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Was having a discussion with a girlfriend the other day, and her argument was that it seemed "unjustifiable" to pay a large sum of money on something like clothing/a bag/shoes/etc. She said that she saw nothing wrong with the idea of buying a fake version of an item that would otherwise costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Personally, I feel like its more rewarding to work your way up to earning that item, if that makes sense. If I buy a fake, I don't value it the way I would the real version. What are your thoughts? (And pardon my English if its off!)
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Shit. That isn't the OP pic I wanted.
I care about:
1. how it looks
2. how it fits
3. how long it lasts

if that good-looking, well-fitting, high-quality product is produced by company A or company B, idgaf


>I feel like its more rewarding to work your way up to earning that item

consumption in the short term (instead of investing) makes you much poorer in the long term
I find it sad if anything because it feels like people want to pretend they can afford things they can't when there's no shame in not owning a pair of fucking Rick Owens shoes or something. Fashion is much more interesting when people who can't afford the luxury goods of the moment make the best of what's around them and develop it organically. Actually half of the shit that's popular at the moment is based on recapitulating exactly that. There wouldn't be, say, Gosha sweaters to make fakes of if poor Russian kids hadn't been adapting whatever random shit they could find in the 90s.

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Wow my foots are sweat. No socks! Haha
Put windy foot bottoms in here to be so cool

Like Rome man! Haha
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feet like plastic! Weird
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bad toes

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srs question. everyone knows 4chan is used exclusively by manlets.
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i'm 5'10, 5'7 in 2013

t. 5 9 manlet
I'm too ashamed to mention it so I don't do it.
t. 5'7''

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asking for a friend
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>for a friend
that jacket doesn't really fit well, although that might just be the pic

other than that yeah sure looks good bro

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this fit of jeans will NEVER be okay with everyone, they're a "fuck you" to those who see gay/feminine or whatever shallow and lowly thought they have. In a way it's a poetic outfit, only primitive minded people would think of this 'fit' negatively because their own unrefined tendencies, like animals.

people incapable of higher thoughts will drag everything through sexual mud...
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and these aren't even super skinny
Maybe 7 years ago that would be a decent observation to make

In the year 2017 every loser wears this shit. Skinny jeans are horrible
Most of what I own are skinny jeans and I'm honestly pretty tired of them

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Fuck. Help me /fa/
I never had friends as a kid and never developed properly as a result. I've been struggling ever since to blend in with normies, i've had to teach myself to have conversations properly, to find similar interests, to understand and make jokes

But i cant fucking figure out how to dress in a way that isnt weird. My batshit SJW mother used to let me wear skirts because she "didnt want to enforce gender roles", which obviously resulted in some damage. I OFTEN get shouted at from passing cars, this has been occuring since early high school. Today I tried to dress like a normal millenial. Skinny jeans a, t shirt, and a baseball cap with a jacket. I rolled the cuffs up on the jeans to try to be stylish (fucking bad idea) and went out only to over hear both an old guy and his friends say "skinny jeans..i'd rather shoot myself" and a guy from his car yell "how old are you" at me

What the fuck /fa/ i can only take so much before i stop going outside. I dont even want to be effay, just fucking normal
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you want to be normal? 99% sure this is bait thread but if not Alpha M on youtube. There you go faggot. it will all be ok. Enjoy being a dumbass normie
Its not a fucking bait thread what would even be the point of that
Thanks for the recommendation

Jeff Magnum-type thread inspo
I guess this is a comfy thread? I want to dress like him and be comfy, post relevant inspo pls.
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hes christian

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Long hair general.
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Well aware of being fat also
Shhhh lowkey bro

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what season.jpg
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Please help
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please help
what the hell

and op I have no clue but here's a bump

Thoughts, comments, advice and pics
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that's some gay ass shit
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Having a jawline and visible cheekbones is essential for being highly attractive. As long as you have those, becoming an 8-9+/10 is just a matter of getting a nice haircut, having a good fashion sense, etc.
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Hair color, eye color, head shape, nose shape, height, and frame also matters
wow cool
t. 3/10

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So.....this is the power of fashion?
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>that white guy in the middle
fucking kek
I love this tuck everything in to pants trend faggotry, it looks so awful
they look like shit
r/mfa dresses better

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Are baggy pants making a comeback?

Also, W2C pic related?
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just get a pair of 874, cheap and will give you the look.
where have you been
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i hope so

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Why are turtlenecks mocked?
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They are?
you're confusing turtlenecks with MOCKnecks hahahahahhhhhhhhhhnngghghghgghhghhfguwesrdqw897rf78tywe0m7yf32

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Is it ever okay to wear a tie with no jacket?
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yes, if you're a waiter or within the premises of your workplace/school
Okay so I have to go to my gf's parents church, am I better off tie+no jacket or no tie at all.
Church is fine if you wear a knit over the shirt and tie

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