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Hi, /fa/. I normally don't come here, but I have a question: Aren't girls cuter when they part their hair down the middle, rather than from the side?

I was just thinking this, because it seems like girl have an idea of what it means to dress as a woman as opposed to a girl. And I've noticed that all the "woman" hairstyles are side parts. While some of the "girl" hairstyles are allowed middle parts.

I don't know where this weird idea came from. But it's honestly kind of annoying. Because middle part are simply prettier. Nothing to do with young or mature. Middle parts simply frame the face in a more attractive way.

What are your thoughts on this?
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i have bad news for you. you're autistic
Sometimes I come to boards as a newfag, thinking that the rest of the site isn't as shitty as some of the other boards I frequent.
And in a single post, I'm slapped back into reality.
Thanks, anon.

With posts as poor as yours you should stay in whatever containment board you slimed out of kid

What do you think, is this meme tier or ok2cop?
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damn, id cop. not a big nike fan ( i wear boots instead ) but id fucking buy instantly.
damn boi w2c

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>tfw love rick and similar stuff but 5'6" manlet

Should I just say fuck it and wear his stuff anyway? I feel most confident in them despite the internet and especially /fa/ saying they're not for manlets.

I've got some black w/ white sole geobaskets and cargo pants coming in the mail.
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If you feel good in the clothes and they fit you well why not?
I have the same geos and am the same height

go for it if it works with your proportions

I personally dont wear much rick but I wear very loose drapy stuff, so the geos sorta balance out the silhouette
rick is pretty good in that his clothing is pretty inclusive, your height does not matter as much as you think it does

File: hmprod.jpg (31KB, 384x449px)Image search: [Google]
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Canucks! Anybody grab one of these lumberjacket dead ringers? I was hanging at Blenz when I saw it. Classic check but the cut was obviously new. I couldn't stop looking over. Dude tells me it's HM but when I get there (and I went straight there), it's sold out. They've got some other red plaids but not even close. I'm kicking myself for missing this one.
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Hard to find vintage pics.
File: IMG_2281.jpg (82KB, 640x639px)Image search: [Google]
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It's still available on H&M in my country. Keep checking back, they restock online.

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Tell me /fa/ggots
How is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi so aesthetic?
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hes a big guy
For young western women (;

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File Mar 15, 10 58 40 PM.jpg
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Post if you think you have the /fa/ face.

Try to rate at least three of those above you.

Advice, insults, and compliments welcome.
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I fucked up. Much apologies.
i wish i had your body. pretty nice face, too.
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thank you!

imagine if I worked out!

Not sure if this should be on /fit/
How do i get pale skin whilst staying healthy?
Pale skin is effay af
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just avoid the sun my dude, hoodies, hats, sunglasses, hell, gloves if you have to,
if you cover yourself up you wont get darker.

its THAT simple my man
>Go on accutane
>Use sunscreen if and when you go outside, even when you think you don't need it
>Stay inside for a long time
Stay inside most of the time, get an indoor job during the summer. I still go outdoors, but it's usually in the early morning or at night. Get a high SPF sunscreen, I wear 100 on my face every day. A lot of people forget you still get sun damage from snow, so if you live in a Northern area or ski be wart of that. Certain diets like being vegetarian are known to wash people out, but make sure you get proper nutrients and aren't anemic.

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I have natural blonde hair but a reddish brown beard. Sometimes I wish it matched. Leave it or make an attempt to dye it?
To my knowledge normal hair color doesn't well. Anyone know of any products made for thicker beard hair?

I've had a beard for years. I'm not shaving it. The color doesn't bother me that much.
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I'm in the same situation, though my hair is pretty strawberry blonde. I'd leave it. Dyeing a beard sounds like a heap of work for no real benefit.
why make a thread if you're not going to post a picture? how can we tell if it's shit?
I'd leave it as is...red in beards really looks great when light hits it, gives it some depth. Also if you run the risk of making it look worse or even fake if you get your entire beard dark and the same color

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What haircut should I get?

My hair is very hard and thick. It annoys me, because when the wind moves it to a given position, it always stays in the position.

If you have any advice on good hair products, that would be welcome too.
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read the sticky you stupid newfag
That's it. That's the last straw. I'm leaving /fa for good
get it buzzed

File: IMG_2221.jpg (118KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Okay, so my friend is visiting New York for a fabric show. He's about 6' 0'', a little overweight, gay, big-ass beard... What should he wear?
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WoW tshirt, dark khaki cargo shorts, and moonrock yeezys
Levi's medium stonewash trucker jacket
Levi's 501 medium stonewash jeans
Red Wing 875 classic moc toe boot
Uniqlo white supima cotton tee
Ill fitting leather jacket and scubagear

File: LOT-46-p-01_1024x1024.jpg (135KB, 876x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it cringe?
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>made in usa
This saves it
i would just say "hard to pull off"
Depends on who wears it

Reddit mfa poster: cringe

Skater: could be dope

File: bork.jpg (77KB, 495x533px)Image search: [Google]
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Extremely liberal girl I know shared this article. I'm very liberal but even so I think it took a flaming shit on a valid complaint. Thoughts? http://refigural.com/zip-ties-and-health-goths/
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top tier mental gymnastics right there
why leftists always gotta blame """""the system"""""
lol ikr? I've actually been madder at them lately than at the right. Maybe if you weren't so busy trying to tear down the system you'd be able to meaningfully improve it instead of, like, costing Hillary the election? Idiots.
liberals are losers.

they always bring up: educated people vote democrat!

but the real statistic is that people who make under 30k vote almost exclusively democrat

and people who make over 40k lean heavily republican.

basically that tells us two things:
1) we have a bunch of dumbfuck college grads who aren't worth more than minimum wage
2) people who make more money vote for the party that wants to reduce government spending on welfare hand-outs, and people who don't make any money want more free shit

fashion is expensive, I don't want to be paying for some illegal spic's medical care, I wanna be buying sick fits.

File: shoes.png (60KB, 202x118px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone know what kind of shoe this is? Or are they 2 different pairs? I can't quite tell.

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File: 2.png (77KB, 359x122px)Image search: [Google]
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PF Flyers aka converses for contrarians
take this shit to w2c or fuccboi general next time you fucking bum

they are PF flyers btw.

File: IMG_0615.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2448x3264px
So I was just released from the county jail and about 70% of the fuccnigga's in my age group had my exact obnoxious ass haircut. What you guys recommend? Dude in pic is me.
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File: images (19).jpg (5KB, 172x131px)Image search: [Google]
images (19).jpg
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get the redpilled haircut
fuckboy confirmed
fashism is back in fashion

get it.

File: IMG_0614.jpg (70KB, 253x325px)Image search: [Google]
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Which type of Doc Martens are the most commonly used amongst skinheads? I gotta buy my first pair in a few minutes and I want to do this right.
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Probably the same kind all the girls wear since it's only girls I see wearing them.
Umm... ok. What type of boots are commonly worn by neo nazis then? For some reason the boots I want are only worn by skinheads.

Get any kind of jack-boot. Make sure it's black with white laces.

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