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What level are you /fa/?

Bonus: post fit
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oh this chart is great im waiting for all the buttmad posts to roll in
>mfw none of the brand I wear is even on the chart

You don't think HUF is an above-water brand?

Long necklaces fa?
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PS I'm going to make my own in a few. I have small and large wood beads and a bunch of plastic ones in different colors. What should I make?
it depends on the look.

shorter lecklaces are easier to pull off in general imo but if you have a drapey thing going a long thick beaded one can look good

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Post pics
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>in a club
>this guys slaps your gfs ass
what do?
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What gf?
Nevermind, this thread was a bad idea
(btw im actually a little bit better looking than the pic represents)

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can a 80% balding chink with glasses get into SLP aesthetic? im 6' 154lbs
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Could work. Just shave your head.
I can't imagine tall and Asian hmm

Also depends on your facial structure and the glasses. Your hair is kinda irrelevant unless you have a bad head/face structure.

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tips on pulling off sadcore/desertcore/tuskencore?

also tuskencore thread
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this is the only thing i have that even resembles it
that's rad i'm digging the colors and the sagging but I know there were some really good pics of tuskencore out there
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What are the shoes/boots called plz?

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Zara steals from Yeezus. Would you still cop?
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Zara goat
look better than the originals desu
if you told me those were made by kanye id like them more bc im a hypebeast faggot

none in the catalog. rate the one above yours.


a s s t h e t i c k s
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9/10. Maybe I'm just not on tumblr that often but I like how your reblogs aren't circlejerked posts that 99% of /fa/ users have.
7/10. i can see what you're going for, it's nice but not entirely my style

>qt's and models
>shit that I like
>random stuff


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What is the most /fa/ movie, documentary, series, etc. you can find on Netflix?
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fuck off this isn't fashion related
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reservoir dogs

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Most /fa/ motorcycles.
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>all that plastic fantastic
Move aside
>a gruesome death is effay
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You know how Camus died.

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Instagram thread. Will follow back.
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ugly pics

you shill your insta every thread and u ugly

do you guys not have friends? how do you only have 50 followers
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I'll be posting a mixture between clothes and my puppy, post about once a week so I won't flood your feed

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Post cringe pics
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this isn't really cringe

do you just have it out for this guy or something?

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just got hired by UPS (under paid slaves).

going to start out as a pt package handler/sorter. basically, move ~2000 boxes that weigh usually 20-40 lbs (max 70) into or out of trailers for 3-5 hours. I need boots that can take the stress. I've never bought boots.

It needs to be/have:
1 black/dark brown (company policy)
2 hard toe cover (in case a box drops)
3 ankle coverage

I read the sticky. There weren't a lot of options, and some of the suggestions on there were way above my budget (500 USD; im2poor).

cheap shoes are shit, so I'm willing to pay $150-250, maybe more for my first boots.

need advice, especially from /fa/gs with experience with warehouse jobs.

oh. also, tennis shoe suggestions from tennis players? My adidas barricade 6 is a fucking tank.
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For boots, definitely check out Red Wing and Wolverine. They're going to be at the upper-limit of your price range but will last for many, many years.
You're better off asking /out/ or even /k/ in gear threads.

These underage australian faggots know nothing in terms of functionality.
Nike workboots, i use them for the post office. About $90.

Post dank shit
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This would be such a dope fit if he just went with some nice black boots and not gothic clown shoes
Probably the most reddit message I've read in 2016.
somebody knows where the jacket is from?

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