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find me a woman as beautiful as this man
protip: audrey hepburn is the only one who comes close

>inb4 carafags
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looks like lauren mayberry's hot older brother
>weak chin inspo

ayy feeling better about myself
>big nose
>no chin
>jawline is ok
I think cara looks better than him

What's an /fa/ gift for my tumblr gf of a couple months?

Pic related is her ig... she loves photography, wearing simple clothes, thinking she makes a difference in the world, the bands like "the shins", design, crafting shit, fancy paper / pens to draw on
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idk if this is bait
however you of all fucking people should be able to figure our what your gf of a couple months would want
I have an idea of what to get her but I don't fuccin know anything about being effay or artsy ya feel me.
oh wow

she seems like quite the "basic bitch", but I hope you're happy anon

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I bet you /fa/ggots hate these great duck boots, don't you? What are your normiecore guilty pleasures, /fa/?
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get these instead pham

This tobehonest family
these in tan/light grey

http://www.newbalance.com/pd/710-outdoor-suede/HRL710-O.html#color=Tan_with_Light Grey&width=D

actually just bought a pair and I love em

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should i buzz cut and if so should i get like the next pic?

also /fa/ help thread
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not going to wait for the next pic but no need to buzzcut, you can pull of a mature hairline if you want to.
File: 1449452104157.jpg (61KB, 500x349px)Image search: [Google]
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you don't have the hairline to do this exact cut like you see in the pic.

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Ill kick it off with this wallet I made out of an old pair of shoes. I love this thing, havent even thought about a 'real' wallet since
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View two/three
File: 1209151019.jpg (2MB, 2560x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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View three/three
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This is a jacket I really like that I plan to DYI modify, inspired by ss16 saint laurence button down. Pics incoming

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are these good ingredients for a sulfate free shampoo? I cant really find any other and ordering online wont work cuz they dont ship to shitholes.
anyone can recommend a good widely spread conditioner?
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>In summary, not all sulfates are the same, and there are plenty of them that are completely safe and beneficial in skincare and hair-care formulations. More to the point, sulfate-free alternatives can also be extremely drying and irritating when left on skin for long periods of time under occlusion, but that’s not how they are used, either.

feel free to read up, OP

Is it a "potato" baby on the bottle ?
Hm so what do you recommend for a shampoo that is relatively easy to get? All makes my hair like shit.

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inb4 post pic
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whatever they feel like

clothes come in size small
You mean like to give the illusion you're tall? Or just whatever?
As long as your at least 5ft you can wear anything. Its tall girls that have to think more about what they wear

How do I add volume to my slick back undercut? I can already comb it back and have it all down, but I want a more voluminous look for casual clothing

hair products, techniques, whatever it is

pic related: something like this
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blowdry forward, and inject sperm into hair
sounds legit
couldnt remember the name but yeah blowdry forward then use some clay for texture and volume, then some pomade for greasy/fat look

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dump your pics of Theo
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thread's over
Fuck off Theo.

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When someone says something has a good silhouette, what do they mean?
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it has a good silhouette
File: 1425449698248.png (380KB, 814x662px)Image search: [Google]
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In fashion it usually means they like the silhouette or outline of something. "I don't like the fabric but those pants have a nice silhouette".

Do you think the big gap between this guys huge pants and his tiny ankles looks interesting or bad? That's what silhouette is about.
Ah. I see. Thank you.

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Has /fa/ helped you or made you worse as a human being?

Do you think prolonged exposure to this community has damaged how you behave in social situations, and/or your outlook on life?

This question can relate to 4chan as a whole technically, I'm just curious what people have to say.
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How much do these caps sell for? there are some on ebay for like $30
I am not a regular on /fa/ anymore and I'm a much better person because of it

..better taste that is xD
You just answered your own question.

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I'm looking for a black bomber, but not something that will break the bank, any suggestions? Post your own also

inb4 not the one i posted as a pic
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thrift shop
File: maker.jpg (44KB, 799x533px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw size XXS
>tfw had to settle for some topman shit

File: 1_ballpoint_pen_A_1024x1024.jpg (38KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this an effay gift for a boyfriend of a few months?

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if i got that as a gift i'd be pretty happy but i'm very into pens so
Thanks, should I get something else to go with it? I think he got me something pretty expensive and I'm not sure what the etiquette there is, but he does earn a lot more than me so maybe it doesn't matter?
It doesn't matter, that's a cool gift if you think he'll like it. I'd like it. He isn't gonna (shouldn't) audit your purchase and judge you on money spent. If he does, dump him anyway

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WTWW thread: be nice edition, help others figure out how to style a certain piece and ask for advice yourself

got this for a really good price in teal and wondering what I could wear with it
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Just go full slacker core with those.

Vans Old Skool and dickies slim work pants
black bikers or black cargo pants, sort of baggy fit at least and some high sneakers would work

what color of work pants?
du skal kunne bære det sorte opknappede look..
ret fedt look ellers

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The gun fetishists of /k/ are having some sort of fashion thread

Grab popcorn and enjoy

>All that G-Shock love
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File: Laughing tears.jpg (16KB, 236x284px)Image search: [Google]
Laughing tears.jpg
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>Fuck that, I wear classic american male (age 25-60) attire:

> Sneakers or work boots
> Walmart Jeans (usually Wrangler)
> T-Shirt
> Zipped hoodie
> Basecap.

This is golden.
>gun fetishists

Get a load of this noguns c.uck
File: CH-W6aYWgAABXYc.png (86KB, 381x400px)Image search: [Google]
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daily reminder that guns are for sick people.

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