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Thrift store emo teen bullshit thread!!!!
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this is me at 27 desu senpai
1: thats sad
2: why does /fa/ have a weeb word filter?
i know you wrote t.b.h - f.a.m but this mark of modern culture, even if ironicly used, is censored on a fashion board and turned into a weeb meme. Doesnt fit.
bump i lost my folder of all this stuff

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Is there a reason naturally beautiful looking people fall on the right side of the political spectrum?

The left seems to be populated by multi-color hair, multi-piercing obese freaks who arent sure what gender they are
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rich people can be prettier, rich people that aren't famous typically fall right.
I fall in the middle and don't really give much of a shit about politics. Everyone around me wants to be into politics and don't really know shit about it. I'm not the beat looking motherfucker ever but at least I'm not as ugly as some of these fucking male sjws.

Super right wing neckbeard and male sjws are two sides of the same coin; ugly disgusting looking men who also either look weak or unhealthy. In fact a lot of neckbeards are for male sjw "nice guys" who got fed up.

There are good looking lefties tho, but those are usually the classic rock eat right and be active people, punk rockers and shit (a lot of them actually look great under all the shit) Not these "body positive" weirdos who look and smell like shit and don't go outside.

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What do you think of my shoes? Am I a faggot?
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everyone on /fa/ is a faggot
with that jean/shoe combo, yes
Yes, daddy

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What are some alternatives to the cav empt anorak?
Been scouring the Internet over the last couple days but not really finding anything.
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my best guess would be to get a milsurp jacket and just add custom patches too it.
also post this in the fuccboi general next time.
Aliexpress has it, if you're just buying it for the silouhette.
can't find it on aliexpress

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I just got a new job, and the email preparing me for my first day said the dress code is casual. What do I wear to not look like a tryhard but also not look like a slacker?
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Clothes that ACTUALLY FUCKING FIT well.
casual shirts and jeans
Button up and chinos maybe? What kind of shoes?

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ITT: Effay actors

i'll start
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tom cruise?
whoever dis guy is he nd asshole
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Michael Pitt

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Cape 2.png
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Gentlemen, how do we bring back capes without making them Fedora.
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you don't
i wish
but you cant
Whatever will help to bring it back, i will support it. Gotta love capes

I am in love with Mycroft's tie and scarf, I have been looking for ages to see where they sell them. can anybody help me find them? (most probably London and expensive)
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probably turnbull & asser
could try TM Lewin

found similar tie


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cha (22).jpg
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Pray to papa raf.

On the first morn of February you awake to 3 white doves atop your bedroom window they are legitimate. If you awake to a single pheasant dormant upon your mantelpiece you have been cured with 'faketh vercroeth' and you will die within a week
yes they look legit op

you can usually spot fakes really quit because the build quality is awful and the silhouette is off
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green shoes?.png
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Really tho pls help.
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18th century china
wanted to know this toooooo

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The best shoes
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>not pointy
Don't listen to this guy
File: 44743957IN_13_f.jpg (44KB, 722x905px)Image search: [Google]
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>not SLP
bitch please

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Cheap, /fa/ sunglasses

>I'm a cheap bastard
>sunglasses just broke
>need a new pair

Need suggestions on brands, places to buy, etc.

Pic related is my face to reference what might suit my face.
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clubmasters would suit you
Anything Matt Damon would wear.
>>10866977 holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny

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/fa/ minimalist phone wallpaper thread, there was one of these a couple weeks ago but I didn't save anything because I have downs
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does this count?
what is this
does it count?

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repost because nobody gave me constructive advice last time
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Whats up?

File: kanye-west-adidas-4.png (521KB, 590x592px)Image search: [Google]
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Where to cop Ye's pants?
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Im sure you can find some leather skinny pants on the internet. But it will be expensive

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