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need advice on winter shoes
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Jesus those are gorgeous
those are basically the cookie cutter Chukka's though. you can buy a pair for like 20 bucks at any h&m, zara, etc.
what kind of winters do you have where you live?

Started a similar thread on /fit/, maybe it's better suited in here.

What can you wear when you've got a bit of mass? nothing fits great, most pants dont fit until they are too big, most shirts look ridiculous
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Go to mfa. Not here fuccoboi
I have been looking around here after seeing the /fit/ clothing threads. It seems you need only dress in all black, at least one layer, and a pair of white shoes to be /fa/.

At best, it is boring. At worst, some of these goth-street-ninja-warrior uniforms are just embarrassing.

MFA on Reddit probably is better for learning to be more fashionable.
fuck yourself.

File: hermosa-shoe-1_1024x1024.jpg (48KB, 600x750px)Image search: [Google]
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what are the best beige suede sneakers for under $200

not looking for boring shit like janoskis or vans
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Pretty sure Hypebeast sells them too. Maybe they're still having their 30% off sale? Good deal if they are.

these do look pretty nice, thanks for the tip tripfriend!

does anyone know any other options?

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Can we have one of these or did it die?
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i could repost stuff, but i don't think we have anything new
File: tumblr_nfeqtaAXNZ1rvhwhbo1_1280.jpg (416KB, 1154x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Nobody cares anymore.

this guy's been frantically trying to sell everything he bought
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>you will never be a luxurious rick owens asian boi

might as well off myself now
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i'd rather have taste than money
he's an american designer so you'd think the clothes he made would fit well on effay americans
File: 1416014917876.jpg (57KB, 500x334px)Image search: [Google]
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>rick owens

File: the lines mason.jpg (1010KB, 2730x1084px)Image search: [Google]
the lines mason.jpg
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dear fa, today I would like to discuss the masculine silhouette and how to accentuate it in your fits. this is especially important if you work out and don't want to look like a faggot, so pay attention.

to demonstrate, I stole some stuff from our friends on el reddit. the leftmost fit is fucking terrible but the angles on the jacket create a masculine image (fuck it just look at the lines). it's wide at the shoulders and tapers to the waist, and then the legs are vertical.

second to left fit is ok, but unfortunately since our friend has his hand in his pocket, he's inadvertently creating a beautiful female hourglass and looking way faggier than he has to.

now, tight pants: the guy in the varsity jacket (?) has way more bulky stuff on top, so it looks bigger and therefore more masculine. by contrast the rightmost guy's zippers and pants are creating a diamond, which makes his waist the widest part of the fit. (I didn't mark the diamond properly.)

you can definitely fuck around with this to create an androgynous or feminine aesthetic to your fit, which I expect the guy on the right is doing intentionally, but I'm assuming most of us are not that high lvl and are trying to look masculine. not in the mfa plastic leather jacket sense, but more in the sense that you don't want to look like a tremendous fag. in streetwear, oversized tees and drop crotch creates a really big elongated torso and looks hypermasculine, so I think it applies to a lot of styles.

so I guess I'd like to discuss and share inspo on this, without the mfa uniforms. or just general thoughts on shape and silhouette would be cool too.
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Please dont.

All this shit thread is going to spawn is more faggots drawing lines over everything trying to make up rules for a subjective thing.
>in streetwear, oversized tees and drop crotch creates a really big elongated torso and looks hypermasculine,

Im with you up to this point
I've tried on long tees and drop crotch pants and I felt they were incredibly emasculating
Don't bother, he's just making shit up. The best part is that he doesn't even get that silhouettes for gender specific dress code changed with the time. Lots of casual style jackets and military dress in the 30s for males had ultra short torsos and high waists.

>yfw you learned raf simons is pronounced raf s-eye-muns
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is it really?
WTF? Of course it is. How else would it be pronounced.

File: il_570xN.410114917_91af.jpg (40KB, 570x522px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/, can you recommend me some good casual chelsea boots? Have 150€ and want to cop some.
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zara ones with the creases they're buff
Really? This is the best I can get for that money?
Mono 1460s or Chelseas of similar price?
Really cant decide fk

File: 1371527552679.jpg (1MB, 1770x2450px)Image search: [Google]
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We did this earlier in the year and it was fun

>relationship status

>+Garment you own

>Do you use any other boards (which?)

>+How often do you drink alcohol?
>+What drugs do you use (incl. tobacco)?
>+What is your mental health like?

