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What are some /fa/ shaving creams?
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Nivea sensitive skin is good. Smells amazing too
Ones that won't irritate skin
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proraso sensitive.jpg
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I'm just now starting to care about how i look for the first time in a few years, i dont have much experience with hair products but i would like to get some to use (with the guidance of fa of course) so can we get a good discussion going for anybody interested
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Walmart recently developed a perfect knock off of Crew Fiber for less than half the price
have you used?
Pomade is the one.
A ballache to wash out though.
I stopped wearing shit in my hair yeeears, mostly because I started shaving it 0 all over and had nothing to actually put product in.
But I would still recommend pomade.
It's hard to find in a lot of places, usually get it from barbers.

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What shoes do you wear to the gym? Usually just wear new balances but looking for something else.
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"Skinny people look better in fashionable clothes". Then someone posts the infamous fa meetup full of ugly, unfit fucks with terrible posture wearing all black.
>What shoes do you wear to the gym?
Nike Pegasus 83 or New Balance 620's

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Is this fake?
What year, what collection is this?
I spent 2 nights trying to find anything about but couldn't.
Any information would be useful
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What does /fa/ think of this? Thoughts on the shoes and designers?
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Current leaderboard
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everything's as it should be
Isn't there already a thread for this

Will this haircut fit diamond and oval-faced people?
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Or this one
Fade and leave the hair on top + good genetics
I'll fit anyone with an 8 or 9 face

Anyone lower will look like Dylan Roof

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Okay, I know that it may sound strange, but I'm dead serious.
I don't have smell sense. My nose is not working properly. Even when something smells really strong or terrible I just can't feel it.
Because of that I don't know when do clothes become smelly, so I'm hyper paranoid about it and wash them frequently (thus they get worn off really easy).

I wash every day, keep up with hygiene, use deodorants and antiperspirants etc. I'm not smoking.
After what amount of time it's time to wash jeans or hoodies if they're not dirty?
How strong do clothes absorb smells of surroundings?
If I don't sweat during the day, can I air my shirt out on balcony for one day off and use it again without huge odor?
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Its really hard for your own nose to pick up on your own foul scents, compared to how other people smell you.
One way I check whether I should wash an item of clothing or not is by putting my nose right into the fabric and sniffing, then comparing that to a freshly washed or unworn (since washed) piece of clothing. If there is too great of a scent difference between the two, it is a sign I may need to wash it.
The wrong kid died
Thanks, but like I said - I can't smell ANYTHING, so I won't recognize it that way.

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Could you rec me some good jeans under 100$? I like nudies but they're kinda expensive.

pic unrelated.
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http://www.cheapmonday.com has some good jeans for the price point you are looking at
ty, looks cool
Lasagna Cat!

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post mullet inspo, it's coming back boys
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File: macgyver-mullet.jpg (19KB, 360x270px)Image search: [Google]
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And that's a serious question.

How in the hell are you not constantly overwhelmed by all the different aspects of what makes an outfit work?
How did you know if something did fit right?
How did you know what things in your closet you should keep and what you should chuck?
How did you learn what to ask from your tailor?

I'm just going through all the aspects of the sticky and my head starts to spin at all the aspects and variables. I'm not even asking for help, I'm wondering just how in the hell you all did/still do it?

Feel free to bash me for it as well, fuck, and sorry for shitting up the board.
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I don't. I have no fashion sense whatsoever and not a clue on what I am doing or should be doing or how. But all of these threads are too entertaining, so I stay.
You progress anon, you don't just buy full rick one day, you make sure you look good in basic fits, and then you can start to incorporate more advanced pieces and aesthetics.

Lurk more and you'll at least get some idea of what works and what doesn't.
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My only problem with that method is when it comes to my work clothes. I don't even know if those are fitted correctly let alone if they look good. I don't even know what changes to make, with the longer I wait to improve the longer I look like shit. I hate this so much.

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>I dress for myself, not anyone else.
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don't we all.
kek I get it

I dress myself too.

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seriously guys i am worried what the fuck is going on? why are all the tracksuit bottoms being sold suddenly skinny jeans? any advice on where to get normal trackies? i cannot wear this shit
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also joggers wtf?
File: 513Ds18eLRL._UX385_.jpg (13KB, 385x385px)Image search: [Google]
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They regular ones are too baggy for me but the tapered leg "3s essential" and "weekender" are the perfect mix of skinny leg while still being comfy
Blame the pokemon go pc models

How do I get my hair in this texture? and how would I maintain it?
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i didn't ask for your favorite drink

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bladeecore thread !!!! post rare bladee fits
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w2c red sweats?
File: image.jpg (38KB, 643x588px)Image search: [Google]
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fucking blade
makes """"beats""""" a fucking 12 year old could make
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blah blah blah, something that isn't some lame 'facsist inspo', thinspo, grid, "trying hard to be funny' or fuckface aesthetic thread, must be bad. fa is really worse than r/streetwear at this point and is in no position to look down on anything.

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Sk8-Hi pale.jpg
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Post items that will look good in a pale wave fit.
Get ready /fa/thers, spring is around the corner
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MKI Arm Badge Hoody.jpg
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i will start
and again
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does being physically pale help the aesthetic? because the underside of my forearms and the topside of my forearms are the same color now.

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