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Hey /fa/gs, wondering which store is the best to cop a vape in the LA area?
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Are you new to vaping or something?
lol fuck off
vape life breh
jk you are probably a loser desu senpai

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>ordered and sent back a bunch of stuff
>waiting for 1400€ to be credited on my account
>if it's not credited by the 27th, I'll barely be able to pay rent for the next month

Looks like it's no food time. Also

>sent 900€ worth of stuff uninsured and without tracking back to Canada

Share your /fa/ feels here.
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Uh, why did you buy clothing that would - if you liked and kept it all - nearly prevent you from paying rent?
I didn't. It's just that as soon as I decided to send it back I copped the new stuff already (before it got sold out).

Hoped I could return it earlier but customs fucked my shit up.
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>slimming a lined wool overcoat with limited adroit tailoring ability
>mfw deconstructing and sewing all seams and lining
>mfw don't know what I'm doing

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its december
why is the aw15 still coming soon?
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fuck off shill
nigga why would a brand doing doverstreet collabs need to shill u fucking dumbass
do you suck cock like this on gosha threads too?
Well done anon, never heard of them. Still, all their shit is rip-offs from fashion. This is gookyshit.

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Why does this happen everytime I get a HY/short back and sides

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Stop relying on Yelp reviews for barbershops and go to the hood and ask for a proper cut and line up
Black barbers or proper old man barbers?
why dont you just be specific with your fucking barber you idiot.

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>check catalog
>most recent tumblr thread is almost a week old

Am I doing this right?

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its whatever. i reblog whatever looks neat



>music artist/ music related


>stuff that sparks my interest
Simple yet, Provoking

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Are flame beanies effay?
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only if your a hothead
Only if you're 10 years old and it's still the 90s.
do I also have to be a big guy?

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Just moved to northern US and need a winter jacket for the first time in my life. However, all the jackets I try on are gigantic and cut super boxy. I normally wear slim fit/modern fit clothes. Any recommendations on a winter jacket that's not going to be baggy and fuckhuge?
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Get a carhartt that fits, super warm and great quality
Carhartt looks like shit though? Nobody in NYC has those (where I moved to)
just layer like shit. t, buttons up, sweater, zip up, overcoat..
and when it's really cold, you're gonna have to canada goose/moncler/tnf/patagonia it. there's a reason everyone up there wears one.

Just got myself an iPhone 6s as an early christmas present. I'm not sure what phone case to get. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards a leather one.
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if you're above the age of 18 and are still getting iphones consider an hero
Spec case nigga, got in a car accident and that shit flew through my windshield and slid along the pavement when it crashed, didn't even break the screen. And get a glass screen protector.
btw iphones are only effay without a case or screen protector you faggot

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I copped pic related for only 40$ how did I do? also general field boot thread
>inb4 u bought the meme
>inb4 poor fag
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Marshalls? I copped the 8" version in khaki for $40 as well. Meme boots or not, can't turn em down at that price.
yes that's where.
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Can you look /fa/ while having a babyface.
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tips on hairstyles?
try to get something that looks good
idk im a girl turned on by babyfaces. probably w/e those zack and cody guys do

Good black/dark colored boots that are /fa/ but still work as boots?

my vote goes for the viberg service boot.

If you're planning on saying docs please fuck off
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Red Wings?

thats a brand. they make like 100 different boots
Well, /fa/ seems to love the Iron Ranger, but I don't have anything from the Heritage collection so I don't know how durable they are compared to Red Wing's "work" boots.

How about the 4473?

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Deep Springs FA.jpg
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Deep Springs College is a two year high academic high labor college located on a ranch just north of death valley. ( more info can be found here: http://www.deepsprings.edu/ )

How can I maintain /fa/ surrounded by a bunch of farmer boys who ridicule traditional "high fashion" and what is the best /fa/ work-wear. I need sturdy work boots, warm overcoats, and tough jeans.

Maybe some western inspo as well considering the location of the college
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you're shit out of luck dude. Unless you're ok with being made fun of by everyone around you.

Just wear levis,flannels, and cowboy boots for your own good
Looks very comfy actually, but
>Liberal Arts

Kekity kek
>not getting Liberal Arts educated
The most /fa/ major by far.

Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of designers are always white or asian?

Why is this?
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File: Bill.jpg (35KB, 500x377px)Image search: [Google]
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because the lighter the skin, the more superior the race

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adidas or nike?
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nike makes better shoes

adidas shoes are always really fucking fat and i hate them.

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Thoughts on this haircut?
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File: IMG_20151221_165934.jpg (230KB, 768x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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edgy shit that screams "I AM A FAGGOT"

Would work for an actual gay though.

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