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I have $75 on it.

I've been lurking here for a bit but I have got nothing decent. Just pure shit in terms of clothing.
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then get something nice with it
I'd say: buy one outfit and keep it in your car trunk in case you need a spare set of clothes

shit happens; you never know
i know, but where do i start?

I want to throw out most of what i own and start looking better. I know I can't look great at uniqlo but i want to start somewhere.

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What do I wear to a job interview for a clothing store?Got one coming up soon and I've been looking everywhere for advice on this but I keep getting a lot of different answers.
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pic hopefully unrelated but most likely isn't
Eh, a suit never fails you. I was the only guy who turned up to one of those Apple hiring events in a suit and got to second stage.
Doesn't matter at Buckle, they will make sure you dress like the biggest fucking douche in the world. King douche. The douche that gives top-douches their douche clothes.

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varsity jacket fits.
let's get a good thread going
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hotline miami jacket .jpg
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Where do you find varsity jackets? I want to do a high school inspo fit with some timbs.

Only place I see any is those tech fleece varsity jackets
AA, Reigning Champ, probably H&M

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jaden smith.jpg
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Is Jaden Smith /fa/?
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Not really but that's a dope fit
He's /fa/ as nutsack
jaden smith wants attention so bad

> Jan 29th release

> They remind me of newbalance's
> They look sick af

Am I the only one?

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they look aight

youre right they look exactly like NB's

idk theyre a safe everyday shoe, and the mesh is visually interesting, but i wouldnt rush out to buy them
they remind me of mexican mom shoes

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Anyone know where this jacket is from?

I can't think of any more places to check. I just can't seem to find the brand or a shop that sells one exactly the same.
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fuck you're dumb.
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Does black work?

If you're willing to spend some money and get a really nice overcoat you should find a tailor in your city. Milan is full of sartorie but those will cost you around EUR 1-3k

So insightful.

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Does anyone have any info on this Raf piece?
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More pics
File: image.jpg (388KB, 960x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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It's 100% cotton, sz 48 from S/S 05

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What decent white sneaks can I get that aren't too expensive. When I say too expensive I'm talking £100+ since I'm a uni student, can't be spending that much on shit like CP Bball leathers.

Probably returning my all white gazelles since that bubble under the sole is uncomfortable. No stans pls heard they're bad for big feet.

>tfw UK 13

I guess, big feet general?
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Canvas or leather? I'd got for Eytys Mother Canvas or Leather, they're pretty sweet, although the Leather will probably hit you for £140, the canvas is about £90

Leather, since canvas gets dirtier easier I reckon.

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Itt: W2C?
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google image search, dumbfuck

literally took me 2 seconds to find those shoes
Ask your local Mc Donalds employee
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Wc2 windbreaker
Iv looked up FTP windbreaker but I get nothing

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Any of you guys use pomade? I'm relatively new to pomade. I'm a guy who had his hair long past his shoulders for a little over two years and just decided to cut off my hair on a whim, tried to get a classic Pat Bateman slickback but it was badly executed in that regard but overall wasnt a bad cut. On my way out I picked up some Suavecito, the only pomade they sell there and have since been compelled to find more. After some research I learned oil is better than water based so I'm awaiting some Murray's Beeswax, Dax Wave & Groom, and Dax High & Tight in the mail, just to try out some types I've heard that are pretty good. Any tips for hairstyles or cuts or how to best use pomade? I figure /fa/ wouldnt be too bad a board for this topic, any help will be appreciated!
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Suavecito is shite, go for Murray's.
Can someone recommend me something with high hold and low shine? I have American Crew Fiber, but it doesn't hold my hair as well as I would like. My hair is pretty thick.

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ar 6o1_500.jpg
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How would you dress him?
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some off-brand work boots
very baggy jeans that, when he's standing, go slightly underneath the boot
slightly oversized zip up grey hoodie
cool snapback hat
full rick
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I'm looking to buy a pair of Oxfords that can be worn casually. Can somebody please recommend me a brand or specific pair of shoes to wear?
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Cop some Neil M oxfords off of Ebay for cheap.
What would you say is a good price to pay for a good pair?
Cole Haan has some decent shoes with great comfort and sent on the high end of the price range

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Anybody know the name of the brand with this logo? Did a lot of research and found out it reads "Murasaki" is japanese, but there's no clothing company named after that. please help this jacket is too nice
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there's a sportswear store by the same name if that helps...?
Yeah I've seen that site. It's not it

Is there a company in the US that lets you mail your post to them and they redirect it to you internationally? For stores that don't post stuff worldwide.
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bump for interest
mail forwarding services definitely exist, but you have to provide pictures of your ID and can only have certain things mailed internationally
and it's expensive
yes its called mail forwarding

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Does anyone use insert lifts? There's many to choose from and I'm looking for a simple 1 inch lift insert that's well recommended.

inb4 "hey anon, take off your shoes and get in the water with us!"
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hes rly a mantlet huh
can i insert these in ballerina flats? womanlet here trying to sneakly look taller without heels
I think with inserts you have to wear mids or hitop shoes so your heels arent popping out of them all the time

wouldn't know tho since Ive never had any yet.

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