>+Why do you like fashion?
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single and ready to mingle
being a faggot
my mom's credit card

fruit of the loom briefs

harry potter
the L word
I dont know how to read
sucking off hobos in the park

whenever I can sneak one of my dad's stellas out of the fridge
drugs are bad mkay

I don't know I'm just here for the dicks
File: 00070fullscreen.jpg (252KB, 683x1024px)
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>relationship status

Jan Jan van Essche, Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme AW11 or SS09, JJVE C#4
>+Garment you own
Jan Jan van Essche drawstring sweat, YYPH knit pants with silk short insert, YY shoulder-seamless wool gab coat
Yohji Yamamoto SS12 hakamas (this iteration), Jan Jan van Essche linen double-breasted sakiori collar coat

The Velvet Underground, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Moodymann, Can, Sun Ra, Theo Parrish, The Magnetic Fields, Ramleh, Terre Thaemlitz
Pastoral, Perfect Blue, La Dolce Vita, Celine et Julie vont en bateau, Shanghai Express, Tokyo Story, most of the Ginger Rodgers/Fred Astaire films, In the Mood for Love
All non-fiction stuff, mostly music related - no real "favorites"
Knitting, running, writing/playing music
>Do you use any other boards (which?)
/mu/, /ck/

>+How often do you drink alcohol?
Like maybe 3 or 4 times a month now
>+What drugs do you use (incl. tobacco)?
None, haven't smoked weed in close to a year
>+What is your mental health like?
Bretty gud, diagnosed with ADHD at like 12 years old, but it's not had a real impact on my life

>+Why do you like fashion?
mcdonalds :)
$200 a week

designer: raf simons
garment: alpha industries ma-1 bomber black
grail: http://www.acnestudios.com/shop/men/outerwear/charles-charcoal-grey.html

music: post rock, classical, hip hop, modern jazz, etc
movies: the godfather, a clockwork orange, pulp fiction
tv: breaking bad
books: 1984, misery

height: 189cm
weight: 70 kg
alchohol: weekly
drugs: tobacco, mdma, mda, lsd, weed
mental health: 70% stable

no reason, just like it

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tap water
File: Coca-Cola-zero-sans-cafeine.jpg (28KB, 230x364px)Image search: [Google]
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french is always more high fashion...
File: corona_beer_sunset.jpg (28KB, 279x288px)Image search: [Google]
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W2C quality sweaters and knits? What are some god tier cozy boy brands?
15 posts and 2 images submitted.

Also, w2c quality sweatshirts?

>inb4 Uniqlo, AA, etc.
howlin, norse projects, our legacy, ymc, margaret howell
Norse Projects if you've got the dough

File: ww2 jacket.jpg (503KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
ww2 jacket.jpg
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hey /fa/ what are some good styles and tips that you can give me to combine/match with this WWII army blazer?
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It will look like a costume if you wear it with anything vaguely military. So something like plaid patterned trousers and a turtleneck, or go the other way and do jeans / tshirt / scarf.
Jeans and t-shirt sound like the best option at my reach.
I was thinking about a white shirt or white t-shirt with indigo colored jeans and brown dr martens boots.
>imagining an anon with plaid patterned trousers a turtleneck and an army jacket

good christ

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File: 47-4842a.jpg (35KB, 304x456px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c that black beauty?
File: cops.jpg (373KB, 1889x1218px)Image search: [Google]
373KB, 1889x1218px
bought some basic stuff with black friday discounts yesterday

File: duh.jpg (27KB, 384x449px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 384x449px

Is H&M quality as shit as I expect it to be? I just need a black coat
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File: shus.jpg (112KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 33681297_004_b.jpg (236KB, 975x1463px)Image search: [Google]
236KB, 975x1463px
They're jackets are alright. For the price you can afford something better probably somewhere else.
File: u989.jpg (205KB, 312x459px)Image search: [Google]
205KB, 312x459px
i own a wardrobe of mostly neutral basics and am thinking of maybe jamming this in there as a statement piece under sweatshirts or something
or i don't know kind of stumped as to what i'd wear with this

File: dd_zoolander.jpg (22KB, 468x315px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the difference between different types of models?
Who earns the most money? What looks are needed by agencies for top tier fashion models? What makes a good fashion model?

I went to a high end agency and they told me that my look was good to try commercial modelling (as in they singled me out while they were rejecting a few of us). What does that mean.
I want to do this for money and for my resume.
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are you cara/freja/karlie/
if no -> ur ugly and will never succeed
I'm male. I want to get a small job in this industry and have been told by people who knew that I had potential.
i don't know anything about the industry but given the term "commercial modelling" i would assume she means you could be the guy showing off your underpants in the sears catalogue

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