim inspo
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another pic
nigger go to the DIY thread.

Also shit jacket.

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So I got this t-shirt from voidthebrand.

I like the length of it, but i think it's just a bit TOO long.

I could intentionally shrink it in the wash, but that would risk ruining the overall fit. Or take a rotary cutter to it and get my desired length, but lose the really nice hem it has.

What's my best bet?
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knee implants
>I like the length of it
>i think it's just a bit TOO long

so which one is it, anon
>I could intentionally shrink it in the wash, but that would risk ruining the overall fit
I literally did this with one of my shirts

Wash it on warm or hot then but it in the dryer on the highest heat seating and check it periodically

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How do I get a well-fitting dress shirt?

There's always something slightly wrong with every shirt (arms too long, neck too tight, neck too loose with no size in between, etc.)
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Get them tailored.
>go to store and ask the worker to measure you up
>get a shirt that fits well in the collar and sleeve length areas
>the rest can be tailored

Dont buy shirt for less than 100 EUR

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Carhartt classic Americana style whoa you skate?
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File: image.jpg (145KB, 500x725px)Image search: [Google]
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yes as a matter fact I do


What are these types of jackets called

We wear them in our student corporations but they're hard to come by outside of that

File: IMG_3214.jpg (568KB, 1200x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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>buys a visvim scarf

4shin how do i get americana gf?
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what brand is that jacket my nig?
Can you link to where you bought the jacket OP?

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Why am I obsessed with models and dissatisfied with the women in my life? am I fame whore or something i need help bros
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It seems we are all on the quest to become well cultured, a pathetic stereotype bolstered by our own imaginations when confronted by those whom we perceive as having achieved our desired goal, though it is an impossible one, and those whom we look to have not attained it, but simply give the impression of transcendence.

-Anon, 2016
You're attracted to attractive grills.

Great job.
>fame whore

models aren't really famous

w2cfl THICK cotton sweatpants closed leg under twenty$
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fucks brands btw.
hey dude I know you've been here for a long time
please don't start shitty threads like this
cuz good threads end up getting archived
>good thredas

like what? 40 thredas on id this pants? or 40 thredas on hair?

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Guitar/bass straps thread?
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Hendrix or plain stitched leather or gtfo
Levy's makes amazing guitar straps
I bought this one and it is the most comfortable strap I have. Looks great on my Sunburst Les Paul
The name of the company is Copperpeace

File: $92 usd shipped in USA.png (78KB, 1124x720px)Image search: [Google]
$92 usd shipped in USA.png
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Do it faggot http://www.shoebuy.com/dr-martens-1461-3-eye-shoe/509575/1691364
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Those are honestly disgusting shoes. I can look like a homeless dude from 1910 for significantly cheaper.
that movie was shit btw
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What's an effay? As in, what does it mean to be effay?
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it's the pronounciation of /fa/ and it means fashionable / cool basically
having a big dick
being a jiggy nigga, a pretty mf
To adhere to this board's standards, and to 'fit' in with the hivemind filled with insecure teenagers that think they know fashion.

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