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moprhe palettes 1.jpg
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Long story short, I've been thinking about purchasing a Morphe palette as my first proper palette, but I just heard that they private-label and totally hike up the price and you can get the EXACT thing elsewhere but cheaper. Naturally, I figured, okay, I'll find where to get the cheaper palette. But then I saw a bunch of people saying that Morphe is chalky and doesn't blend well. What eyeshadow palette do you guys recommend for a beginner?
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Just go to Sephora and buy an Urban Decay palette...?
Nevermind, I just looked up Morphe and saw their eyeshadow palettes are only $22 and if you're balking at that price I doubt you're going to pay $50 for Urban Decay... although it's worth it, honestly. Some products definitely are jacked up in price, but generally the higher you go the better quality and ingredients they use which your face will thank you for in the long-run.

If you want to be cheap about it however, I can recommend Maybelline's Nudes palette. It's less variety than the palette you posted, but the colours are very good for a drugstore palette and if you combine it with a primer and have some idea of what you're doing the difference between that and a more expensive palette isn't bad. If you're a beginner I'd highly recommend sticking to neutral tones and not going for anything too dark or bright... figure out your undertone and buy the palette (regular Nudes or Blushed) that suits your skin better.
I haven't had any blending problems, mine blends perfectly. It also does depend on the type of brush you are using, though.

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Can I get a fit check
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That dog is the breed of dog that saved my life from a wild dog attack
is this reddit you dumb nigger
also your jeans are too tight on your thighs
stupid cunt

This is the ugliest fucking shoe ever designed
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>>posts fakes
File: r237.jpg (18KB, 244x300px)Image search: [Google]
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>sincerely, anon who has never been to a shoe store

File: 1489614636827.jpg (468KB, 1280x1684px)Image search: [Google]
468KB, 1280x1684px
help me not look like hot garbage /fa/

i've got some formal and semi-formal events to attend starting next weekend. i'm looking for something like pic related but i can't break the bank

w2c cool pieces?
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You know why formal wear is traditionally monotone? To let women let the focus be on them.
thrift shops are good to find some of what you're talking about but i dont see how you could not break the bank getting it anywhere else
ehh i've been checking out thrift stores for the past week i've had no luck

i'm trying to find stuff now because at least if i order online i can rush deliver it so i'll have everything in time

i mean i wasn't trying to spend thaat much but if you can rec any brands or shops regardless i'd appreciate it

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Dude, what the fuck are these even? Why are they trending so hard right now?
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Hats, they're for keeping sun off your face.
Actually they were created for baseball players. The original purpose was to block the players' view of the scoreboard they they don't get stressed out about the numbers
*so that they

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Where can I buy shirts like this guy is wearing, and for that matter a similar blazer...this short of lightweight paper mache type look.
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light cotton or linen

can be found almost anywhere

The shirt is linen or chambray.

File: 1446915951302.jpg (504KB, 1280x1707px)Image search: [Google]
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Where can I cop this shirt boy?
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i dont know
please figure it out

File: Screenshot_20170316-215939~2.png (612KB, 720x711px)Image search: [Google]
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What does /fa/ think of this hat?
(Asking for a friend)
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post fit
as is tryhard juvenile fuckboy full of dumb cum
Would if I could, left in my dorm.

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Do you guys recommend buying used clothes?

I live in the third world, so most access I have to good brands is through people who travel to other countries, buy, use for a while, and then sell.

I only intend to do it for shoes, and maybe trousers, since they tend to last longer.
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I only thrift desu and articles of clothing are much more effay without any big brand logos on them.

t. first world country master race
i buy almost exclusively used clothes. imo most clothing doesn't look that good unless it's at least a little worn.
I'm still convinced most people on /fa/ don't buy brand name clothes, it's just a meme. Thrift stores are GOAT.

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Try to give this one a little more variety this time, fellas.
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we already have one newfag.
>go to catalog
>control/command f
was that so hard, retard?

This board must be the only I nteresting thing going on in your life if this thread really offended you that bad.

stop shitting up the catalog

I'm a mid-twenties man who wants to have as little amount of clothing as possible.

I was thinking of just wearing trousers and shirts. Is it acceptable to wear a white shirt every day? Is having two trousers enough? Switch every day, or wear them 2 days in a row?

>10 white shirts
>2 trousers

And can I live with 10 white t-shirts and 2 jeans?
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why would you want to do that
sounds p boring
I pretty much wear a uniform similar to this. Maybe try for just one other color shirt. David Lynch wears the same thing everyday (practically) White shirt, black blazer, khaki trousers, black derbies. He'll occasionally throw in a black shirt. Other than that, no change really.

switch it up OP, so many nice clothes out there, don't just stick to one look

File: IMG_3218.jpg (55KB, 634x640px)Image search: [Google]
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pants tucked into the sock inspo, shit trend that can look okay sometimes (shia)
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we already have a cringe thread check the catalog jesus
Saw that Gallucks video too, huh?
I like the look actually, I think it's more pulling the pant leg up and just tucking the very end into the sock. Creates stacking and it doesnt make the sock bulge out.
I do the same shit ever since I got a few pairs of designer socks,
people talk shit regularly, probably with good reason but idc I'm still going to do it.

File: korn-band.jpg (35KB, 460x354px)Image search: [Google]
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was 94-95 era Korn effay?
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nothing about nu metal was /fa/ and i say that as someone that unironically listened to korn then
sorry famalam, early, pre 1998, pre-jnco numetal fashion will be huge by 2019 at the absolute latest

Is Barbour /fa/?
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Sort of. I find the bedale annoying, it's sleeves are too fucking short.
That's the main difference between Bedale and Beaufort, right? And wasn't it because the Bedale is meant for shooting and the Beaufort for riding, or something?

File: 1345135egeq43.jpg (5KB, 197x256px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 197x256px
It seems overalls are becoming fashionable again, but somehow i only see them for women in every store. Opinions? I loved to wear them as a kid, would i get away with wearing this without looking like an autist?
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I don't know where you live, but I sincerely doubt these are coming back in any real fashion. It's probably going to continue to just be an outfit for women friend
Become a painter, OP

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