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Is this outfit and hairstyle /fa/?

Also what is this style called?
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This is the, "I start smoking solely for aesthetic purposes, and I am now 40 years old and addicted to cigarettes, I'll be lucky if I see 50" style.
to all questions the answer is tumblr
Tumblrcore aka daddy issues

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Hello! What shoes have neato stash pockets to store pencils and such? I remember a lot of the iPath skate shoes had them but I can't find them anywhere online!
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are you crazy?
>the absolute madman

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Rick Owens is a god tier designer but he kind of comes across as kind of a pretentious nut IRL:


What other fashion personalities are noteworthy?
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>pretentious cause he speaks slow and he thinks before open his fucking mouth
>kek, kill me please. I am so pleb and mediocre
he's gay

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this one
that one guy looks like he'd be really good at deepthroating, but i choose the mfa lesbian
For me its the one on the far left.

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Is there any way to be effay without looking like a fag? I'm straight, but i like to dress nice, and everytime i try to pull an effay look people think i'm gay and people who know me make fun of me. Why do straight people just dress plain and boring? Can you point some inspirational looks for me who look masculine and also /fa/ worthy?
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What does effay mean? new here
by not trying too hard, also everyone here is a /fa/ggot to some degree
Don't behave like a fag
Don't wear tight clothes
Don't wear some super weird avant garde
Don't wear cdg or converse
Don't wear saturated pink
Don't wear oversize hoodies
Cut your hair
Don't twist your legs like a girl

What shoes should i wear if i want to look a bit taller? I heard these are good how much taller do they make you?
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>he fell for the /r9k/ height meme
hey jackass people notice if you're wearing shoes to gain height
you ain't slick
dont rely on shoes to make you feel secure but its cool if you want to add a little height to be honest. These work well and prob give you a couple inches. boots are another good option, timbs give you a good 2-3inches

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I'm a 5'3" manlet and even mallcore stuff fits me too big. Should I just give up and start buying from the kids section at JCPenny?

I heard Japanese brands carry smaller sizes but idk
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Kill yourself, manlet, no woman will ever want you

Fucking loser
Idk bruh, my gf is 5'7" and she's not complaining

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Couldn't find them through google reverse. Much appreciated!

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inspo grid.jpg
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sauce for the curious
cück thread of the year
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found one of them:)


>2016 closing in
>unironically using cück
>he fell for the meme

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This thread is dedicated for strong men. Everyone here wants to use fashion as a tool to emphasize their masculinity. Please no racism.

Brand Recommendations:
Norse Projects
Stone Island
North Face
Red Wing
Helmut Lang
Raf Simons (Some items)

Body Type:
Working out is modern couture. As a strong man you must try to be the best you Now I know everyone isn't born with a great body type. Working out is something you should do. You don't have to lift heavy weights but at a minimum do body weight workouts. You can actually get ripped doing them correctly.


Lifestyle Tips:
Minimal thug culture.
Minimal junk food.
Minimal alchohol/drug use.
Minimal porn.
Minimal timewasting.
Minimal faggotry. (Gays are fine)
More reading.
More working out.
More productive hobbies.
More working.

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Norse projects is a cuck brand

and le no racisim plz is a cuck mentality
Mods please don't delete the thread. People are interested in this.

Is palewave masculine? I guess some of the silhouettes could be but I don't know.
Norse Projects. Minus their five panels. Is a very good simple brand.

Please keep racism to a minimal because the mods will nuke the thread again.

Resistance had dope fits.
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File: jazz2.jpg (3MB, 2000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2000x3000px

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whats the best model of tims?
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6 inch classic or premium all black nubuck
I like the rust color

Will Bones ever be effay? He pulls of long hair pretty well. In some of his recent music videos he's got some nice fits.
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hes got that school shooter look on lockdown.
he is too boring in real life, met him when he was in philly.
i'd definitely be afraid if we were in school together.
Boner is literal garbage and not fa in the slightest.

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Is it better to buy one unique piece, of a style that cannot be found anywhere else; or to buy several basics for the same price?

I'm debating between buying either 1) one beautiful pair of trousers (PIC RELATED) or 2) Buying two pairs of jeans - one blue, one black - and two pairs of shoes - chelsea boots and combat boots.

I know that value for money means obviously the second lot is worth it, but I really love the unique style of the first. Thoughts?
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If you have to ask the question, do 2).
File: tw7Xr.jpg (65KB, 466x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Go for the one unique piece every time. Quality over quantity, and variety is overrated.
this is so nice
w2c man

are blunstones /fa/?
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Probably a few years ago? I do like their square/chiseled toed boots though
I don't care whether they are or not; they're comfy as fuck. Best value for the money in footwear that I've ever purchased (inherent bias here: my feet are super flat and when I wear these in to the point they feel like big leather socks it's heaven).
Second this; the round-toes look a bit goofy on men (like big Super Mario boots) but are fine on women. Chisel toe all the way.
No, Chelsea boots are meant to have minimal and slim silhouettes, if you want a boot that is tough and doesn't look like a chelsea then get some iron rangers or ask mfa what boots are good.

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images (18)-1.jpg
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What's effay this season southern hemisphere bros
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death by heat
>bintang singlets
>drip dye shirts
>short shorts with long socks
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