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People mirin' your fits greentexts

>happened an hour ago
>was walking back to my house from the library. I have to walk past several bars on my way home so people are everywhere
>see a cute girl in a Rick skirt, so I glance at her nd turn my head to the side as she walks past me.
>her boyfriend whos about 5'2"195lbs /r/streetwear beta manlet tries to act all hard and calls me out, says: What are you starin at bud?
>this caught me off guard it really pissed me off that this punk is trying to start something, i say: I was just legit checking out the girl, is that a problem?
>replys: yeah it is, keep walking bro, shes mine
>tell him: i don't like asian roasties anyway
>he runs over and gets in myface
>tell him: do u honestly think u can intimidate anyone u green bean
keep in mind I am only 6' 155 lbs. however I've been studying designer wear and I post my fits on /fa/ regularly. he has nothing better to do with his nite than try to fight a kid who looks at his gf. talk about being insecure. I am so sick of people thinking they are dressing better calling others out for no reason especially streetwear, normcore, and palewave fags
>i snap him into a front headlock down to the ground so hes sittin on both his knees
>his knees got bloody from H&M black skinny jeans
>i squeeze tight and tell him
>"aint so cool anymore huh, can't protect your girl now can ya, you need to learn to remain humble, id be happy to have a gf and would never try and fight people if they looked at her, you dont fuking deserve a girl you fukin normie, I've never had a gf, you dont understand my pain, you should feel my pain"
>snap his face down into the concrete sidewalk n do a spin behind him
>give him a tap on the ass to show dominance
>"btw stacey got nice Margielas"
>let him go and start bcakin off, he just lays there embarrassed
>his gf and 2 friends stood there in shock but started screaming shit saying calling the police
>after hearing the word police i take off running towards Taco Bell
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OP here. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes, I had to shorten words to get past the 2000 character limit. Also self bump.
nice story bro
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What did she mean by this?
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She means she's a dirty slut.
If I were a Hollywood celebrity I would dress like a male version of this, I have a guess the reactions would be pretty interesting
>you will never turn up to a Hollywood awards show in a designer loin cloth
>tan lines
you had one job

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How, as a male, would I aim for a similar style?
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You want to be Liv Bruce from powerbottom? Are you fabulous?
I would start out with a floral shirt and socks with a dark blazer and pants combo and add from there.

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What brands make t shirts with 'Edgy' texts on them?
I want to go edgy this summer
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Shit, wrong picture.
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Can we get a list of god/top/mid/low/shit tier brands?
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These are always fun.
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keep fucking saying they're always fun on every thread i fucking dare you
Tbhq op is a faggot

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drop your graileds and whatever
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10% off for /fa/
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Raf Velcros in size EU41 and 43. I'd consider going lower for effay, just ask.

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Good feedback Good Prices Discounts for /fa/ if you bring it up


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I want unbranded Nike Roshe's.

Has anyone bought "fakes" off ebay before? I want an honest answer about quality. I specifically want these for the unbrandedness, but I don't want them to break apart in the middle of a rave randomly.

I'd rather have quality shoes that cost more, but Nike logos are really pleb tier and I can't bear to let me friends think I'm actually the kind of pleb who would actually go out and buy Nikes.
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Please, if you're a 17 year old whose mom buys your stupid cheap ass nikes and you think the authenticity is cool, don't post in this thread. Go back slinging dimes to your friends at high school and listening to whatever shitty Slowdive rip off indie rock band you learned from Mac Demarco radio.

Also OP, eBay is only a start when purchasing replicas. Actually, don't go on eBay. Try dhgate, iOffer, or other sites when buying replicas shoes.

No brand? Go on AliExpress or wish.
You have to be the most pretentious faggot I have seen on here in some time.
You're so cool because you want unbranded, generic shoes? LOL

You're just as bad as those brandwagonning highschool cucks you faggot.

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What went wrong?
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Nothing went wrong.
That's next level as fuck.
Uncharted territory for a fashion company.
there was nothing going right in the first place

Is is possible to pull of a fanny pack/bum bag without looking like shit [spoiler]as a grill[/spoiler]?
They're really practical and I think they look kinda cool.

>post things you would like to wear but think you can't for fashion reasons
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fugg, no spoilers on /fa/ please forgive me.
If you wouldnt point the lack of spoilers you wouldnt look like a newfag.
get a small shoulder bag instead, hang it across your body

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Where these a mistake /fa/?
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>balacengia arena's and biker jeans
Whats wrong with them?
look at them

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Do people really tie their shoes like this? How do you do it?
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stock like the designer intended, caring about laces are for nogs
look so damn uncomfortable
>How do you do it?

just tuck your laces in lol

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>mfw /fa/ follows and buys fast fashion trends and doesn't understand the first rule of fashion: it should be timeless
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question OP:

what influences the direction of cultural development?
Jews. Next question.
is boost timeless

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Resently sold much of my wardrobe and am deciding on what I want to wear now. I really love the simple elegance and monochromatic style of pic related but will I look like an autist if I wear exactly that every day?

Will I make it worse if the stans are rafs?
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yea maybe if your pretty social and go out

and yes
If you wear exactly that you will, but just get a variety of black shirts / jackets / sweaters, a few shirts of other colors, 2 good black trousers, and then 1 white sneakers ( not raf stans, those are silly ) and 1 pair of derbies. You would be maintaining this same aesthetic but without being overly autistic
full lemaire
its like scandi minimalism but not shit

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Post pics of /fa/ black girls here. No racial debates plox
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