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Why is everyone on this board hype for overpriced shoes designed by a guy who is literally famous for being mediocre, whose only claim to fame were always his personal connections?

What is the average age on this board?
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I'm 26
I only own "retro" Adidas sneakers, a few pairs of Adidas running shoes, and some boots

lmao bait thread.

every time someone makes a post about yeezys a lot of people trash them and this thread is no different.

OP is probably just looking for other people to agree with his opinon so he doesn't feel ostracized by his r/streetwear friends
I never like kanye...but I understand that social media presence is everything in this world in America.

Tough to get a decent job without a Instagram account with hundreds of millions of followers as a millenial. ..glad I'm on the end of a better generation

Can these kinds of belts be /fa/ if worn ironically?

Maybe not gay ass stoner design but something cool. Can anyone suggest some canvas belts that aren't made in bangladesh or The """"People's""""""" Republic of China?
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People keep throwing out that phrase "worn ironically" gtfoh with this dumb shit
I wear snapbacks ironically, everyone who doesn't is a lame douche
Yes like in a joking way.

You know what I mean? Like not in a way where you're wearing it because you think it's legitimately good but because you think it's so bad and stupid that is like an "edgy"-type of fashion.

Kind of like when college kids wear shirts with spongebob on them or batman

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w2c pants
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R I C K # # # # O W E N S

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What is the most effay Star Wars character and why is it Kylo Ren
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try again
tie btw him boba and bossk for me. bounty hunters are definitely the best tho.

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What should I do with my hair? Normally I just cut it short when it gets to bulky
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chop your head off, it will fix your problem. no more hair.
but srsly, get it short on the sides or the back, but long on the top, and gel it up on the front.

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What is this style called?
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Trashcanistani core
looks asian

Pic unrelated.
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uniqlo skinny
levis 510
apc for denim
j crew for chinos
dickies for 874

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Are there people out there who seriously think fashion is a hobby? Who find pleasure in clothes shopping? Who like to wear a new outfit every day because they think its fun? Fucking lol at you.

If you shop for clothes for anything other than basic daily outfits then there's something wrong with you
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ugly fag detected
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2MB, 2428x3050px

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just found this, my fucking sides
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If I wanted to cringe I'd ask for your favourite drink
Soooo... semen?

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I've been wearing old skool vans for years cause they're comfy as fuck, i'm poor and they look decent,
but I see way too many teenage girls wearing them now, can anyone recommend something similar but better I guess
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hender scheme
>caring this much because teenage girls like it

Nice masculinity you got there
ditching something because of how mainstream it has become isn't effay. If you like them, wear them you little bitch, quit trying to be hipster about everything.

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Is an SLP aesthetic too informal for a prom? I wanna stand out and not just have some generic tux
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do it. fuck the staus quo. wear what you feel good in
Yes, it's far too informal. If you're going to a black tie event, wear a tux.
incredibly informal
dont do it its a bad idea

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>tfw u b stuntin while blasting some dope ass beats
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Is there such a thing like /fa/ drugs?
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yea cyanide
ricin is the new effay, cyanide and anthrax were both s/s 2014

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Hey /fa/, I've got a problem.
I've got a number of longer coats that, when worn with a backpack, flare out at he hips giving the coat this bell bottom look. I can't really explain it any better than that so I drew a picture in paint to further illustrate.

Does anybody have any advice on this matter? I have no idea what to do because it makes me look a bit fucked up.
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pls guys im going to kill myself.
I never have this problem since I usually wear my coats unbuttoned and/or unzipped.

Try loosening our tightening the straps?
I've tried, I think the backpack causes the material near my back to collect and causes the rest, lower down to flare out.

I'm seriously considering just using messenger bags because of this.

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is this shit even legal?


tryna figure out if dickies jackets would really come under the same umbrella of blanks for decoration like gildan, fruit, cont, etc
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should have mentioned ive actually seen 2 or 3 other brands do this also
Are you retarded? People wholesale these jackets all the time and customize them. They cost like 30 bucks a piece. I would know because i've done it before.
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i guess so dude, i mean i cant see dickies being pissed about it but they aren't really producing them for that purpose, otherwise there would be minimal branding.

let me see your one?

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