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Hey guys is this /fa/?
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Will you be voting NORMCORE in 2017, /fa/?
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the best candidate running in 2017 is marine le pen
She also lost really badly in the elections
Are you French? How prevalent are far right politics there nowadays? It seems to be getting pretty bad lol
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hell yes

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i'm going to college next year to study fashion and textiles
i want to become a bespoke tailor. any tips on doing that? don't have a lot of money atm
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do u sew m8
Wouldn't an apprenticeship of some sort be better?
Sewing is for girls. Enjoy your nopussy, faggot.

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New watch thread
old one died.

I don't know much at all about watches, but I need one $200 or less. I looked into Seiko 5s, and I found one I like a lot. Pic related. Problem is, it's apparently impossible to actually find one for sale. None on ebay, amazon, or any other Google results I sifted through.

Tips on actually getting my hands on this watch?
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Watch buying guide.png
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also, I found this reference in the last thread, and it's useful enough to start off the thread with
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they've got a couple different ones in the 50th anniversary collection that have the compass styled dial to them, and I really, really like it.
But all these other models are sold out everywhere as well. Was this just a super limited run or what? I see prices at like 160-200, just all sold out.

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Would it be possible to turn high tops to low tops? More specifically Common Projects Bballs. I can see the stitching of what I assume is the same line as the lows.

Also, General DIY I guess
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Sell it and buy whatever you want

Don't ruin good things, don't ask your dark haired gf to dye her hair blonde because you prefer blondes but leave her to a man who prefers dark haired girls.

Damn, I've been reading too much Camus
I want to agree with the second poster, but I also want to see you ruin your expensive shoes and post pics, so please do it.

if those where beater nikes I would say just do it but just sell those and buy something else

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im sorry xxl was sold out honey, did you try hot topic for something similar ??
come to my basement, I will show you

Any tips for someone trying to cop? How do I even know of restock dates and the like?
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Going to an adidas retail store to cop a pair of sneakers
>why don't you get them online
Friends gonna buy me anything I pick from the store as a gift
What's the best thing to cop?
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ultra boosts hands down,
which one are you going to? they'll try to sell you whatever's newest, even if it's fucking horrible

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lips own personal jacket
watching the show rn

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Hey whats up, im quite into collecting gold and coins,i have a little collection of my own, i wanted to share it with someone on snachat would prefer someone that knows about jewellery and have some themself my snapchat name is inevitableworld
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calling all thugs
> op

Some poorly conceived Nigerian scam targets grailed postings now. Only an idiot would fall for it, but still find it quite funny.
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Hi, Benjamin Kwok.
Yeah these fucks keep trying to take me for a ride. Can't say I'm surprised the site's head cuck in charge is more busy trying to monetize it than getting rid of shills

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$_27 (5).jpg
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just bought a new chain its 40Grms 10kt i paid $900 what you guys think
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loooking fly af nigguhh 100 fire emoji la flame gee
Nigger tier
clearly catholic symbolism
paco please go

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Am I /fa/ enough in felt?
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didn't shave before putting on a dress shirt
dress shirt has a button down collar
weak tie knot
0/10 would not hire
The is fully buttoned, but I see how it doesn't look like that. But thanks m8.
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I'm pretty good.

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post graileds, get low-balled


Naked & Famous
Norse Projects
Our Legacy

mention /fa/ and a discount is likely, trying to move this shiiit
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why would you bump my topic and not post your own my dude
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Trying to get rid of these shoes. they don't fit.
New to Grailed so not 100 on how it works
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Bunch of Comme Somme issey, and uc, more stuff coming eventually

Feel free to shoot me an offer

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What does /fa/ think about earrings on dudes?
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Not cool anymore
good looking if you're not fat
Can be ok just keep it minimal. If you're attractive you'll look good regardless, the opposite is also true

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