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another reason to spit on disgusting Ameritard faces
Always with those fucking Divine-tier eyebrows and horrific bangs

Yank that pooper handle and let it flush, boys

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Which pastel colors are the most effay? Off-white, green, blue or nude?
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mint and pink
pink for boys and blue for girls

arent they usually the other way around

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yo can i wear chinos with jean jacket Y/N
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biggest fashion faux pas my nigga
ask yourself two things:
a) does it look good to you?
b) does it look good ON you?
if you answered yes to both of these questions, you can. if not, then don't.

chino wanker

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Why do people hate on superdry?
Its a preaty neat brand to me,
i live in Serbia and when i see a fella wearing superdry i adore him 10x more than the dude who wears Huaraches and Sergio tacchini and other peasant fag tracksuits...
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I suppose in Serbia Superdry is like a high end designer brand
Admit it UK /fa/ you have a SuperDry windbreaker

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effay TV shows
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House of cards
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the crown
twin peaks

Best Bomber/Flight jackets you want or have ever owned
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So it can become a meemee on /fa/ and then trickle down to a bunch of fat nerds on r/streetwear? No thanks boss.
why? am i missing something?
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What would you do to add a little something to basic t-shirts? Can you print on them yourself? What about embroidery?
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Why would I ruin a perfectly good plain tee?
I have tees that don't fit very well, so they're not worth wearing. Idk what to do with them.

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anybody know the name or can link me to the name of this tommy jacket/hoodie?
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bump for interest
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I was really hoping I'd see this thread today
is that really what its called? lol i feel stupid thanks though anywhere i can buy it it tried looking for it everywhere

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which one should i get?
I really like the darker white, but also the green logo
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>darker white

that's grey dumb ass
None. Stop being an easily manipulated newfag and have some self awareness. Get something with quality.
the green logo. white shoes are gonna get darker with use anyway.

i really need help iding this guys denim jacket in this music video
you can get some pretty close pictures but nothing perfect
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bump :)
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bump :) :) :)
i hope this picture might help
someone please i've been here all day

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Let's try this
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i just ordered a hoodie from newstylish.com

i clicked order and entered my details and literally it said PayPal processing and then it submitted and i got directed back to the payment page. nothing happened and no email confirmation.

did i get scammed?
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your connection most likely fucked up, chances are the payment will go through but no one will no why but you. good luck telling paypal that without getting fined
Go to your PayPal see if you made a purchase, if email doesn't come soon report as fraud and PayPal will reimburse you, you're a fucking idiot senpai how do you get fucking scammed when using PayPal u fucking idiot it's literally made for this shit I'm so tired of seeing idiots get scammed even when using fucking PayPal , i think you should go to PayPal rather than fucking make a post about you being scammed on an website made for weebs and social outcasts , can we please do everyboard a favour and not treat 4chan like it's your parent where you ask stupid questions like this , sorry had to get this off my chest buddy hope you get your money back if you got scammed, which you definitely will, just contact PayPal for fucks sake not us , good luck buddy :) have a good day
supposedly the site is legit.

people have reviewed them

doubt its a scam

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wtc these pants?
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What costume is this?
I just want the pants, dipshit
I know, what costume is this, and where is it from? It will help to identify the pants dipshit.

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Is there moisturizer for oily skin? My forehead is super oily and I breakout with cereve for dry skin. I use it for my regular skin but my forehead I need a different one
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try avene, I am still looking for a better one, but avene is the best I have had yet...paulas choice could also have something
Do they have that at Wal-Mart?

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What do you guys consider to be /fa/ when it comes to getting around?

From bicycles to heelys to /transit passes, post inspo for better looking ways to travel.

Trasnport-related accessories welcome too.
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or this

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