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Haven't seen a decent techwear thread in awhile. Recent cops, inspo, anything.
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Been looking at this one for awhile. Front and back scaled with PCM and has detachable sleeves. Comes to about $250. Should I cop?
looks dope
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Can this be considered techwear?

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Chelsea boots.jpg
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What do you think? I am not sure I am able to pull it off, but I fucking love the aesthetics of Chelsea's Boots.

I you need more pictures for a better evaluation, tell me

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old one hit 300
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are dr. denim jeans better in quality than cheap mondays?
i have a pair of each, i wouldn't say it's higher quality but I'd say the fit is slightly skinnier on the dr. denims.
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I posted this in the DIY general but that seems to be all about dying flecktarn jackets so I'll put it here too:

I'm trying to sew on a patch to a jacket. Is there some basic how to wiki/video out there that tells you how to do it? The few I looked at were blurry as fuck youtube monstrosities featuring girl scouts and Texas mothers.

I don't have a sewing machine so it'll be by hand. Also I was hoping to sew it as a single line of stitches as opposed to a zig-zag pattern, hopefully you get what I'm talking about. Thanks.

Dump fresh fits asians wear and yeezus .
Because yeezus
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Self bump
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I've noticed that I spend too much time on digging endclothing and cultizm sales because they lack proper search engine. Created a sales aggregator for them. It refreshes its content automatically each 24 hours. Enjoy.
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dope, thanks for sharing
add more stores and you'll be da real mvp
and yh if you can, add more stores

>caring about brands
>Not just caring about how it looks
You're playing into exactly what the corporations want
The idea that an identical piece of clothing can be more "Fashionable" because it's bran name is fucking retarded. That doesn't make it more fashionable, that makes it more expensive. This shit gets even more retarded when people shit on logo T-shirts then wear literal logo t-shirts that are branded.
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*tips fedora*

you sound like me when i was a high school 'punk'
I'm not "punk" at all. Valuing brand name clothing just because it's brand name and devaluing non-brand-name clothing just because it isn't brand name is absolutely retarded. You're attaching asthetic value to a name that does nothing but add itself and extra 0's to the price tag.

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five thousand bucks falls out of the sky onto your lap and you have to spend it on clothes RIGHT NOW what do you buy
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Acne Overcoat in Navy
Tom Ford suit.

That's about my budget
Can I buy shoes?

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Cop or not. Old one at 317
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lol no
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Am I getting anywhere? Have bought some pieces and havn't bought others yet

most of these aren't the exact pieces, but same style of item/colour

any advice?
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none of these are really what i would call "pieces" as they're all basics. that doesn't mean that they're bad. in fact, assuming everything fits decently well, you have now achieved what is variously called basic bitch core, casualcore, etc.

this is a solid foundation of basic clothes. if you make outfits with these clothes, all of your friends will think that you're dressing better. you'll be able to function more confidently in everyday life, and you'll eventually forget about clothes and stop worrying and just instinctively buy versatile, well-fitting, boring clothes. if you are attempting to improve your clothes as a means of social lubrication, you have gone as far as you can or should go.

however, if you start thinking about garments as textile art and if you start following and becoming interested in designers as artists and start 'copping pieces' and turning your wardrobe into a "highly unique selection of all black rick owens and raf semens" you will finally actually be "dressing for yourself". that being said, artisanal designer clothes are objectively superior in almost every way. however, if you move into this territory, the way you dress will no longer be social lubricant unless you surround yourself with urban artists who regularly sell abstract paintings with actual semen mixed into the paint for ten thousand dollars to yuppies.

what i'm trying to say is, if you just want to fit in and look good by most people's standards, stop where you are. if you crave something more, something that will become a vampire to not only your wallet but also your social life and self image, but you're willing to do it FOR AESTHETICS, then keep lurking.
Second this.

I'm not looking to go all black and experiment with silhouettes as much as /fa/ does, however I want to go for something a little more interesting.

I was thinking relatively classic, heritage basics. Including a lot of good quality knitwear, I'd like to keep to a relatively dark/monochrome theme (maybe with some inclusion of navy, brown, light blue - I think the colour spectrum APC uses throughout the seasons is simple, but not bright, i like that.)
thanks for the advice

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High end sneaker inspiration thread.

Nothing is a meme in the real world children, remember that.
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>play converse

i dunno dude, i dunno
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kek just ignore those thx

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Girl's inspo thread
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>girls inspo
Neither of them really look like girls. Wtf dude?
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you're to stuck at conventions

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new thread
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They're in Ohio right now, I'm stoked
All of you are beret wearing pinheads. People from 1926 have better fashion that you!
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cant beat the 20s

loadsa kapital and things I wont wear

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what's a /fa/ approved phone besides the xperia series currently owner of this huge mofo xperia z ultra
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dislike the ultra,

but the xperia z3 is def the most luxurious phone on the market in the US

too bad it costs 2X the iphone 5s and costs twice as much as the samsung gs5 with the same specs

and it's not sold in walmart/target/best buy with the "free" financing deals and shit

so most people can't afford them

like if you want this shit you have to have the $950 cash on you now

with that said i have the z3 in white as a personal phone and the samsung s5 as the beater phone on prepaid
i had/have an xperia u and its fucking wank
wow, you guys don't get the z series on contract in burgerland?

Let's get an asian designer general going. post designers you like, seasons, pieces, etc.
also if you can please contribute to the list, if there are designers not on the list from other countries don't forget to add them.

alexander wang
yang li

juun. j
cy choi
kang d

junya wayanabe
yohji yamamoto
jun takahashi
mihara yasuhiro
rei kawakubo
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d.gnak by kang d A/W 2013

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ITT fuck slim fit
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why do you wear shoes to bed?
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