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Hey /fa/ I'm white as fuck and need a hat to survive spring. Since neck beards have ruined anything resembling a fedora and I hate baseball caps, what are my options? Ideally something that works with button down shirts
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traditional English cricket cap
bucket hat
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Wear whatever you damn please.
For most of the 20th century, fedora was the standard working man's hat. Only shitheads associate it with some millenial sterotype.
do not listen to this man.

under no circumstances can you wear a fedora without looking retarded

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Why are Republicans so effay?
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posting my small colection of republican-core
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It's safe to say nice jawlines are effay as fuck

Is there any way of getting a chisled jawline. What are your tips /fa/?
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Lose body fat
Drink more water
Chew Gum (Falim gum if you wanna be autistic about it)

In that order

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Do you guys fuck with vlone? I personally think it's unique in its style.
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Only faggots wear it
> only faggots wear it
And niggers
>primarily black Gildan prints

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I'm 19 I don't grow much, how do I speed up the process
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>19, facial hair, probably white
wait, be indian or shave off a thin layer of your face - about 2mm - using a crafting knife
Why shave off a layer?
use minoxidil

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w2c cheap long plain black raincoat like vetememes or cdg without subtitle

>why is it so hard to find
>i know Zara have one but I don't buy shit
>dr denim catalano sold out
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i hope ur tall
You have to be tall to pull it off.
I bought a vetements raincoat when it came out and I'm 6'2. My friend, 5'9 liked it, bought one and he looks like a little kid with a wizard robe on.

Can someone give me good inspo pictures of people rocking grey or dark grey pants?
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Speaking of which, anything that can match autumn orange pants?
god i hate being black
I see this guy is a big fan of zippers
Fuck those are ugly

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Why haven't you joined the cripple master race so your kicks always stay fresh and last forever?
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it's not fair bros. imagine being a cripple and buying a pair of geos. you order them, try them on, doesn't matter if they don't fit it's not like you'll even feel it. wear them for five years, sell them mint for a profit because the colourway's no longer in production
Go home reddit

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that ain't a hood faggot. THIS is a hood
Does /fa/ think the hair in OPs pic is effay? I got similar hair.
It's not a hoodie, it's a god damned henley.

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What is this type of underwear called?

Do i have to buy high-tier designer stuff to make it sit like this on me? Normal cheapo underpants dont look like this ive found.
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the faggot underwear
You have to have some ass and than buy two sizes smaller than needed. Also jam the fabric into your asscrack before taking the photo.
just buy some generic white panties too small for you and wear them. same effect, literally.

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What is this hairstyle called
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its called regular hair pal

The Traitor's Cut

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What style is acceptable for an older student? I'm not old enough for dadcore, but too old for most of the youngster streetwear-faggotry type of thing.
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How old are you then?
Jeans, nice shoes like oxfords or crosbys or something, and a polo or button down shirt. Tuck it in, youre an adult.

So I'm going to new york pretty soon and I was hoping to check out some of the clothes stores they have. My style is very much hipster vegan coffee shop. I really like under stated stuff without logos, earthy colors, stripes. I'm particularly interested in finding some nice coats and t shirts.
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Beacon's closet had some nice pieces the last time I went but the staff wasn't great
The Armoury NY perhaps? They tend to focus more on classic menswear thoug.
Do they have mens wear?

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Trainers general. Looking for inspiration for a pair of nice, neutral everyday trainers. I'll start
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but those are jeans
they don't have external pockets or rivets, they're not technically jeans really if u think about it
Why would Adidas lie like that?

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New Image.jpg
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which side is better , i did the right side my friend did the other, I'm male ,no experience with makeup but i like to draw
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left eye from my pov is better, buy lips on the right side have a better colour.
i like the left eye/brow, but i'm not a big fan of the blush (just a personal pref) and the right side lip looks cleaner and i like that color more
right eyebrow
left eye makeup b/c its more subdued
right lip color but either one would be fine

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